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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: How To Make Traditional Kefir

While looking for info on uses for scobies I ran across this post on another website which I found very cute:

Question: We all suffer from yeast symptoms, so I was hoping it [kombucha] would help the kids detox.  But I have to get them to drink it first!!!

Answer: You could always try what I did to get my son to try it. He's just barely 7, and HATES to try new things.  Here's the story:

He's always thirsty when I pick him up from school. Last week I brought some 'bucha in a bottle when I went to pick him up. Sure enough, he complained that he was thirsty.

Did I, as a loving mother, offer him a taste of my kombucha tea? Did I hand back the bottle and tell him he should try something new, that was good for him?

I did not.

I took a big swig and told him, "Sorry you're thirsty, but you can get some water when we get home. All I have is some 'boochie soda' and that's only for grownups."

He had heard the "tssssssss" of the fizz when I took the top off, so he didn't even question the "soda" aspect of it.

"Why is it only for grownups?" he wanted to know.

"Because it's an energy drink," I told him. "Drinking it gives people energy, and you already have more than enough energy already. Plus you won't like it."

Silence for 5 minutes, then, "Mum, may I pleeeeeeeeeeease try some of your soda?"

"Nope. You won't like it, and it'll give you too much energy."

"But I WANT some more energy! Ennnnnnnerrrrrrrrrgyyyyyyyyy! And I'm really thirsty! Please can I try even just a little tiny drop of it?"

"I don't know, sweetie... you already have so much energy that if you have some of this you'll be bouncing off the walls. Plus you won't like it, because it's not a drink for little kids. I don't want to waste any of it if you don't like it."

"Pleeeeeease? Just one tiny little drop?"

The end of the story is that I let him try a teensy sip, which he loved; he begged and begged for some more, which he loved; he then told me that he wanted to drink nothing but "boochie soda" from then on.

...and I sent him outside to "work off his extra energy" while I did a little dance of victory in the kitchen.

Now, if I can only pull the same trick with my husband...  



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