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Re: Im confused about all the research ive done - some questions
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Im confused about all the research ive done - some questions

I appreciate the response to my last post, but it seems the more I read up on this, the more confused I am getting!

So, here's some questions going on in my head

1) Ive read on here and other forums that this is actually pretty common, something like 1 in 4 people have type 2?

If this is correct then why isnt it spoken about more? It also says that 90% of peopel dont knwo they have it.

I see on another website a lot of positive stories about people telling partners and them being ok with it - but if it is as common as people say, then why arent there any stories of people telling partners only to find they have it too?

I would imagine that this happened pretty occasionally, if it is as common as 1 in 4, yet there ar eno stories of this happening?

Im just wondering if this disease is actually as common as the statistics say



That means thousands of years. Times of the Romans, Julius Caesar and so on.
Long before so called modern medicine and pharmaceuticals were invented.

Up until 60 or so years ago, most people thought they probably needed to bath more often when they got a rash or maybe they ran through a patch of poison oak on the way to the local pond or lake to go skinny dipping. Or something like that. It was considered a rash. No one gave it any mind.


Other questions:

2) Why are the tests so ambiguous? My doctor didnt even phone me when she got the results back! She said she'd call if there was anything wrong with them. I didnt hear anything........ so assumed it was all ok. I was happy to think I had clear results, i could have gone off to have sex if i had wanted to - lucky i didnt!

I went to see another doctor about something else, MONTHS after, and mentioned it to her while i was there..and she says HSV2 antibodies had been detected but it wasnt a new anti body and sent me off with some dvd about the virus..she couldnt give me an answer when i asked her if i had it!

WHY are doctors so reluctant to test properly for this? Why when we go for STD tests and ask for test for everything, why does this not include herpes?!?


First comment: your doctor depends upon his/her administrative staff to keep patents informed. If they didn't call you then the doctors administrative staff is not working for their money which means poor service. Consider changing doctors.
Or, this may be the reason: The doctor is too un-organized or cheap to pay for good help.
Remember this also. Doctors think they are the last word when it come to your individual health.
Never believe this for a second.
To test this, disagree with the doctor and see how long he/she lets you say your words. You will get maybe 1 to 3 seconds.

Second comment: from my understanding, you need to be in the middle of a Herpes outbreak for them to detect it. When you don't have an outbreak the virus hides in your lower nervous system and is undetectable.

Third comment: Herpes unlike most STD's is not life threatening. It's just a pain in the Ass.
Most STD's the doctor screens for can lead to life threatening situations.


Are there many/any people here who have sexual relationships with a person NOT infected, who have not passed it on to them? I mean, are some people just immune to this? My Mum has been married to my dad for about 30 odd years and he has the coldsore virus yet she has never ever picked this up (or at least, never shown up as cold sores)

I just wondered if there would be hope for me one day, when i have a relationship - that if i meet someone who is ok with it... is there a chance he would not catch it off me. I coudl not deal with the guilt of giving it to anyone

Also - I wondered what peoples thoughts were on the herpes dating sites, bad idea? Perhaps...........

I also know this is curezone - educating not medicating, yet people talk abotu using supression therapy ..Val something? For s ite which is supposed to be about not medicating, I wondered if this is obviously an exception? I am 28, I dont take prescription drugs and never ever have done, for anything. I havent been to the doctor in years (except for this sexual helth test!) . Are there natural alternatives that work as well as this suprression therapy?


First Comment: Yep, people think when Herpes is dormant they can't pass it along and don't tell their partner. Yep, many people partner up with others that have Herpes and don't care. Yep, some never show indications of Herpes but may or may not pass it along.

Second Comment: The reason I came to curezone is not to suppress Herpes. I've tried just about everything to suppress it. I've spent a ton of money only to be disappointed.
Suppression only means two things: One: Hopefully you can catch an out break of Herpes before it stops you dead in your track as far as sex goes. Two: Vendors love it when you go with the suppression techniques. That means you keep buying their products forever, keeping their bank accounts full and you never being cured.
The reason I came to curezone is to kill the Herpes virus forever. Period.
Read some of my posts.


Hope that helps.

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