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Morning Juice with Olive Oil

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Published: 5 years ago

Morning Juice with Olive Oil

This morning I squeezed juice from one large grapefruit, and I got more than a half of a large glass of fresh juice. I added one half glass of Organic Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil to the same glass, and after short blending with a spoon, I drank it all.
It is still in my stomach. A bit heavier than eating a usual breakfast.
In the morning, stomach is empty, so it is very easy to drink this kind of juice. Both Grapefruit and olives are fruits, so it is just like drinking a fruit juice. So simple.
It tastes delicious, if you enjoy the slightly bitter and sweet and acid taste of grapefruit. I could hardly taste any olive oil as there was almost double as much grapefruit as oil, and the taste of grapefruit is far more strong than the taste of oil.
I am not going to eat anything until afternoon.

Energy I get from a half glass of oil is more than enough to keep me from being hungry during the day.
I may even visit a gym later today.
This is the most simple way to do a liver flush, all you need is one large grapefruit and some oil. Grapefruit juice can be substituted with any other freshly pressed juice, like orange, lemon, pomelo, lime, apple, pomegranate, etc.

You can do it with just a few spoons of oil and a few spoons of juice but in that case you can drink it every morning. That is a more gradual cleaning, where you take some oil and juice every day.

If you can not get olive oil where you live, you can use any other kind of oil. Check this list for oils that are beneficial for your blood type:
Of all oils on the list, olive oil is the only one listed as beneficial for all 4 major blood types.
Last time I have done a Liver Flush was maybe 3-4 months ago. I try to do at least 3 -4 flushes per year, to keep my liver healthy. Please, do not expect immediate results. Yes, some people may have had immediate results after 1-2 liver flushes, but those people are an extreme exception to the rule.

The rule is, it may take at least 6 months of Liver Flushing to achieve a significant health benefit.

At least!

And, it usually means doing at least 2 flushes per month, or a total of 12 flushes per 6 months.

Here are a few stories related to liver flushing.

This man, medical doctor and a board certified psychiatrist experienced significant health improvements after one year of liver flushing:
Why is this experience interesting? Because his improvement did not come immediately after liver flushing.
There was absolutely no health improvement immediately.
Instead, Liver Flushing slowly improved liver condition and health inside his intestines, improved his intestinal flora, and as a result, his body health improved.

My personal experience with Liver Flushing was similar. No sudden change in health. Instead, slow and steady improvement of health and improvement of my food tolerance, to the point where I could actually eat and tolerate all natural foods. Prior to liver flushing, I was intolerant of all meats, eggs, all milk products, all foods with Sugar added. I still avoid junk foods, but I can at least tolerate all natural foods like milk, meat, eggs, fruits, dried fruits, nuts.

This woman improved her lips after just a few flushes, but you should understand that this is an exception to the rule. Rarely people have so dramatic health improvement:

This man also improved his lips and cured his EC by liver flushing:
Buy the way, he is still active on CureZone 11 years later:

When someone can come back to curezone 1 year or 5 years or 10 years later and confirm that his lips are healthy, those stories have 100 times more value than stories by people who just appear here for one week, and never come back to report progress or any other changes. Many times we have read success stories posted, just to get a new message 6 months later telling is EC is back.

This man have done 65 flushes and cured some terrible health conditions:

This man from Norway have done 110 liver flushes.

One of his symptoms was "Discolored lips (swollen and red)"

He also took accutane and a lot of Antibiotics !

Here is his story:

Those stories illustrate how liver flushing can help improve liver function and help improve digestion and intestinal flora.

Once you improve liver function, digestion and intestinal flora, most of the chronic health problems you are suffering from will slowly disappear, slowly, one by one.

The last health problem that will disappear is the first health problem you got or the one you have had for very long time.

Why do I suggest liver flushing?

Cause of all home remedies and therapies that you can do to help yourself, this one is the most simple, and in the same time the most powerful.

Yes, it takes some time to squeeze juice from one grapefruit, it takes some time to blend oil and juice, it takes some time and effort to swallow one full glass of juice compared to an effort it takes to swallow an Antibiotic pill or to use chapstick on your lips, and no, do not expect miracle results within the first 60 or 180 days but as time goes by results will come and you will become a happy person.

Happy flushing!


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