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Re: Are there distinctions between Candida Fungus Skin Infection vs Internal Candida?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Are there distinctions between Candida Fungus Skin Infection vs Internal Candida?

You are certainly correct to assume that canddia can be a topical(local) infection and can also be sytemic(in the blood, organs and tissues). The reason for this is that candida is a dimorphic pathogen -- it can exist in two entirely separate and distinct living forms. For clarity I shall just refer to these two forms as the yeast form and fungal fom. The yeast form infects locally(skin, uterus, intestines etc) because it is a saprophytic feeder(feeds off dead organic matter), reproduces by budding and has delicate hypha. The fungal form can infect and inhabit the blood, tissues and organs(everywhere in the body!!), is a true parasite(feeds off and breeds in host cells), reproduces with spores, has strong destructive hypha. These two forms can further confuse because they can both infect and co-exist happily together within the same areas of the body at the same time.

Therefore to cure yourself of systemic candida you will have to find a multi-protocol that will act to eliminate BOTH these candida forms from your body.

Modern medicine is still all but clueless about how to get rid of candida. Their azole family of antifungal drugs are all fairly useless because candida can adjust to them so easily. So if you use them, you may well feel better initially. But after two months or so the candida usually adjusts its defences against the azole drug and will come roaring back and then drugs like the azole family and even nystatin will be useless to you. They call this the "Rebound Effect" in modern medicine. Modern medicine's diagnosis of serious candida issues also tends to be wholly inaccurate and inconsistent.  

What's more, allopathic medicine will not recognize any form of individual systemic candida infection. I say this after having had a good look at their Standard of Care manuals. The only forms of candida that seem to be recognized from these manuals are uterine candida and mouth thrush. Their is no recognition at all that systemic candida exists as an individual disease in the human body -- apart from within people who have serious diseases like stage 4 cancer, hepatitis or HIV. So if you go to your doctor, his tests will probably show that you are in the peak of health. And the only thing your doctor will probably recomend you take is anti-depressants(for your lethargy, depression, lack of energy, unclear thinking etc). This, of course is a really bad move if you have systemic candida, because all anti-depressants contain fluorine, chlorine and bromine -- so these halide drugs will act to further depress your thyroid and immune system thus allowing the candida and other diseases you have free passage to spread and dominate even more. Take no anti-depressants !! 

Whatever you do TAKE NO ANTIBIOTICS if you have candida. If your doctor gives you antibiotics and you take it then your candida problems will surely spread rapidly and get much worse.

I could go on but I haven't really got the room to describe all the difficulties of conquering such a clever and robust pathogen as candida. But I have written an in-depth book about candida behaviour and how to cure it using a proper multi-protocol strategy. Furthermore, you will never completely or fully cure serious systemic candida problems by just going on a diet or by taking just probiotics or using ACV or oregano or any other ill-thought-out minimal protocol that does not directly specifically attack all its unique defensive behaviours at the same time. I cured my own systemic candida problem 10 years ago -- and it has never returned -- using my own specific strategy against candida. The most important bits of information that you will need to know from my book to cure yourself -- incuding the protocol I used to cure my own candida -- are shown here.

I was also low thyroid when I had systemic candida. That's generally the norm when you have systemic candida and may be regarded as yet another candida symptom. Also well known that candida also affects and diminishes the activity of both the thyroid and the immune system.

I really couldn't care less whether you use my successful anti-candida multi-protocol or not. But I regard that  the most important areas of my book were in revealing the clever and unique defensive behaviours of candida and also describing -- in detail -- the reasons for using my own anti-candida strategy as a road to a cure. Above all learn that strategy and if you understand it and apply it well through your own further research(together with a little willpower and determination), I have no doubt at all that you will be able to cure yourself of this awful disease.

"Know thyself, know thy enemy;

a thousand battles, a thousand victories."

Sun Tzu (Art of War)

My philosopphy is simple. "Knowledge is Healing"

Good luck !!

Bill :)

Author: Candida: Killing So Sweetly





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