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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Particle size does matter

Lots of good information in your response, which raises a few more questions. Particularly on the topic of plasma and HVAC. Though, I'd like to follow up with a few more points beforehand.

1. Under the circumstances, it would appear as though heat reduced colloidal silver solutions qualify as advanced solutions also. To which I'd add, I really like as a description.

2. With respect to particle size and efficiency, I'd add that we have every reason to believe that a properly made heat reduced colloidal silver solution would be every bit, if not better, than any of the products such as; Mesosilver and/or Utopia Silver.

3. On the matter of hypothesis; when it comes to particle shape and size, there is no questioning the physical properties attributed to silver ions and that of basic elemental silver particles, as these are verified scientific facts. And so unless someone can show otherwise, we have every reason to believe that a properly made advanced colloidal silver solution such as a heat reduced solution would be every bit, if not better than with alternative manufacturing processes on the market today.

4. While there's no discounting the inherent value of research in fields such as these, I'd remind you that the issue in question was never about how much money companies invested in their research or manufacturing, but rather... whether or not the appeal of smaller particles is warranted against that of an advanced homemade solution. And so as far as hypothesis' go, I see no reason to believe otherwise at this stage.

PS. I'd remind you that I have no investments in any products or company beyond that of helping my fellow man. And while I can appreciate your commitment toward your personal friend and his work, I'd urge that you consider the bias this places on you insofar as positive marketing goes. Which stands regardless of the outcomes brought up in discussions such as these.


Beyond this, and while I personally find topics on colloidal silver manufacturing to be of great interest. I'd add that I'm not entirely sure if you're understanding the use and meaning of the term HVAC in this particular cases. ie, High Voltage AC current driven processes.

And while you seemed to be suggesting that one of the manufacturers makes use of a plasma beam in their own manufacturing process, I'd ask if you've considered what it takes to create said plasma?..
Though I'd also be careful not to confound the various forms of plasma and the inherent conditions that come with them(gas or vacuum), but more importantly, the high voltage requirements used to produce them and what implications this would have on the electrochemical process resulting from them(electrolysis). - HVAC

Beyond this, I'd also add that the costs associated with manufacturing and production are rarely if ever proportionate to the inherent quality of a particular product per say. And so when we consider the costs associated with mass production, it's important not to get carried away with the notion that this is indicative of a particular product quality beyond that of manufacturing. Which holds especially true in the consumables industry. IOW. what can be made at home in limited quantities will prove far more costly under manufacturing due to the measures needed to meet consumer market standards both on and off the production line.

And finally, I'd remind you that in cases such as these, that the proof is in the pudding so to speak. IOW. when making heat reduced colloidal silver the color of the solution provides us with visible evidence to determine shape, size and particle density. To which I'd add, the advanced homemade solution(accomplished through heat reduction) have all of the visual characteristics of a superior solution against the indicated manufactured products such as; Mesosilver and/or Utopia Silver. Which can be observed by the physical characteristics of the colloid proving to be several shades down the line. And so with this in mind, I'd point out that these are observable facts rather than hypothesis at this stage.


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