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Some causes of mental disease
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Published: 13 years ago
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Some causes of mental disease


I have to say you greatly misunderstand the intricate details that underlie mental illness of today or the past. What others are really going through (ie. Kundalini Syndrome) need to be looked at in the light of proper Reason. This is not meant to be a personal attack but a suggestion to look DEEPER into the causes and conditions of mental disease.

As I have been interested in meditation for over thirty years, I have come to find this truth… when a person becomes an empath, someone sensitive to other people’s feelings, stems from two main causes: drugs (recreational or medicinal) or abuse (physical or sexual).

A person who has never been abused or done drugs will naturally become more Aware and Sensitive to another person’s feelings or thoughts the more one meditates. This person definitely won’t get lost or affected by anything outside of himself in any detrimental way. Furthermore, this type of person is most likely not to lose touch with reality. But, how rare is that?

Most all of us have received some sort of damage via vaccinations, medical prescriptions, Antibiotics , or abuse. The list goes on and on. But, whenever someone has taken drugs or been abused, reiki healers such as Barbara Brennan in her book “Hands of Light” shows clearly with illustrations what happens.

The scientific mind will say that the nervous system has been damaged; while the mystic perceives this damage as a hole in the auric field.

It can be determined that this imbalance, when seen from an energetic perspective, was a “shock” that was too overwhelming for the body/mind system to handle. The trauma can be shown energetically how the person develops unhealthy behavioral patterns when coping with life or relationships.

The upside to having done drugs or unfortunately being abused is that most people can access deeper meditative or trance states. That is why a Shaman would do drugs, to open him up to altered-states of consciousness by letting go of his preconceived notions of a solid reality. Thick-headed Castaneda did this, as a crutch, and was meant to be done only in the beginning of his quest and not made an unhealthy habit.

But, the downside is that one becomes an empath, an overly sensitive person who tends to get lost in other people’s negative thoughts, judgments or low feelings of anger, lust etc.

While having these new abilities definitely makes one different from others, it is not always a thing to be proud of, since there is a constant difficulty…as the aspirant takes years and years of hard work to learn how to ground and protect themselves in public situations. I, fortunately or unfortunately, have had to deal with this challenge of staying centered for over twenty-five years.

Similarly, when someone has faced a serious physical, sexual, or traumatic abuse the aura is shattered when the energetic force is too much and when left unresolved, that core issue remains in one’s subconscious mind and grows like a bad weed in a garden. We find that many years later the mind had become split off from reality and slowly it gets worse. When suddenly the person gets restimulated or triggered the Bipolar becomes paranoid and later manic or the schizophrenic will freak out and “go off the deep end”. This behavior is their own protective way of dealing with an unwanted reality. It is NOT an enlightened behavior as you suggested in your post. More often than not – these unfortunate victims are harmful to themselves and others.

The modern medical therapy manages these cases with drugs. The drug instantly cuts off their impulses and they have a chance to calm down. They may be zombies for a while. And, that is a good thing for protecting citizens who would be in harms-way if they met this person when having a melt-down.

We know that medical just manages mental disease and doesn’t heal or solve the situation completely.

And that is upsetting to you and many people. I can understand that. Believe me. I have gone through my own Bipolar issues. But, the majority of the population doesn’t have the will or know-how to heal in a holistic way. Nor are they inclined when offered the chance – because one would then have to take a risk: either pay money out of their own pocket or be brave enough to face their inner “demons”. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem that a medical doctor could ever take that type of responsibility when dealing with the masses.

The current situation world-wide, may not be the best solution but put yourself in the lunatic’s place a hundred years ago. In Europe, it has been documented that the people were placed in an asylum in the most severe conditions. All fifty or a hundred grouped together and locked in a cell, most likely underground – bereft of all human dignity or hope – no private toilet, no bathing etc. Today, the modern medical way is definitely a step up from that nightmare. But, not the final solution of course.

A person must be willing to heal, take the steps outside of the commonly accepted way, and with the Grace of God one can get well. But, be prepared for no quick solutions – it will take a good twenty to thirty years if not a lifetime’s work.

I hope that sheds some light to people that can only see this illness from the outside; not to mention for those who are continually suffering. I truly wish that others will contemplate this serious topic from such a wider perspective.

Thanks for listening!

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