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This is not Harvard - it is mainstream alternative CureZone
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Published: 15 years ago
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This is not Harvard - it is mainstream alternative CureZone

You can be the mainstream contrarian all you wish and in the process keep untold numbers of people from using a proven and safe alternative to retrovirals and other side effect laden, ultimately ineffective and hugely expensive mainstream alternatives.  In fact, you could post the entire literature of a medical degree program from Harvard University and it would not alter the observable facts.

The observable facts are - oleander has been used medicinally for over 5000 years.  In modern times, it has been used by many thousand of people over the past 40 years with Doctor Ozel in Turkey, with the Anvirzel patented medicine made the last several years in Honduras, with the home-remedy version called "oleander soup", and for over 4 years now with Marc Swanepoel's OPC supplements.  I host a Yahoo health group about oleander with over 700 members now.  I take it myself, as do friends and relatives.

Regardless of the trial - which WAS successful and every single participant improved no matter how you pick at it - several hundred people had taken the OPC during the four years prior to the trial.  Not one adverse reaction was reported and not one failure.  SO WHAT if he has only followed up on one trial participant? He has had hundreds and hundreds of people take his OPC over the past 4 plus years and he has seen a great many of them after 1, 2, 3 and 4 years.  Of all the hundreds and hundreds who have taken the OPC, there are NONE who are not still alive and well. What more do you want other than mainstream style studies?

If I see the sun rise in the east and set in the west every day for 1000 days in a row, I believe that tomorrow the sun will again rise in the east and set in the west.  I do not need any science to tell me so - I can see it with my own eyes.  Nor do I need to see studies which say that theoretically it might rise in the west (or south or north).  I am going to count on it rising in the east.  If I had HIV and something was successful about 1000 out  of 1000 times, I am pretty sure I would take it -especially if the symptoms presented themselves aggressively.

If you want to satisfy all your nay-saying go to mainstream medicine.  Let them assure you with their trials and tests just like they did with Vioxx, Avandia, Gardasil, Bextra, Alleve and a great many other killers.  OPC is NOT mainstream medicine - it is an herbal supplement that works.  You will never see such an effective mainstream product - for HIV or for cancer.  Nor will you ever see mainstream medicine and the science the buy embrace a safer, more effective and less expensive alternative to the products that make up their trillions of dollars in sales each year.

Mainstream medicine has not cured squat for half a century.  It is not profitable to do so - our bodies are there only marketplace and the only profit model that works is side-effect laden patentable synthetics and isolates that only manage symptoms and lead to other conditions that require more side-effect laden patentable synthetics and isolates in a never ending cycle.  Which is a dead perfect descriiption of what we have in mainstream medicine.

Believe it or not - it is your choice and your continued ":scientific" nit-picking is a waste of my time.  As I told you once before, I have known Marc for over 5 years and can vouch for him having the highest integrity.  If you say otherwise, then you are insulting both him and myself.

I am DONE debating you.  I want to save lives and ease suffering here, not create doubts about a proven herbal product because it has not gone to the trouble to perform studies that would cost many millions of dollars proving what anyone not wearing blinders can plainly see.



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