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Information about my protocol(s)

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Karenlaw Views: 12,281
Published: 11 years ago
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Information about my protocol(s)

I have received a lot of requests for the protocols I used.
Breast cancer with mets to the lung.

First I want to say this:

I had professional guidance every step of the way and spoke with professionals on a daily basis to ensure I was doing things right!

Like most of you, I was desperate and was overwhelmed by all the natural information that is available on the web.

I was ready to throw the kitchen sink at my disease as I was not ready to die. I had started a ton of herbs and stuff but my chemistries still climbed higher and higher.
Thats when I sought professional advocacy from people who had already been there and done that.

Today, I still do not believe i am cancer free, it's like a dream.

People are emailing me asking for my protocol but my protocol was based upon blood chemistry, body weight, blood type, previous treatments, medical history, and also based upon my ability to perform these therapies correctly. Based upon tolerances, income and so much.

I had a natural path, a primary care, and oncologist who decided to get back into the game after he sent me home to die.

The most important part of my protocol was and advocacy group made up of cancer patients who had been through the very same things I had been through,...they were the laison between natural and traditional doctors,...they rallied everyone to become a team instead of bickering siblings.

My oncologist called the natural guy and the advocates, "A team" funny remark coming from the same man who sneered at my IV port for ascorbate infusions.

This is not a disease to play doctor with,...this is not a disease to be guessing at what will work and be be throwing the kichen sink in ammateure fashion at such dangerous foe.

Oxygen theraies, quite frankly all do the same thing,...they create a buildup of peroxide in the cancer cells. However, if you don't get oxygen inside cancer cells, are waisting your time and money.

I was given the option of ozone. It was recommended that I instill ozone rectally or per IV,...not drink it.

Ozone I believe to be the most efficient way to cause peroxide formation as it is pure oxygen,...and having college chemistry I understand the equations.

Naturally, if all of this oxygen therapy forms peroxides, then why not just do peroxide infusions and skip the converstion process?

If you were to cross reference most of the highestly touted cancer therapies, you will see they all can cause hemolytic anemia,...well, what causes hemolytic anemia? Peroxide!

Why? People who are deficient in catalase can't break down peroxide. Peroxide destroys red blood cells.

So, my protocol consitsted of cesium and rubidium and it was hard to get dosing up due to tolerance issues. But because I had professionals guide me, (natural path did not use cesium) I was able to reach target doses within a week.

I also performed IV infusions of ascorbate because I was already getting them 3x week at natural path. My advocates busted their butts to get these as daily and done inside the home.

I also used dmso, which I did not like but it was temporary adjunct so I put up with the side affects.

The dmso was used to potentiate all therapies, and is highly absorbable into cancer cells.

Alpha lipoic acid, is, in itself a cancer treatment. See townsend letter on pancreatic cancer.

I also took Coq10 400mg, coconut oil, molasses! I added hemp seed oil later on.

All of these therapies were initiated and layered with weekly blood markers CEA, uric acid, and lactic acid. Also tested potassium every week as well.

From my traditional doctors I was given oral insulin, nalexone, tagament, and cardiac glycoside similar to the ones in oleanderin,...only this was payed for by insurance.

Before I started on the cesium I did three days of detox using molybdimum alternating with chlorophyll. I drank one gallon of water every day. I got 30 minutes of sunlight, but in oregon, alot of clouds so I bought tanning lamp.

I got iv minerals that included silver, zinc citrate, potassium citrate, calcium citrate. Citrates, like nalexone inhibbit fermentation.

My diet was low glycemic and organic foods only.

As soon as my markers started to show cancer cell death,...I stopped titrating up ascorbates. I got additional blood work to protect myself from sudden severe tumor lysis,.....all of this was because I had an advocate who was worried that my cancer would suddenly let go and kill me anyway, we controlled the rate of aptopsis,...which if you read about it, is like bubbles coming off the cell in pieces, and is an attempt at the cell to get rid of whatever is a threat to it, it peroxide or heavy salts.

It took ninety days of aptopsis to become NEOD,...I remained on protocols for one more month and then went to daily maintanance from there forward.

Thanks for all your feeback and supportive emails.



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