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Re: Budget juicing
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Budget juicing

Hi ocd...We have a Champion juicer that we've had for about
20+ years...and it's still as good as new.

We don't juice every day by any means...but our diet and lifestyle have made a tremendous difference in our health
for our age, I believe. We're 62 & 64...our family doctor
says my husband has the body and stamina of a man 20 years
younger than he is. He chops all our winter wood...& we keep our fireplace going around the clock in winter....mows 5 acres weekly...climbs trees to his tree stand almost every
day from Oct 1 to Dec. 24th (he's usually got his limit by then...we have 21 trophy buck mounts in our home...& that's
all he has to be a doozie for him to consider it.) :-) He doesn't like to sit idle and always has a project to work on in his woodshop...if he doesn't have actual 'work' to do. :-)
We're retired...but we're not sitting around watching tv from our recliners...waiting for the undertaker to show up.
We're going by about 7am most days...sometimes earlier...&
we don't quit until about 5pm. We live in the country...have a 2 story home and 5 acres with a big Secret Garden, cottage garden, herb garden...wildflower meadow...and just tons of lawn with plantings & trees here
and there. We love to keep it all neat and tidy...So that keeps up busy as little beavers. Plus we travel as often as we can.

I began my journey into natural healing, etc in the fall of
1977...a journey I continue on today.

I don't go 'by most books'...I go by what works for us &
how we feel. :-)

To learn volumns about juicing...go to your local health
food store and get every book they have by Norman Walker...
or you can usually find them on ebay. "Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices" by N.W. Walker is one of my favorites and I have hundreds on natural healing, etc. He also wrote "Vibrant Health"...which is priceless...and several
others. His books sell for about $8 at most health food stores...and even less on ebay. They are thin...fairly small books. But just crammed with priceless information that is very simply written. A child could understand his
books. I've bought some just to give away.
Also check out
and order their magazine
"Back To The Garden" can read it online...but I'd
order the paper's free and they'll send it to you
each month. Surf their their book..."God's Way To Ultimate Health"..either from them ($18) or on ebay.
It's one of my very favorite books.

We juice early morning...and that's usually it. I think
freshly made juice is the very best for our bodies. And
that's what Walker and Hallelujah Acres (above website)
recommends. And we juice carrots, apple, spinach...and
sometimes throw in celery, cucumber, a small piece of beet
or something else....but carrot, apple and spinach...just
once daily will work wonders for your body & health. BUT
you need to back off on all sugars...don't eat a lot of
meat...most of these authorities recommend 'none'...but
that's not very feesible for the average person. So go with what works for 'you'. But back off on anything processed...not too much dairy..NO white bread...get by with absolutely as little Sugar as you can...none is best. :-) But even 'we' eat ice cream...even homemade in
the summer. We just do tons of healthy stuff. It just comes
natural for us. For instance, I keep a bowl of Walnuts
on our stove and we just grab a handful a few times a day.
And we drink 8 to 10 ounces of Welch's grape juice a day...
now that's not 'organic'...and it's even store bought...but
it has the same health benefits of wine...and we're not
drinkers at all.

I've read that N.W. Walker was gravely ill in his 50's...
and turned his health around with juicing and lived to be
And George Malkmus...healed his body of colon cancer at age
42 and went on develop and promote "God's Way To Ultimate Health" and build Hallelujah Acres.

I'm wondering why you're spending $100 a week on juicing? :-/ Or do you mean your whole grocery bill is
$100? Because it takes one pound of carrots to make 8 oz
of carrot juice. And if you add an apple and a handful of won't need the whole pound for one glass.
I take a pound of big apple..a big handful of
spinach...and we drink it down. I can juice...drink the
juice and have the whole mess cleaned up in about 10 minutes or less. INCLUDING cleaning the veggies as I juice
them...and cleaning the juicer.

I don't buy organic. But I look for good quality veggies.

Vegetable juices are healing...fruit juices are cleansing.
And a big spoonful of Barley Green in any of your juices...
will take away from the delicious taste...but do wonders
for your body. Just do that once in a while.

I'm getting way too long here...but I'm going to do another
post right now...about my 'cartoon people'...that I dealt
with at the Health Food Store I worked at. Hope you have
time to read it. Good luck...kathryn

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