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6th flush completed today
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Published: 19 years ago
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6th flush completed today

I waited threee weeks for this flush which is good going since the others have been four days to two weeks apart and sometimes the waiting was tough. But things are improving. My 5th flush was the best - it produced 60+ large stones (all over 11/2cm in length and width and nothing else). This one was different and was a very 'peaceful' flush, following faithfully the Hulda Clark recipe. I find I get very sleepy with the Epsom Salts and so never have a problem sleeping even though there is no ornithone available in England. I found, as usual, the last Epsom Salts at 8am this morning the most difficult to take but found a solution. I suck a boiled sweet while I drink it and it does stop the desire to puke it all up again! Started eliminating earlier this morning, about 7.30 and all over by noon. Two largish stones, very dark green (do the colours mean anything?) over 11/2 cm in length and width and the rest pea sized green and lots of little stones this time, with some red ones as well! Did a coffee enema at 12 noon (I always bless you Juniper Berry!) and that really tidied everything up. This flush was more like the 4th, not as dramatic in results as the 5th but I am beginning to think that this flush will enable a lot more dross to move down. I have felt very well after this flush and suppose that there are less toxins being flushed out and also the coffee enema is a great help.I am hoping that I have got to the stage where I can leave more time between flushes but I am learning to really listen to my body and it will tell me when I need to flush again. It is interesting also that I am more aware of what I really want to eat and some mornings a fruit juice is enough while others I have something more substantial. I still find that I cannot take liver herbs, stirs everything up and I feel dizzy and horrible for the rest of the day so I guess this road to health is gradual and there are no instant miracles (which is what I once thought I would find). I really believe in these flushes. One thing, on the packets of Epsom Salts that we buy here there is a warning printed that says regular taking of the salts can cause an excess build up of magnesium in the body which is dangerous. Can anyone with medical or scientific knowledge throw any light on this? Sorry for such a long post but I do hope it is helpful to others.

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