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Re: Susan B. Foundation is a fraud!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Susan B. Foundation is a fraud!

 You are 100% correct. These "non-profit" groups do not want cures because they fail to exist the day one is allowed. Look at the MDA Telethon hosted by Jerry Lewis. Rife was curing MD back in the 40s yet each year it is the same old "we are looking for a cure". More it is like we are looking for a bigger paycheck. The officials for these organizations do not work for free because they care about people. They give themselves very generous paychecks written from those donations. Even Jerry Lewis is paid handsomly to host the telethon.

Another thing that irks me about the telethon is the people needing thew help that they never show. Namely the older "Jerry's kids". These kids are paraded in from the cameras when they are considered young and cute for more sympathy and thus more donations. When these kids get older though they are cast aside and hidden from the cameras. Each year during the MDA Telethon Jerry's ex-kids protest outside the telethon for their abandonment after they outgrew their cuteness. But the cameras never show this.

Breast cancer, or cancer in general, is no different. Extremely effective cures for cancer have existed for over 100 years but they never mention these.  Chagas are one of the most effective herbs there are for cancer and has been used for hundreds of years for this reason. But they are virtually unknown in the US even though they do grow here. Ozone therapy is also an extremely safe and effective cancer cure. It fights cancer through a variety of mechanisms and cancer cells cannot build a tolerance to it. Once a machine is obtained the cost of oxygen and electricity for each treatment is less than $0.05.  These machines are not only cheap to run, they are cheap and easy to build and people can easily give themselves treatments at home making ozone therapy a major threat to pharmaceutical, FDA and cancer organization profits. Ozone is also highly effective against a long list of other diseases making it a financial threat to the whole medical industry and many other non-profit disease organizations.

Back in the 50s they found that podophyllumtoxin derived from mandrake root and savin junipers was extremely effective against 6 forms of cancer including breast cancer. These results were reported in both the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Journal of the American Cancer Society back at that time. So what happened to it? It was shelved because a successful cancer treatment was to much of a financial threat to too many non-profit groups, medical schools who survive on research grants, the pharmaceutical companies and many other groups who make money directly or indirectly from disease. These include plastics (IV bags, syringes, medical machines, etc.), electronic companies (medical equipment), chemical companies (pharmaceutical drugs, disinfectant supplies), ambulance manufacturers, construction companies, paper and cloth companies (gowns, diapers, surgical coverings, medical records, etc.),  metal fabricators (surgical tools, beds, IV stands, etc.), the media, the mortician, etc. Disease is a massive industry making more money and employing more people directly and indirectly than even the oil companies. Therefore safe and effective disease cures for cancer and many other major diseases will NEVER be allowed as long as greed and power  rule

What is a shame though is people are so brainwashed in to thinking they really are running to find a cure. A friend of mine went to one of the Susan G. Komen Run for the Cure events and tried to tell them that breast cancer cures already exist they wanted to lynch him. People need to wake up.

I encourage people that if they really want to help people in need donate your money directly to the people who really need it. Watch the news to find these people. Maybe someone who lost their house to a fire, or someone looking to help pay for medical expenses, etc.  Don't give money to these non-profit organizations who are only looking to write big fat paychecks to their executives.


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