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Re: Feeling poisoned. Do you recognize these symptoms?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Feeling poisoned. Do you recognize these symptoms?

As someone who has dealt with a myriad of symptoms of an unexplainable nature including many that are described herein, for over 10 years now, I want to offer up my theories given the medical community is not helpful in trying to identify the sources of the symptoms. Before I share, please note I have no history of pyschological disorders and have never taken any legal or illegal drugs. I work and have worked in a professional legal environment at the highest levels of my field for many years now. The following may sound paranoid but eventually when nothing else makes sense the theory of being poisoned, whether intentionally or unintentionally must be considered.

For me, I experienced all of the symptoms you described and then some. After trial and error with foods, liquids, clothes, soaps, perfumes, animal exposure, and just about anything you can imagine, I concluded that the source of my issues were from the HVAC system in my office. Once I was able to have that blocked, the symptoms nearly ceased. But it took a few years to figure that out. What was being blown into my office is still unknown, most likely mold of some type, but I don't know for sure.

So my suggestion to you is to remove yourself from the places you frequent the most, whether your home, your office, your car, your gym, your church, or where ever you spend significant time and see how it affects your symptoms. Try a air purifier if you have suspicions anywhere. If they persist, then I have some more challenging ideas for you.

In the process of being ultra observant of every action taking place around me of every minute of every day, I have come up with another theory that sounds super crazy but if you aren't finding the answers anywhere else please consider.

It could be you are on a list. Something too big and too dark to discuss publicly but just watch and see if people often walk slowly in front of you or drive slowly in front of you or mysteriously hang around near your home on the street. Or maybe they just stop and linger in proximity to where you are whether indoors or outdoors in public places. Idling in a car next to where yours is parked for instance.

I am not talking about everyday traffic but the more deliberate actions like pulling out in front of you like they're in a big rush and then slowing down.

Or it could be someone you know. Maybe it is someone who likes and treats you well and often offers you coffee or something they made at home. They stop by and are always inquisitive on what is going on in your life.

The next time you feel a noticeable increase in symptoms, consider if any of what I just described is occuring at the same time. I wish I could be 100% sure on this as I know it sounds crazy but I have been watching and observing for several years seeking any patterns, and this is what I have observed in my life.

Unfortunately, after resolving the HVAC issue new symptoms began not long after. Regular swelling of my face, itchiness and swelling on my eyelid and my feet and toes. Severe watering of the eyes. Severe headaches behind one or both eyes. Dry dry skin and hair and my intestinal tract dries up so bad I have to drink pints of coconut water to try to keep things flowing down there.

My foot got so bad once I had to go to ER. The doctor told me that based on his analysis I had been exposed to a particularly hazardous mold not typical for these parts and wanted to know where I could have been to experience such exposure.

Bottom line, I believe I am being exposed to a mold or varying types of mold, either in liquid extract form or in minuscule spores that are released in front of me by slow driving vehicles or pedestrians or by people who have personal access to me. I know it sounds nuts but it means I am the subject of some group seeking to mess with my health. The only thing I can think of that would put me on such a list is my very conservative religious and political lienings of which I am very vocal of.

No need to respond to tell me I am crazy, I think it every night. But I am good at picking up patterns and it is either coincidence or it is confirmatory that when my path is crossed as explained above, my foot starts itching, my eyes start to water, and not long after my face swells and gets red.

Hope you are able to understand what causes your symptoms, whether they are random or part of some conspiracy.


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