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please help me!!!
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Published: 14 years ago

please help me!!!

ok this is going to be quite a long message but i really need your help, i am past it! ready to give up!
il try and make this as short as possible.
I am 24 year old female, 5ft5 weight 9 stone 1. i eat a healthy Diet of fruit, veg, meat, grains, dairy and occasional treats, i quit smoking 4 months ago. do not drink alcohol very often. I exercise when i can (1 or 2 times a week) It all started when i was 21, my boyfriend at the time noticed my left eyelid looked a little swollen, slightly droopy. This started happening a few times a week but only in the evenings basically its been going on for 3 years, sometimes it would happen sometimes it wouldnt

i have seen 5 opthamologists, i have been to 15 diff Doctors, i have had blood test after blood test. I have tried to link it to food allergies , have not found any. But in July 2008 i got very poorly, my weight went from 8 st 10 to 7st, i started having very bad dizzy spells, i had heavy legs, could not stand for long, i fainted, ihad constant nausea, i could not grip my hands (too weak) i had black circles under eyes
il carry on the list of symptoms...
* lots of hair loss
* brittle nails
* black circles under eyes
* pins and needles in hands and feet, and face
* floaters, lots of them , got them all of a sudden
terrible blurred vision in the eye that had the swollen, droopy eyelid (i say both as i am unsure what happens to eyelid it just looks more prominent than the right)
* terrible tearing pain down spine
* always cold
* chronic fatigue
*inner trembles
* weakness
*terrbile anxiety and suicidal tendencies
* very very heavy legs
* breathing problems at night, woke up gasping for air
*feeling spacy, not with it at all
*aggressive, mood swings

In august 2008 i did a parasite cleanse by Hulda Clark , my symptoms started to go away, a few weeks woul pass then they would all come back. I bought a zapper and was on that 4 times a week. I did a kidney cleanse, i took multivitamin, i have since then done 4 liver cleasnes and i got out (in total) about 500 flukes ( look small rolled up bits of tomato skins and big ones look like kidney beans )I have been on luguls but no improovment, i dont drink tea or coffee, i had my only Amalgam safely removed, and used detox baths and foot patches.

I am getting upset again as my symptoms seem to be coming back and whats worse is i look about 90!! despite everything else the one thing that is getting me down is how old i look at 24, i honestly look old! (i do have slightly low progesterone but doctor said not low enough to need to take anything) my iron levels are 23...last yera they were 7!!!
i have which looks like severely dehydrated skin even tho i drink 4 litres of water a day,i have fine lines and wrinkles all over my face i have saggy skin which came on all of a sudden, all over my waist and my face. I am shattered all the time, my immune system is so low.
I am taking zinc, iron, vitc, omega 3, (was on phytoplankton but didnt help) i take b vit too.
I just dnt know what to do, the Doctors cant find a thing wrong (they have not done a brain scan though , says dont need one, every time i see a doctor they send me away saying its anxietY!!!) i drag myself around every day

i have had tremendous stress for 8 years and i would also ilike to add this whole lot (apart from eye lid swelling started a year after gave birth to son) i am single parent to 2 children.

please any advice would be great i just feel and look old and symptoms are returning, and i can not find out what is causing eye lid problems. god bless.

ps i use olive oil on skin but it makes it too greasy, anything i use does not help, my face is slightly lumpy and when i smile i have lots of lines and when i squeeze skin it has sooo many fine lines, my skin looks thin and under eyes are black. oh also when i did a liver cleanse i had hardly any stones but lots of (what looked like) flukes is the Epsom Salts makin my skin bas by dehyrating it?? should i continue to cleanse?? please please please help!!

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