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Exfoliative Cheilitis Survey
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Published: 3 years ago

Exfoliative Cheilitis Survey

Answer the questions to the best of your ability.

1.) When did you first get exfoliative cheilitis? At what age? What date? Example: April 2013, I was __ years old

2.) Have you had lip problems before that? When did they start?

3.) Did you ever hit, slam, jab, or cause any serious trauma to your lips? When was this?

4.) Did you ever put lemon juice or any other harmful corrosives on your lips? When?

5.) Did you ever have cold sores on your lips?

6.) What do you personally think caused your EC?

7.) Do you think steroid creams caused your EC?

8.) Did you ever have any injections of testosterone shots?

9.) Did you ever take Antibiotics ? At what age did you first take them?

10.) Did you ever sunburn your lips?

11.) Did you ever smoke/vape? Was it before you got EC?

12.) Did you ever do mind-altering drugs? For example: THC/weed (also, did you make mistakes/physical accidents when high?)

13.) Did you ever let your lips build-up for longer than 3-4 days?(Lots of build-up - Leave it alone method?)

14.) Is your EC getting better or worse?

15.) How is your diet? Do you eat a lot of junk food?

16.) What do your lips look like when the build-up falls/comes off?

17.) How was your oral hygiene when you first got EC? Were you sharing drinks? Smoking? Drinking? etc.?

18.) Did you ever have a bad habit of licking your lips? How about picking at it and/or destroying the protective layer?

19.) What was your physical lifestyle like when you got EC? Were you living a sedentary lifestyle? Did you work out a lot? Were you an athlete at the time?

20.) Do you drive? Did you ever get into a car accident?

21.) Do you have more EC on your lower lip or upper lip? Was it always like that? Do you have the triangle on the upper lip?

22.) How many years have you had EC for? (from start to now?)

23.) Were you very sociable in school/life growing up? Were you very shy or very talkative/popular? Did you get EC before or after this?

24.) Did you grow up using computers? (I know you're using one now but were you a heavy computer user when you first got EC?)

25.) What age are you now?

26.) Are you male or female?

27.) If you are a male, did you get circumcised? At what age?

28.) When you were born, were you born via Caesarean section(C-section?) Or vaginal birth?

29.) Do you think your immune system is weak? Did you ever get very sick at a young age? How young?

30.) How was the weather where you lived at the time you first got EC?

31.) Was there a loud rainstorm/thunderstorm the year or year before you got EC in your area?

32.) Was there anything traumatic/lifechanging that you did around the time right before you got EC?

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