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You bet cha!!!
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Published: 18 years ago
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You bet cha!!!

Hi Karlin

I truly believe that Fibromyalgia is from some kind of infection. But I am not so sure that every one has a dental problem. My problems started with getting my braces on my teeth. The teeth moved to fast it cut off the supply to my upper right canine; the tooth changed colour. My orthodontist said not to worry about it, I believed him and so didnít. Well two weeks later, my health was plummeting. I had this excruciating knee pain. It was so bad that I couldnít bend my knee. I thought it was from running but it didnít hurt when I went for a run. I was getting colds, fevers, neck pain, really bad headaches, losing weight, chest pain. Looking back now I had all the signs of an infection. Did I have pain in my teeth? Hell, yes. But the orthodontist said to expect pain, so I thought gee this is painful. Well the pain was a festering abscess. After some time I was really starting to struggle and then I got Giardia; that was really the end of my immune system.

It was three years until the abscess was found and you know what as soon as that tooth went the knee pain was gone. I also found that for two weeks after that my liver pain was gone and I could eat without feeling like a had a bad hangover. My health declined again because the pus formed again. I should also mention that when trying to find out what was wrong with me I had my wisdom teeth out. The bone didnít heal because I was soo ill from the festering abscess (pus running down my throat going down into my gut). SO now I have osteomyelitis in my jaw as well. After I had my wisdom teeth out I got all these allergies to almost everything and my gut function was bad. It took me 1 Ĺ years to convince the Drís that I had an infection there. Sure enough when they operated my bone was gangrene. It is also interesting that each tooth relates to serval parts of your body. I think itís the nerve supply. SO if you have an infection in a tooth then that part of your body may not work as well. Guess which tooth the liver and gallbladder organ relates, yes the upper canine and the gut is the wisdom teeth and heart among others!!!

I am still trying to get them to debride the jaw again because I still have pain in my jaw and my health is still low. The Drís in Australia donít believe in all of this cavitation stuff in relation to CFS. IN the US it is well recognised and people get treated. I have done soo much research on it and they say that the bone may have to be debrided several times before it completely heals. So while trying to get someone to operate again. I am just looking after myself the best way possible. This is hard because it is well documented that if you have toxic teeth your body will be toxic no matter what you do. Itís tough going.

I hope everything works out for you and good going for sorting your health out. It was brave to have your teeth removed.


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