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Dr. Kevin Cahill's Strengths and Weaknesses...; if you are still not well... what to do.... some suggestions
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Published: 8 years ago

Dr. Kevin Cahill's Strengths and Weaknesses...; if you are still not well... what to do.... some suggestions

I thought I would answer a question that many people have asked me; and write this brief note because there are still some desperate people on this forum and PTTU forum specially ( They are specially Dr. Cahill’s patients, who are still not better, trying this probiotic and this, thinking they will get better, even after months of seeing him. The only two people who have gotten better with Cahill are briboy and myself, as far as I can tell. I will try to explain why I think this MAY be:

I want to say that I have the highest regard for Dr. Cahill; he is one of the best: I am one of the first to recommend this doctor very highly; And I got my diagnosis of EH just a more than a year and got my life back; and then I got the message to Briboy; who also took the proper dosage and got cured. We saw results immediately, within weeks. Our lives changed. But I DID NOT TAKE Cahill’s DOSAGE; and I took a comprehensive treatment, given by another brilliant doctor, which included not just TINIDAZOLE AND PAROMO; but a series of other meds; SO I cannot say with certainty what cured me; particularly given my varying symptoms, including itching all over and hives, and muscle spasms, and twiklings, apart from horrible stool and severe colon pain; and fatigue.

But ALL I WAT WHAT TO SAY is: yes Cahill is good at finding SOME parasites, specially Eh; but he cannot find them all; and this quite bad on his part; not because he does not find other parasites; he does find occasionally such things as Trichuria, etc. What is specially worrisome about Cahill is that when the patients takes the meds he recommends and goes back to him, and he cannot find EH, he does not bother to suspect that one may have other parasites, which are simply not dateable in either in stool or stool mucus samples, which he examines; this is his horrible weakness on Cahill’s part. He does not treat patients COMPREHESIVLEY. Also note many people who have EH do not have the horrible symptoms I had; or some people have different symptoms given how INVASIVE eh is in each person. I know for sure that I had invasive Eh. And had possibly another prasite like “cryptic giardia.” But many people who go to Cahill do not get better: and many have asked why:

I have a couple of Answers:

Some people take the very small baby dosage that Cahill gives for something like Eh and they do not feel well still after taking it. But when they go back to Cahill with the same symptoms, he cannot find anything; I asked Cahill if it is possible that he cannot find Eh in most people because Eh has become invasive in some people; Cahill said YES. He admitted this to me: So clearly his baby dosage of Paromo 250 does not work; and Doxy is a Joke, as the doctor who cured me said. Doxy is the wrong tissue drug. So if you have not taken the high dosage, combined with Tinidazole and Paromo, you are still unwell, this means you still have Eh. but Cahill cannot find. So you need to take the higher dosage for Eh.

But some people do get better with Cahill’s dosage? Why you may ask? (Richard Behar is an example. He took only 250 Parmo. He is completely well after 5 years of taking the meds.)

My second answer is:
This is Perhaps because they ONLY had EH; and perhaps Eh is easier to eradicate; because they only had Eh. Then Why others who have taken at least 750 Paromo are not better. There are at least two people on this forum who took 750 Paromo and did not get better. Why you may ask?

Third Answer:
They do not get better, because they have SOME other parasite that Cahill cannot find. So here one has to take the COMPREHESIVE series of drugs…. And I would advice for people at this stage to go to an infectious disease specialist and do antibody testing for things like Strongyloides and Toxoara, Trichanelia, Shistosomias, etc. And they require different drugs and different durations of therapy.

So my simple advice: if you are still not better, after going to Cahill; consider these possibilities. One thing for sure: if you took the drugs, and you had a parasite or parasites, and the drugs killed them; IT WILL NOT TAKE MONTHS for you to see results; within weeks, your gut will respond, and you will have perfect stool. And you WILL CONTINUE TO get better. AND still one must then take probiotics to continue the healing of the gut, which takes time; But one must have perfect stool and must have energy within weeks …..

If you are not well, you need to press Cahill on this; and ask why he does not consider other options. The blood test he does not really look for antibodies for other parasites that cannot be found in stool. But I would highly recommend that you not take Cahill’s baby dosage for any parasite; they are not likely work. But I would recommend you got to Cahill, if you have never been to him; but know his weakness as well. No doctor is perfect. But there are good ones, who will treat you EMPIRICALLY. Find one of those. Cahill is not one of those doctors.
More later.


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