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Re: VIDEO of the Cottonballs With Legs UNDER SCOPE.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: VIDEO of the Cottonballs With Legs UNDER SCOPE.

Ok, thanks for understand my lack of english. Finally, i am at a computer and not a mobile device, so can write better.

I am not an expert. I won't use any scientific links on this post. I will put somethings about cottonballs with legs from my experience.

1- Yes, they are difficult to get out of the body, the moment you eat simple Sugar and more carbs they stop come out easily as I said before. The good news is the moment I brought them out, they just wouldn't stop coming. Results after results. Balls with legs after balls with legs. Zillions! Even when I stopped all the protocol and I was using just "diet" (white rice + paleo) and IF, no salt vit c, no citrus drink, no urine therapy, no coconut oil, no sauerkraut, nothing, they were coming anyway.

2- I spent sometime searching for information about this. Btw, I never find nothing conclusive, I think the best post(more detailed) I found about them was one of Tean1988 post's. Anyway, what I saw is that a GREAT NUMBER of sick people with similar symptoms has it. You can easily use curezone toll and put cottonballs with legs or fuzzy cancer or any name that people call them and you will find many testimonials about this. So, obviosly It is something that WE HAVE to give attention. And, It is difficult to bring them out in your toilet, so I know many sick people has it and don't EVEN KNOW, because they never saw it and they keep trying to heal by doing wrong things ( or right things, who am i to say? ) because they dont even know about cotton balls. So, bottom of line, we need to get serious about this, in my opinion is a major concern and a key for a lot of answers.

2- Everyone has a different theory about this. Fungus? Lyme? New parasite? Ascaris? Bananas (WHAT A JOKE! PLEASE DONT SAY BANANAS AGAIN, I WASNT EATING THAT!!)? Simbiotic relation ship? eggs? tumors? I really DONT KNOW AND I AM OPEN TO AlMOST ANY IDEA.

4- They made me constipated. Had to use "enemas" to keep them going out, they were so many ( I filled my bathroom box with them) that was like my intestines was clogged when they were dying, so the enemas helped to force them out. I did many "enemas" (just water) in a row. The purpose was just to keep my bowels going, I felt a urge to do it, i could feel them inside of me trying to be expelled, i felt toxic, sick, with a lot of agony. I have a thing that I can squirt Water Fast in my but (like a little little little shower that function with pressuer), so i used to do many "enemas" in one night ( no, i am not depedent, i dont need them anymore). Basically, I put water in me anally and expelled the water right after and they were out easily, very simple. I could see them with no enemas, but I was easier that way. since I think i could take days to expell the same quantity I saw in one day as i was constipated.

5- When I let them in the bathroom floor box overnight ( I was too tired to clean, i just wanted to sleep, was very miserable) they shrink, I can say it is almost like the "ball" evaporate and I noted they expell a green substance.

6- My theory: I think they are fungus and they develop during low immunity present in people who use Antibiotics , steroids, drugs, lyme disease, virus, ...

7- They change shapes, sometimes i saw some of them really different. Ones smalls, some bigger, others more develop, some with black legs, some with more legs than usual. I think it is a matter of stage and place they are in the intestines. I just can say it is the same organism, they are very unique. You need to see it in front of you and you will understand, a picture doesn't made justice to it.

8- I think they are in the GI tract, from the esophagus to anus. I sometimes felt the place they were getting drag from. I think the legs penetrate the GI tract. Hard to explain, but i almost sure about that. For example, in the final moment of my cleanse i felt pain in under left side close to my bladdler, them i felt pain and sensation in the perinium part ( close to anus, rectum, close to protaste). Well, it was almost liked they were getting killing in that order ( esophagus to anus). I can swear I could feel that.

9- I still think I have these inside of me.

Well, that is my two cents for now, i could easily write letters about this, but I have to go! See everyone soon.

Bye, heros!


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