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Re: identifying pinworms
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: identifying pinworms

Hi Bluepetunia! I was reading your and Sanjean's posts for a while and following some advise on pinworm. About high- colonic- do you mean hydro colonotherapy? This did not help me get rid of pinworms. I did 11 procedures; my hopes were high, but alas, in about 30 minutes after the procedure they are wiggling again in my rectum. My story of fighting from the beginning: Started with Purify herbal tincture. Done enemas with garlic, with Hydrogen Peroxide. Amazingly, H2O2 brigs out a lot of worms, I've seen them after I expel enema in the toilet bowl. Some white round long worm, I've seen one of those after garlic enema, and a lot of brown ones (I am not sure how to id them). Those brown ones hatch inside the gut as I've seen a lot of little ones. And larger ones too. Seen 2 pieces of white rice attached to brown something that looked like folded paper. That's when I decided to buy an equipment for hydrocolonotherapy and add H2O2 to water. I did the procedures at home myself and added Hydrogen Peroxide to the hot water. Got rid of all worms, but pins... And now I am thinking that if females come out to lay the eggs, they obviously need an oxygen for eggs. And providing that I added Peroxide, which releases additional oxygen in intestines- may be I shouldn't have added it.... Why run outside if oxygen is delivered by stupid host? lol! Not sure. The last procedure, the 11th one- I added ACV- done it after I got constipated with DE. A lot of stuff came out, but pins were wiggling again right in about half-hour after the procedure. Also took Reese's pinworm treatment- no help. Stopped doing hydrocolonotherapy as I see it doesn't remove pins... Getting tired with this fight as you do guys. Was thinking about Vermox, but after reading yours and Sanjeans post that it doesn't help, just decided to skip it. Today tried a butt plug with alcohol. Wrapped a paper towel like a cig, soaked in alcohol, but was very hard to insert it to anus as the paper gets soft. Been doing suppositories last several days, they help. Noxzema gets all over the "down there" as it melts, I try now to apply on a folded 3 times small piece of paper towel and press it against anus and leave it there. Using "Always" pads absorbs the cream; I also tried mixing Noxzema with DE about 50/50. DE internally helps a bit, as I feel less stinging after started taking it. My Purify tincture is finished without much help, now not sure what med should I take. Any advice will be appreciated. I still do garlic enemas sometimes, may one or two a day as I work full time, there is not much time left to do anything. I also have some I think it's skin mites on scalp and in skin of my legs and hands, tried a mixture of mustard, coconut oil and castor oil, but that steers them up, I found that essential oils work better on scalp. I have a question though: why everyone trying to catch pins in order to id them and bring to docs if docs are just helpless in case of pins? Just a thought. Imho, it's better to find a way to eradicate them rather then wasting energy to prof docs we have pins. I am thinking that Herbalist (I think his name is Charlie- can't find his posts as of now, but will later) posts can bring a lot of light into strengthening the immune system so the pins will leave us with peace. Wish you all guys strength in fight; it's a war!

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