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Re: Information about my protocol(s)
Karenlaw Views: 8,591
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Information about my protocol(s)

You stand corrected,...I have acknowledge that DMSO role is not peroxide! Please quote accurately or don't quote at all.
People can read you know.

Your input was appreciated but now you are engaging in disinformation by taking a blanket general statement I made regarding peroxide and applying it to dmso. Which I gladly clarified as potentiation therapy.

You know,... a few people asked me repeatedly to share my protocols on my email. I did so reluctantly. I did not want to share,...they will chime in I am sure.

I did that for them as they have asked, with reservations.

Nobody has asked that you split hairs and muck up the picture. All of a sudden, a simple posting about my success is picked apart by minor differences in theory!
Is quickly being downgraded with snide remarks about Lawyers. What's up with that?

Who gave you this much power to degrade the intent of this website by offering such blow hard statements.

I have researched you on this site, appears you have ulterior motives, a clear pattern, trying to impress somebody with your know- it- all demeanor. Getting defensive. Insulting remarks.

Others would be banned for some of the remarks you have made about others.

Bottom line is that I beat cancer when I was suppose to be calling hospice, you have nothing good to say about that,...what a shame,...I shared my protocols and your input was/is self-serving of yourself and disservice to all who asked me to do what I did. I did not want to share my protocols as I don't want people to apply these in some desperate ammature fashion. But I did anyway and you have done what with my thread? Instead of being my thread about my story, it has become what?

I honestly feel you should get a life!

And please, don't muck up this thread with your classic tit for tat responses and defensive remarks that have littered and polluted this entire web site.

We see what your opinion is, ok you posted it on my thread, go away and leave me alone, or I will file a formal complaint with moderator and pull my membership.

I often wonder why people with the biggest attitudes and most opinions can't identify themselves and still are some nameless enigma in cyberworld demanding credibility as they hide their true identities. Yeh, I know I know rules say you can do that,...but still is a choice. It's your choice.

Frankly, I think by reading all your postings, are moderator and owner of this website.

Your patterns are suspicious.
Double standards abound and to clear up this mucked up, overly convoluted thread now,...


I am suppose to be dead from cancer, but today I am thriving cancer free, (so far!) and this guy has nothing positive to say about it!

How is it you get away with this.

If you are not the owner or moderator, you should get your own website and leave us alone.

If you don't like my protocol that worked for me,..tough!

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