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Re: Information about my protocol(s)
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Information about my protocol(s)

 Oxygen theraies, quite frankly all do the same thing,...they create a buildup of peroxide in the cancer cells. However, if you don't get oxygen inside cancer cells, are waisting your time and money.

I was given the option of ozone. It was recommended that I instill ozone rectally or per IV,...not drink it.

Ozone I believe to be the most efficient way to cause peroxide formation as it is pure oxygen,...and having college chemistry I understand the equations.

Naturally, if all of this oxygen therapy forms peroxides, then why not just do peroxide infusions and skip the converstion process?

If you were to cross reference most of the highestly touted cancer therapies, you will see they all can cause hemolytic anemia,...well, what causes hemolytic anemia? Peroxide!

Why? People who are deficient in catalase can't break down peroxide. Peroxide destroys red blood cells.

It is a little more complicated than that. 

First of all ozone therapy attacks cancer through a variety of mechanisms.  The primary one is through the formation of peroxides (lipid and hydrogen peroxides), which is not the same thing as people generally consider as oxygen (O2). As ozone (O3) and its higher allotropes (O4 and up) react with water in the system trace amounts of peroxide are formed.  But this peroxide is not dangerous, and is actually beneficial.  What a lot of people do not realize is that the body generates hydrogen peroxide all the time for a variety of purposes.  This includes direct pathogen destruction, activation of white blood cells and to directly destroy cancer cells to name a few.

The enzymes involved in the production of the hydrogen peroxide are the superoxide dismutases (SOD).  But SODs does not only produce peroxide but they also break down peroxides to protect healthy cells.  On top of catalase (CAT) and SODs there are still a variety of peroxidases that also break down peroxides.  Therefore a deficiency of catalase alone is not going to lead to peroxide damage to healthy cells.

Another important fact is that ozone stimulates the production of all these enzymes.  In this manner ozone stimulates self protection of healthy cells provided the proper concentrations of ozone are used.

The primary effect of ozone on cancer though has nothing to do with forming peroxides outside of cells or with getting oxygen within cells.  As the ozone reacts with the lipids in the cell membrane the ozone releases singlet oxygen (O), which in turn reacts with the lipids forming lipid peroxides.  These peroxides are formed by this reaction in both healthy and malignant cells.  The lipid peroxides enter in to both cells.  The difference is that cancer cells lack CAT, SOD and peroxidases and therefore are unable to break down the peroxide the way healthy cells do.  Since malignant cells are unable to break down peroxide the peroxide swells the cancer cells until they burst.  This is why ozone is specific to killing cancer cells as opposed to healthy cells. 

I posted a more detailed explanation of ozone and cancer including a study showing the selectivity of ozone on cancer cells here:

Bottom line is that there is no safer or more effective therapy for cancer than ozone when used properly.  And cancer cells cannot develop a tolerance to ozone the way they can to herbs, drugs or radiation.  In addition, unlike other therapies ozone actually addresses the various causes of cancer as well.  Cesium, DMSO, etc. do not do this, nor have they shown the effectiveness against cancer.


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