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Re: Deep Tissue Oil
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Deep Tissue Oil

I am not Uny, but this is a little of what Dr. Schulze 's web site "currently" has to say about "his" oil. I hope you will find something of interest and/or helpful in it.




Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Menthol Crystals, Wintergreen Oil, Ginger root, Arnica flowers, St. John's Wort, Calendula flowers & Habanero/African Bird Peppers.

Dr. Schulze 's

Deep Tissue Oil

  • SOOTHES your muscles with a miraculous, deep-penetrating formula

  • INCREASES circulation to sore muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones

  • Your body will FEEL dramatically better


    For years in his clinic, Dr. Schulze made many powerfully effective topical ointments and oils. Two of his most famous were his Deep Heating Oil and his Deep Tissue Repair Oil—both were used by top athletic competitors around the world. One day, he decided to mix these two formulae, and that’s when the healing miracles really started to happen.

    The herbal ingredients from his Deep Heating Oil formula are Wintergreen Oil, Botanical Menthol and Habanero Pepper. These herbs are famous for reducing inflammation, reducing pain and increasing circulation, which all promote faster healing.

    “The three most powerful herbs to reduce body aches and pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation and speed up the healing process.”



     Wintergreen Oil has been used in topical preparations for centuries for muscular, tendon, ligament and connective tissue strains, sprains, tears, overexertion, hyperextension and injury. It quickly reduces pain, reduces inflammation, increases circulation and promotes quicker healing and recovery.

    Unfortunately, today, true Wintergreen Essential Oil is not used commercially. What is used is Birch Oil, which is a waste or secondary byproduct to the timber industry. Worse, since true Wintergreen Oil is almost pure Salicylic Acid, now chemists say that you can just make Salicylic Acid in the laboratory and that this is identical to Pure Wintergreen Oil. Plus, it is chemically synthesized from Bituminous Coal Tar and Carbolic Acid, two highly poisonous and toxic substances. Consequently, the heating balms available in most drug stores are no longer botanical in nature, but highly toxic synthesized chemical garbage.

    Dr. Schulze uses only Pure Green Wintergreen Oil, which is distilled from the true wintergreen plant leaves. It contains over 95% naturally occurring pure Botanical Methyl Salicylate, which possesses almost magical pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties along with dramatically increases blood circulation.


     Menthol is the major essential oil found in peppermint leaves and other species of mint. Unfortunately, like Wintergreen Oil, most menthol used today is prepared synthetically in the chemical factories.

    Years ago when you went into a drugstore and bought a heating balm of Wintergreen Oil and Peppermint Menthol, that’s exactly what you got—well, maybe 100 years ago. Today, you will walk out with a toxic blend of synthetic chemicals from Carbolic Acid to Ammonia and Coal Tar.

    Dr. Schulze only uses pure Botanical Menthol derived from the leaf of peppermint plants. The concentration of Botanical Menthol into the Deep Tissue Oil is 100% saturated and absolutely no more will dissolve into it.

    Botanical Menthol has many amazing attributes, but the major one is how effectively it increases blood circulation to the injured area. When you injure an area of your body and it swells, this inhibits blood flow, which will slow healing. Botanical Menthol applied to the injured area will dramatically increase the blood circulation and also provide its counterirritant cooling effect, greatly relieving the pain. It is also responsible for the oil’s ability to penetrate deeply into the injured area.


     What makes the Deep Tissue Ointment deep red in color is the addition of the hottest chili peppers known on the planet. The addition of this pepper makes the Botanical Menthol work 10 times better and also makes this herbal ointment literally blast blood circulation to the injured area.

    Dr. Schulze only knew of one herb, that when ingested makes your face turn red—it’s hot peppers. This aids blood circulation. The Deep Tissue Oil is saturated with the hottest Habanero Peppers he could find to increase its ability to bring blood to the injured area of the body and also to help the area to eliminate damaged tissue and blood cells.

    Habanero Peppers also reduce inflammation and pain, as they powerfully drive healing blood circulation. They are also very effective for the pain and swelling of arthritis, bursitis and joint inflammation, as well as for migraine headaches and general muscle pain.


    Many years ago, Dr. Schulze was teaching a Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine course at an alternative school in rural Southern Spain. He had the opportunity to visit many remote villages up in the high mountains, far beyond where all of the roads end. The only way to get there was by donkey, horse, 4x4 or by foot.

    Many of these villages are so remote, the only people who live there are the descendants of the people who have lived there for hundreds, even thousands of years. In fact, many bridges built by the Moors during their invasion 1,000 years ago are still standing. Dr. Schulze recalls that some of these villages had the best almonds that he had ever tasted in his life—but, that is another story.

    Anyway, he taught at this school many times over the years. This gave him a chance to do house calls in some of these very remote villages and to meet some of the local mountain doctors and healers.

    During one of his visits, he was fortunate to meet a “bone setter,” a local doctor who specialized in treating the locals who had broken a bone, whether a fracture or a compound break. This man was famous for his success beyond any other doctor in the area. Part of his therapy was alternating hot and cold hydrotherapy baths—the baths contained these brightly colored yellow mountain flowers, which he identified as Arnica Montana, or whatever their local species of Arnica was. This healer told him that the bones set quicker, better and stronger, when he put Arnica in the water—this was his secret to being the best bone setter around. He also stated that his patients had a lot less pain from the break, when he put Arnica flowers in the water. Dr Schulze also heard of the same Arnica usage in remote alpine villages in Switzerland, Northern Italy and Austria.

    Dr. Schulze’s Deep Tissue Oil uses the premium quality medicinal species of Arnica flowers, that are wild-harvested in the highest alpine regions of Europe and North America found above 9,000 feet in elevation, where Arnica flourishes. When making Arnica Oil, it is important to protect the freshness of these flowers—when you carefully hand-harvest them in the field, you must place them immediately into olive oil to preserve the vitality and phytochemicals of the plant, and do this before leaving the mountain.


    Arnica Flowers and Oil are famous around the world with mountain doctors, modern herbalists and even some medical doctors for the healing of strained, overexerted and bruised muscles, all the way to speeding up the healing of broken bones.


     Although in the last decade, St. John’s Wort Flowers have been become so popular as a medicinal treatment for depression, you would hardly know that their most important use in the past was treating blunt trauma to the body by healing damaged blood vessels and bruising, reducing inflammation and reducing pain.


    St. John’s Wort Flowers are bright yellow, but when they are crushed, the highly medicinal phytochemicals turn the crushed flowers a very bright red/burgundy color. Like Arnica Flowers, it is very important to put these flowers in the extracting olive oil immediately upon harvesting them. It is an amazing natural remedy for any trauma to the body.


     Calendula (or Marigold) is not the hybrid garden variety Marigold Flower. It is a particular heirloom original variety of multicolored single and double-headed, yellow to orange flowers. This diversity of color within this particular variety contains the highest concentration of rich plant bioflavonoid pigments and natural sticky resins not found within the typical orange monochromatic, single-flower “Marigold” plants that you often see on sidewalks and commercial plantings.


    The phytochemistry of Calendula makes it a potent trauma healer proven to heal wounds and damaged blood vessels, many times faster than normal healing.


    “This dynamic, medicinal trio of powerful herbs are famous worldwide for healing breaks, bruises and trauma to bone, muscle, soft tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints and speeding up the healing process.”

    — Dr. Schulze




    Dr. Schulze’s Deep Tissue Oil is amazing for arthritis, bursitis, painful bone and joint diseases, stiffness, injuries of all kinds, broken and fractured bones, sprains, strains, bruises and almost any healing of the body. Rub it on the temples for headaches or on the head or chest for congestion. Use it to stop the itching and pain of mosquito bites and bee stings—the list is almost endless. All we can say is try it and you will see what we mean. What used to be a two-week recovery, now will only be a few days. The next morning, you will see the amazing healing that has taken place.

    Deep Tissue Oil gives fast relief to sore muscles and bones—healing time will increase dramatically, if you use the formula immediately after doing some hot and cold hydrotherapy directly on the affected area.

    “This formula speeds healing so dramatically, my patients named it ‘Miracle in a Bottle.’”

    — Dr. Schulze


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