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Candida? Prostatitis? E.coli? Parasites? Misdiagnosed, broke, desperate, and DEPRESSED!
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Published: 8 years ago

Candida? Prostatitis? E.coli? Parasites? Misdiagnosed, broke, desperate, and DEPRESSED!


Hey everyone.. I've been doing research for 3 weeks now on my "condition", and I keep getting posts on as my main results, so, here I am at midnight on new years eve begging desperately for help.

My situation may have started months ago, unbeknownst to me; I've been experiencing EXTREME BLOATING in my stomach to where it is distended. I am able to blow out my gut to like three times it's normal size. It is very unnerving and grotesque, but doesn't cause PAIN. Only discomfort. I've been prescribed hyoscyamine for this, which does literally nothing.

So... that's been going on for maybe 6 months.

About a month and a half ago, I noticed raw, red patches on the head of my penis, and along my circumcision scar line after playing with yourself, spanking the monkey. I'll admit, I am very sexually active (married, however, and exclusive) and I also spank the monkey quite a bit.. at least I was/did... anyway, I figured no big deal, it's just from overuse. I put some lotion on the red lesions and forgot about it.

I started noticing after a week or so that they weren't going away.

Eventually, it started burning when I urinate.
Now, it burns almost all the time.

Went to an urgent care. Misdiagnosed with herpes and prescribed valtrex. Tested negative for a uti. She gave me Antibiotics anyway, which I didn't take.

Week later, I'm no better. Back to the doctor.

This new woman told me it was a yeast infection. Said it was in my throat as well. Prescribed nystatin oral liquid. Then she said I got it because my immune system is weak from being a vegan, and healthy guys don't get it.

I used that nystatin for a week. Throat somewhat cleared up, but my penis is still red and inflamed. Patchy. Bright pink. Other times, it's cold and gray and pale. Maybe from the steroid creams the doctors have been giving me that don't work..?? Don't know. .any ideas?

So...I'm feeling very sick and just not normal. .so,
I go to the ER, and my primary doctors next.

I am given diflucan fluconazole tablets.
3 of them.
Told to take 1 per week for 3 weeks.

It is now 3 weeks later. I am worse than when I began.

Now, my anus feels TIGHT and FULL. I have trouble peeing. My urethra burns constantly. I feel bloated and TERRIBLE. I'm depressed and borderline suicidal over this embarassing curse. Doctor is trying to pawn me off on a urologist.

Additional information: I have a hiatal this causing my ailments? E, coli? Prostatitis? Candida? Leaky gut?

I will be tested soon for all STDs, but I am married for 18 years and faithful. ..

I've tried everything I read on cure zone during my searches...

I cut back all refined Sugar and wheat and flour 2 weeks help so far. ..grapefruit seed extract, apple cider vinegar with the mother.. coconut oil extra virgin unrefined on my genitals and orally as well.. garlic.. probiotics acidophilus. .I've spent $4,000 on hospital bills and have nothing to show for it.. I'm constantly burning, bloated, painful, depressed, anxious, and my quality of life is in the toilet.

Speaking of toilet, I took pinworm medication a week ago just in case... but my anus definitely does feel tight, full, squirmy. .

I am in HELL.
I welcome any suggestions or opinions!!!!!!

I go for a full physical in 3 days. What tests should I ask for specifically without looking like a nut? I'm REALLY desperate here! Any ideas? Opinions? I've looked all over, and this website is the one that keeps coming up time and time again.. I feel you all know something the medical community doesnt.

Really want to go back to the ER because I'm scared, but all they did last time was give me an iV of saline and sent me home with a huge bill in the thousands. And tramadol which I won't take.



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