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Thoughts and Ideas on FBO
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Published: 6 years ago

Thoughts and Ideas on FBO

I wanted to share some ideas for those who are suffering from Fecal Body Odor looking for advice. This is all based on countless hours of research trying to cure myself from this condition. Im not 100% cured but Ive managed to decrease my odor significantly. For most of us problems started after Antibiotic use, stress, and bad diet. The combination of those three wrecks havoc in our digestive system. Antibiotics kill all the good bacteria in our gut making us prone to candida overgrowth. Stress suppresses the immune system making it easy for bad bacteria to take over. Combined with a bad diet it creates the perfect environment for candida overgrowth. Candida albicans are known to release countless toxins in the body therefore the liver cannot handle all of them. If you give it enough time the fungi spread troughout your body to your small intestine which could cause leaky gut which may be a source of the smell. It can also spread to your skin (rashes) or your mouth giving you oral thrush making your breath bad. Having said that I find that many are treating the symptoms rather than the cause. I am quite positive that most FBO sufferers suffer from a candida overgrowth. I tried to treat the symptoms such as bad breath and leaky gut thinking it was the source of the odor. In fact I didn't improve because candida was still in my body wrecking havoc. I believe that if you take care of the cause your symptoms will improve. Ive taken countless pills trying to treat leaky gut but It didnt work. Once I focused on the candida my Body Odor gradually got better. Patience is the key here it does take time. My advice is that you follow the candida diet (no bread or any gluten source,sugar,alcohol,or caffeine) and incorporate antifungals such as oregano oil or grapefruit seed extract. Once you have that covered you need to take out the dying candida by giving yourself an enema. It seemed like an extreme thing for me to do but they help big time in directly eliminating toxins. Candida die off will make you feel like sh*t. Brain fog, fatigue, and Depression are just some of the symptoms. You need to be patient as these will pass and you will get better once its over. Diet is simply the most important factor in curing Body Odor . You have to be strict and exclude foods that feed candida. Even if you slip don't hate yourself for it just start over until you get on track. The goal is to get your intestines working in order as they should be. Usually there is a 50million to 1 ratio of good bacteria and candida which prevents overgrowth. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria which allows for the candida to spread. You need to eliminate them to bring back the proper order in which the bowel should function. Candida is known to release more than 79 toxins during die off which of course makes us smell bad. What makes us different is the level of infestation troughout the body. Some will have many symptoms like rashes, brain fog, white tounge, diarrhea/constipation while in others the symptoms are not as bad. Either way you need to take care your body.

These are just my ideas as I keep seeing the same threads of people saying they tried many things and did not see improvement because they only treated the symptoms and not the cause. The 'cure' is not all that complicated once you get yourself on track. If you have FBO and follow the advice above (especially diet) you will see improvement soon just be patient. Our body is always replacing cells with new ones therefore once you get the digestive system working in order that is when it starts to heal itself. Our immune system is the best source of "antifungal" you can have. However, if you have tons of toxins living inside of you it gets impaired and cannot function properly. That is why you need to take care of it on your own with diet and enemas. If you don't manage to get rid of all the candida and repopulate the gut with probiotics then you are simply wasting your money on pills that do not help at the moment. Once you get things going in order then supplements like probiotics and l-glutamine will have a positive effect on you.

Good luck to all if you have any questions post below I will try my best to answer. Once again these are just my ideas, even though they're based on tons of research and years of me suffering from body odor.

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