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Re: Information Please

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Information Please

I'll bite. Have more important things to do, but this post was well formed, and contained citings too which are not necessary, but help.

First, thanks for the compliment of pseudo intellectual. I prefer plain intellectual. But the other will do. Was a crummy student in HS and college so I rarely get accused of being either one, but that is irrelevant here.

The "psychological ramifications of a deep seated low self esteem, usually brought on by severe social anxieties" guess is a wild one, and missed the mark by a few miles. Also irrelevant for this discussion, but if one needed a quick review of my vitae, I think the phrase would melt away. The only needs I have here are to be either: become informed; or be entertained. Now you know my motivations. Do I have some deep, dark need for this? Nawp. I'll divulge even further... I learned how to communicate via The Source and Compuserve, and one of the first electronic Bulletin Boards, ever (1979), and one quickly develops a sense for these communications. Why people devolve to the personal assumptions and statement about the other posters which has happened in every message, and at the beginning of the messages, is characteristic of a losing argument before it starts. Why do that? It diminishes the core points before it ever starts. Neocons are masters of this of course.  

Anyhoo... I did read Chapter 19. Awhile ago. Yes, he ranges over a lot of things. Some fantastical. Interestingly, he mentions West Point, something I know a great deal about. His point is well made, and taken. Overall, yes, the writings can ascribe towards cult-ish things, or they can be viewed as stories, parables. The stats he throws out are also fantastical. I have no way of proving or disproving them. I absolutely disagree with the statement in this chapter that once malaria is solved that the world's poverty will go away. Something else will come along, like an earthquake or a typhoon, to thin the herds, of which I belong to. It is called the human race, the world at work, blah blah blah.  

20 years from now remember your post? Hm. I doubt it. I don't retain a lot of things just because I don't. So that statement has low impact. I did my research. I found it compelling that it is wrapped all around water purification. As a child, I was immunized and that has me concerned, during the alleged years of the "monkey virus" serums, and about what long term effects may materialize. I am also concerned I may get hit by a beer truck tomorrow. I am totally bummed that for years I ate from aluminum and teflon products. Yup, lots of things will getcha. I just found that activated chlorite dioxide made some sense, I tried it, twice, and it seemed to provide large benefit. Do I drink it everyday like a religion? Nope. Do I think it can be harmful? Yup. So can iodine. So can water. So can beer. So can a whole lot of things. Weighing the materials, I tried it, liked it, and moderate it.  

And the beat goes on and on. It is when folks wrap all kinds of fear mongering, from cult warnings to science-y analysis to personal attacks to you name it, to disprove something, it becomes more grain of salt to me. Pardon the Shakespearean reference, but the 'doth protest-eth too much' thing.

And the 'pick someone your own size' statement is a bit histrionic, don'tcha think? Yes, I go out of my way to try and humiliate people at every chance because I have low self esteem or low whatever else you said. No, not really. Unless it is my little brother who is not so little now. It took him years to be let in on the joke because he took things so durned seriously, like several of the posters here. I got the sense of humor from my mother who is a stellar woman btw. Relax people. You don't have to read, respond, or participate in these forums. Lissen, the moment one places fingertips to keyboard, and almost always anonymously, and utters a word or phrase on the internet, you are fair game. I am by doing this. Fire away. No skin offa my nose what people think. If people can't handle the responses, and from what I have scanned over the last few hours, there is some very heavy handed heat being placed by some of these posters, not the least of which is the one you defend, you want to fall on a sword for them and others? Noble, but definitely not Darwinian in terms of Netiquette. Heat <--> kitchen. C'mon. This is the internet. Choose to read or not read, believe or not believe.  

Aw, I really have got to get on to some things. By the way, I have stated clearly in all of my posts... what is my motivation. It is entertainment. Because I learn little to nothing about issues, people, or myself in forums like this. I responded because I saw someone struggling to ask some honest questions and getting a lot of emotional drivel back. Simultaneously, it was just too darned easy to be entertained by going after the poster, because they made a choice to put the fingers on a keyboard and type. Again, Heat ↔ kitchen. What interests me most is why people feel such am overstimulated need to respond with such wild enthusiasm, over many weeks or months. What motivates people to do that? Now that is a study I'd be curious about. Fortunately the other forums on this wonderful Curezone site maintain reasonable to excellent dialog.  

I have now reached the point of boring even myself, so I am truly out... been funs tho.  

BTW, another little secret. Am not an intellectual. At least my wife doesn't think so. But I will let her know someone else thought so. Just read a lot, and I also know that high brow, hoity-toity language aggravates people. Works almost every time. Really folks, lighten up.


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