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Change your diet, Change your Body Odor
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Published: 6 years ago
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Change your diet, Change your Body Odor

People that are still dealing with this issue..

The boiled chicken and white bread works well.. But that is a very strict diet and I weight lift and try to gain weight.. I have been dealing with this issue since I was 15. KEEP READING

Long story short I was fine when I was younger (so I know its hormonal or something like that) then I had to get a appendicitis nad after that it went downhill I got into high school and started holding in my farts for some reason because its more kids and less space. I think this was a big issue because after I would hold them in for so long people would ask "did you fart or something" idk if it was coming from my skin or breath but I might have damaged my intestinal wall. I went to my primary doctor and he said it was in my head and sent me to a shrink. Im now 23 and still dealing with it but its getting better..

1. Try the diet above for 3 days be strict you might lose weight or feel hungry. NO SWEETS.
2. I went completely gluten free. Yes that means no name brand beer.
3. Stay away from yeasty products such as white rice. Big no for me. If you leave it in the pot vs brown rice you can tell the difference between the two. (This points to Candida-- Ill get to that)
4. ACV (Apple cider vinegar) has been doing wonders for me. I drink a tablespoon with 8 oz before bed (I hold my nose and it tastes like lemon juice) its gross. But it does fight candida (I ate alot of sweets in my teen years) and then I eat a yogurt (yoikos) and drink a bone broth protein shake. This helps heal leaky gut (even though that is not the correct medical term.. its actually called something else and Dr Axe is full of SH%t).
5. So my diet is brown rice, sweet potato, grilled chicken (on the grill or stove top), red meat, lower salt diet, lower Sugar diet, oranges are good, and anything else gluten free.

I know this is random and thrown in there but I don't have time to organize everything I have tried.. The biggest thing is you have to look at your medical history (for me) The appendix removal, holding in farts, tonsil stones (stuck in cripts), and gluten, have pretty much summed it down... Back to the tonsil stones.. I think this may be getting somewhere because they might connect to the nose.. I was told all you can do is fish them out (even if they are stuck and you can feel it).. A tonsillectomy is not recommended for tonsil stones..

In conclusion.

Dont hold in your farts guys/girls. Excuse yourself. Change your diet. Dont eat sugar, Dont buy all the extra pills and junk do what I said and I hope this changes a life. Suicide is a dark place and I bet alot of us speak from experience but once you get this knocked out you will feel a night and day difference. Speaking for myself I dont have a problem when Im home. I let it rip and I never have anxiety. My family has said they have never once smelt something but others have when I go out or at work.. etc. Its a terrible thing to go thru.. You miss out on proms, dates, games, events, weddings, and ultimately you feel like a crab. For me as the seasons change sometimes I feel really good and it doesnt bother me as much (speaking before I changed my diet). It has to be hormonal, or anxiety related. I would include gluten in this because it has deff helped but when my anxiety kicks in it takes over. I dont feel this at home..

Remember let em rip. Excuse yourself. Get some bone broth protein it has helped for the last couple weeks. If you suffer from tonsil stones do everything you can to eliminate them (mouthwash etc) if you dont change your diet follow what I said. Dont fall into suicide, when your feeling great you look back and think (wtf was I thinking). The smell sucks but when Im having a good day and the sun is out I love life. I believe the yogurt and ACV before bed is helping alot. Candida could be an issue I haven't been tested and the doctors wont take me serious which is pretty sad.

I will continue to check this site if you all post. I have always read but never posted. There are alot of us out there and there will be a cure one day. I feel 99x better after all of the things that I mention. I go to the gym and focus on myself. It is only temporary. Everyone on this forum can relate to a good day they have had and are thanking god they are not dead. When your semi or fully cured you appreciate life alot more. I speak from a lot of experience I have been in the worst situations told me straight to my face I smell but my family and doctors couldnt smell it.

If you ever want to get together reply we can all fix this one day. The diet can be a solution for some but not all. I feel like im fully cured but the anxiety kicks in sometimes but thats just something I have to get over. I bet if I asked someone if I stunk they would say no you smell like versace or whatever. Most of us arent weirdos we are clean freaks (showering twice a day) after someone told us "do you smell that". I can almost guarantee some of you all hold in your farts. After years of doing that it has to leak out somewhere.

Anyways stay positive. Live life. and lets all help each other. We will make the news one day. More and more have this problem. You would be very surprised how many people see this and are not posting (5k+).

Im rambling.. Bye


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