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Re: The bottom line: OPC works no matter how you look at it
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: The bottom line: OPC works no matter how you look at it

I am sorry to hear that you have not had the results you wished for; however, I would disagree with you that lack of testimonials equates to universal lack of success or is a reason for you to unequivocably state that SOPC does not do what is purported because or your own experience.  I happen to know differently and would remind you that we are each uniquely different.

The fact is that many thousands of people around the world have been taking SOPC for years now and are living healthily, back at work, and enjoying life and their families.  Many of them were dying before they began taking SOPC.  Should those people be advised to stop taking it due to your experience?  Should others be advised to not take it?  Would the same reasoning apply to all supplements and all protocols where one individual, or even a few individuals, did not have the success they wished?

By your reasoning, virtually nothing on this site works because virtually nothing here has "hundreds" of testimonials.   In actuality there are a number of positive testimonials about oleander - several of which can be found in the Oleander support forum.  Other unsolicited testimonials from just the past two years can be found here:

You state that "We're educated and understand what sharing our experiences can do to help our community to better health."  If only that were true, but the fact is that you are making quite the incorrect assumption.  If sharing experiences were the norm instead of the exception and if your experience were also the norm, then one would expect to see hundreds negative testimonials about SOPC.  Likewise one would expect to see thousands of such testimonials about many other items and protocols recommended here - after all, literally thousands of people here do take recommended items and follow recommended protocols.

The fact is that only a very tiny minority of people share their experiences positively or negatively.  For example, my Yahoo forum which is centered around oleander supplementation (mostly for cancer), has about 2000 members.  Many of those members have been around and continue to be members for up to 5 or more years.  Yet we have seen only a few hundred actively post to the forum.  Many people are simply reluctant to make posts in a public forum.  The large majority actually.  Look at all the messages here that have had as many as hundreds of readers yet have had almost no replies for example.  Look at the stat at the top of the page which currently shows 9906 members online and compare it with the number of posts made the next hour. 

Certainly no one should continue relying solely on any single item or protocol for a very long time if they are not getting the desired results, but none of us are by ourselves the definitive answer of what will or will not work for someone else.  Lack of evidence is not the same as evidence of lack.  That is true of medical science and it is certainly true of public forums where only a very small percentage of readers participate.

I have been closely following oleander use and SOPC use for years now.  The positive reports outnumber the negative ones 50 to 1 or more.   Based on the reports I have seen as well as a quite large number of people who have been tracked by the maker of SOPC, I can confidently state that SOPC does work for the vast majority of people.  And for those it does not, for whatever reason, they certainly should look at other options.


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