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Where is Dr. House when you need him?

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Published: 9 years ago

Where is Dr. House when you need him?

Someone please tell me I'm not the only person who gets irrationally mad when watching House, M.D., because just knowing he's not real makes me crazy! That's what we really need - a Dr. House and a whole team of young and ambitious doctors!

This is my first original post, and I should say thanks to any other posters and whoever started this forum. You saved my sanity. I had mirena 'installed' in May, started having the typical side effects in July, and had it removed at the end of October. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me - why am I 30 years old and falling apart? I thought I was going crazy - or that I'd suddenly been stricken with MS, heart disease, crazy anxiety, arthritis, and asthma all at once. A reverse miracle! Then I found this forum in mid-October. Now, I'm no crier. But I bawled my eyes out. Knowing what's causing the problems, even if I couldn't understand why, made a HUGE difference. And I got mirena out a week later. I might still have that silicone curse in my body now if not for this site. I only wish I'd found it sooner.

I feel like my case is pretty typical, and it's amazing how our symptoms mirror each other with small variations. I've always been healthy, laid-back, low stress. I moved to Europe to teach English this fall, so it was normal to feel a bit of nausea and stress building this summer. Then, in September, I turned into a falling-down-sick, anxiety-ridden, heart-hurting, hair-losing, old lady. I thought I was dying. I even went into the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack (thank you very much terrible heartburn and reflux, which I'd never had before). The doctors made me feel like such an idiot, so I started looking for answers online. Nothing is scarier than looking up sickness online - just an hour of browsing is enough to having me shopping for burial plots. Aided by my anxiety, I thought I was going to die. Possibly, right then and there.

But, now Mirena is out and I'm MUCH better 3 months later. I feel like I'm blessed to be feeling better, and even though I'm not at 100%, I can function now. I am still having some problems (monthly periods really are a bummer) and have some questions that I thought some of you might be able to answer - or just identify with. I've searched a lot of the older postings for answers, but didn't see answers to these (or I missed them).

Here goes:

1. Wicked stomach problems - I feel like I've had nausea and reflux and (too much info warning) not enough burping and passing gas problems since my mirena problems started. I've been taking Prilosec, but with no result. I feel like my food isn't digesting, and just sits there, making me sick. The gas and stomach problems are so bad that I'm having frequent chest pains - scary! Anyone have any answers/info on this? Were your symptoms similar? Anyone heard about Gastroparesis, controlled by the vagus nerve, and linked it to us? This one is really making me crazy.

2. Pressure/discomfort behind eye - I haven't been to an eye doctor because I keep hoping this will pass. I've had a near-constant feeling of mild pressure and discomfort behind my left eye. That eyelid has also been minorly swollen all the time, in fact it feels like the area behind the eye is a little swollen too. Luckily, no vision loss. I've tried allergy meds, and they didn't do anything so I ruled that out. Any ideas? Anyone else?

3. Man head - that's right, I'm losing hair like a man. My doctor tested my testosterone levels, and found that they are high. So, maybe that explains why my hairline is receding, the front is very thin, and I'm thinning on top. Ahh! This really stinks. I'm hoping it'll come back on its own. Anyone else have this kind of hair loss?

4. Random head pains that feel like they're in your skull somewhere - not like a headache. Like the former leg pains, but now in my head. I'm hoping this is a sign that those nerves are starting to heal...any chance? Or am I way in right field?

5. Stiffness in fingers - I've heard many of you mention joint pain and swelling. Mine were swollen, but now they just feel stiff all the time. No hurting, but like they've aged 30 years or had hypothermia. And when its cold- forget about it - they don't want to move at all!

6. Left-side blues - I have symptoms and pains and aches much worse on the left side of my body than the right. I've seen that others of you have a side that's worse than the other. Anyone have any idea why?

7. Lower back badness - Pain in my lower back, but not like regular period type back pain. Less like a muscle ache and more like an internal ache. This comes and goes. Anyone else? Any ideas?

8. Turtleneck feeling - I feel like the glands in my neck or something under my chin are a swollen and tender, and get tingly. It doesn't prevent my breathing, just makes it feel a little weird.

Huge thanks to anyone still hanging in there and reading this ever-growing post. And I had the best intentions of keeping this short. But honestly, I feel like you ladies are really the only ones who will 'get' what I'm saying. Best wishes to us all, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a mirena Dr. House, and let me know if you've experienced any of the above!

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