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What Your Not Being Told
starseedleo Views: 7,352
Published: 13 years ago

What Your Not Being Told

Dear Citizen,

I must bring to your attention the most important matter facing our people that you will not hear from mainstream media sources.

Outside the Western World there is no such thing as a Schizophrenic, only Shaman, spiritual leaders. The one percent of our people are the natural community leaders of our species and the most important ability we all have has been intentionally hidden from our people.

Our Empathic ability, to fell what another person is feeling, the ability to mind read, and make an educated guess as to what another human being is thinking. The 1% of our species are the full empath’s of our race.

They are breaking down because of the way we have allowed criminals to create our society. People are operating on power and control and this too is denied. Most professionals are not aware enough to see what is going on with people around them to know the truth.

We are allowing a criminal system to systematically take away these individuals abilities when they are overcome with negative feelings and then require help from our medical system.

Antipsychotic drugs are among the most dangerous used by Doctors. One Doctor said their physical effects are worse than heroin. The drug companies have grossly mislead us about their dangers.

Yet their use continues to increase at the hands of, very much in the dark Doctor’s.

These drugs make people erratic and cause even stronger emotion in several ways. Effectively turning anybody who takes them, into a real Schizophrenic, and they are extremely difficult to stop taking.

Even the fully trained Psychiatrists are very much in the dark about what their dealing with in terms of the people and the drugs.

If we want to create a heaven on Earth as God intended, we must raise our awareness of the truth. We must protect our most sensitive of people before they become ill and place them throughout society as watchful guardians in order to stop corruption and so they may advise on the most human way of doing things.

This is how it was done in the past and there will be no freedom if we cannot abide by Nature’s Law. Criminals are dismantling our freedoms one by one and very few people are taking notice.

At the moment, Doctors and Psychiatrists are quite comfortable, well paid and uninformed. It doesn’t seem to bother most of them how badly people are being hurt. Perhaps they need a larger emotional intake, a larger sense of feeling. Some people have that naturally.

This can lead to ego problems if they are not trained in the ways of nature as we all are needing to be. Tony Blair and George Bush have both said that they think God speaks through them. This is not a Messiah complex, it is the truth.

The more you come to understand God’s Love is a very real part of you, the more you relax and become peaceful and loving within yourself, leaving the P&C way of being behind. The more you think about it the more aware you become, and you are connected to the Devine. Evolved.


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