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Liver flush never working AND constant bloating.
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Published: 7 years ago

Liver flush never working AND constant bloating.

I have just tried my second Liver Flush and once again failed. The Epsom Salts do not even make me have a bm prior to consuming the oil. All they do is bloat the hell out my stomach. Magnesium Citrate also just bloats me up like crazy.
I constantly have bloated stomach no matter what I eat. Now, I am an infrequent user of MDMA (do not judge me on this as I am responsible and use it as sensibly as possible) The only time I ever get rid of my bloat is before taking MDMA orally. I get sudden urges and evacuate the whole lot, a lot of runny stool which seems to float (I think I have bad malabsorption which causes this) and a lot of trapped gas also. Then viola, my stomach is flat for the next day until I eat anything. Once I achieve this flat stomach I can drink any fluid and maintain it, however one bite of anything (even just a light handful of spinach leaves) and i'm all bloated again.

I want to know what is wrong here.

I will not stop taking MDMA unless I feel I have to as I do enjoy it and do enjoy the perks of the flat stomach once every 2 months or maybe a tad longer. But this needs to end, I have tried 2 Liver Flushes and produce no solids, just liquid as if I have a blockage and the oil is just coming out in liquid. I have also tried 2 castor oil flushes orally and a castor oil pack.

I believe parasites may be a factor. I have ordered Humaworm.

About me: Have had Acne since I was 15, now 21. Had mercury fillings removed last year, still having problems. Brought up on worst diet imaginable, high Sugar sweets, pizza, mcdonalds, ate this way every day without fail for about 16 years. Now I eat mainly fruit all day and veg for dinner. Rarely eat meat if ever. No dairy, No eggs, No refined Sugar, No grains. I know how to control my Acne I go through stages of having barely any and then I eat too much fruit or honey and I break out. I want to stop breaking out and sort my digestion. I also took accutane when I was 16. I got fooled by doctors, took a whole load of Antibiotics too. I feel they completely destroyed me and put me in a state of disease where I am now learning to pick up the pieces. I feel I need to liver flush, but no stones or solids come out when I try. I know I have candida, as I have a very small but visble fungal patch on my stomach. I probably have mercury in my system from the fillings (I remember getting extremely ill with some kind of flu upon getting the fillings but only made connection now.) I will no doubt have parasites and other chemical toxicities and in general be a very toxic human being.

My aims are to correct these, especially the bloated stomach and acne.

I want to Liver Flush and actually have a bm without liquid. It feels there is a blockage whenever I try one but during normal days I have normal bowel movements but continued bloating. I want to parasite cleanse also and Colon Cleanse removing mucoid plaque and the toxicities of the drugs like accutane that are probably stored in me.

I also occasionally use chlorella and I oil pull with coconut oil and oregano oil.

Advice on where to begin and why I successfully Liver Flush would be appreciated. I am open to suggestions and am now aware of how important it is to cleanse and fix the damage inflicted upon myself through the diet I was brought up on and believed was ok and the damage inflicted from so called doctors. I respect mother nature more than ever now because I know she is the only true healer holding the solution for me to recover.

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