Candida Answers and Cures
by slowsmile

Take Dr William Crook’s Candida Test (It’s Free)   8 y  
How do you know whether you have candida or not? The allopathic stool tests for candida are notoriously inaccurate. Herein there is a simple online questionnaire that you take and the result is autoscored and will tell you whether you have candida or not.
Dr William Crook wrote a ground breaking book about candida called The Yeast Connection. He also created a simple autoscored question and answer questionnaire that will tell you whether you have candida or not. Allopathic medicine is notorious for mis-diagnosing candida -- this questionnaire is more accurate. Here is Dr Crook’s candida test:   visit the page

The Best Protocol Strategy to Use Against Systemic Candida   8 y  
Here is the main strategy, with reasons, that I used to defeat my own systemic candida problems.
If you want to really get rid of serious systemic candida problems then it is always best to have a plan. To have a plan you have to study and understand candida behaviour.  Here is the succesful strategy that I eventually used against my own candida problems: * Avoid using any antibiotics. Antibiotics are one of the top causes of dysbiosis in the human body—a malady well known to encourage the persistence and spread of candida as well as aiding in and supporting the spread of numerous other pathogen problems throughout the body. * Directly attacking, killin ...   read more

The Anti-Candida Diet   8 y  
This diet should be followed if you have candida.
The Anti-Candida Diet The following diet is a nutritional guide and is not really a diet at all. A diet suggests that, one day, you will come off the diet. Therefore this diet is really a Way of Eating for Life. So it really should be more specifically regarded as a defensive way of eating that both helps to protect and alkalize your body. This diet advice can also be easily incorporated into other ordinary Western diets or even with organic, alkaline or vegetarian diets—where the same guidelines will apply. This diet is also recommended for problems like cancer, acid body, candida e ...   read more

Candida Progression, Virulence and Associations (Diagrams)   8 y  
Some diagrams which show the progression of candida and its common associations with many other pathogen species and diseases.

Candida and the Allergy Connection   8 y  
This article explains the cause of food allergies wrt candida.
Candida and the Allergy Connection Another indication of candida is the sudden onset of food allergies. This occurs mainly because of the fungal form of candida residing in the gut, where it has the capability to penetrate the intestinal cell wall via the hypha (fungal form). This gut damage allows partially digested proteins to leak out into the blood from the intestines. These leaked proteins are referred to as foreign protein bodies and are not recognized as friendly host proteins but are, instead, regarded as the enemy by the body’s immune system. As a consequence, the ...   read more

Candida and Hypothyroid Issues   8 y  
This short article explains the relationship between low thyroid or hypothyroid issues and candida problems.
Candida and  Hypothyroid Issues   In my own case of systemic candida, I had no doubt at all that I was also low thyroid (hypothyroid) as well because when I first started to take higher doses of Lugol’s Iodine it made such a huge difference. Not only did supplementing orthomolecular doses of Lugol’s Iodine help to kill pathogens including candida and help to remove heavy metals and halides (bromine and fluorine) from my body, but also my heart arrhythmia and dizziness stopped; I had more energy all of a sudden, clearer thinking; I slept better and all ...   read more

Anxiety, Depression and Niacin   8 y  
This short doc details some of the usefulness of niaicn to help reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia issues.
Niacin for Depression and Anxiety If you are having both panic attacks and depression, try taking higher dose niacin. To fully understand niacin's beneficial and useful effects, please read this. How to Take Niacin for Depression and Anxiety Although niacin(Vitamin B3) is the cheapest and best form to take (and the form that I take regularly ) -- it can give you an unpleasant flush effect on your body. You can also take the no-flush niacinamide form. But, as the article in the link above says, niacinamide does not appear to be as good as niacin for relieving depressio ...   read more

Curing GERD/Low Stomach Acid/Digestion Problems   8 y  
GERD/Low Stomach Acid/Digestion problems frequently occur with candida issues. Given below is a remedy that should help to cure these problem.
The GERD or Low Stomach Acid Protocol The aim of this document is to address problems concerned with digestion that are caused by a lack of stomach acid in particular. The simple protocols in this document will help to cure GERD or reflux problems. They will also help to address other digestive problems such as an adult or a child being underweight or overweight even though they eat normal amounts of food. This document will help people who have the following problems: GERD or Reflux problems Poor Digestion (This problem can also be caused by parasite ...   read more

The Candida Cure Protocol   8 y  
This blog is for all things candida. I have initially posted the anti-candida regimen that cured my own candida problems nine years ago which has since successfully helped other sufferers as well. From time to time I will also be putting up interesting, helpful and relevant research on candida to help others more understand this unique and troublesome disease.
Using the Lugol’s Iodine, Borax, Alkalizing and Turpentine Protocols Against Candida and Parasites The nutrient protocols described herein, are strong, natural protocols that will help to eliminate candida, parasites, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma etc from your body and help your recovery against candida.  You should take all the protocols given below -- Lugol’s Iodine, Borax, Alkalizing and the Turpentine/CO protocol -- if you have serious candida/pathogen/parasite issues. The best way to start is to introduce each of these protocols one by one. Use a protocol for awhile, lear ...   read more


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This blog is for all things candida and isn’t about managing your candida issues -- its about curing them. This blog will detail the protocols that I used to cure my own systemic candida problems 9 years ago(still gone).… more...

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