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Liver Flushing Cured my Acne 100%--Did it cure yours?
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Published: 15 years ago

Liver Flushing Cured my Acne 100%--Did it cure yours?

I'm in my mid-20s now and I suffered from Acne for over a decade of my life with really inflamed painful breakouts. I tried everything--- Antibiotics , ProActiv, Murad, PSA, etc. and nothing ever worked. I finally cured it 100% about 1.5 years ago by going through curezone's internal cleansing/detox protocol.

The most important things I did, in order were:

1. Go to a holistic dentist certified by Dr. Huggin's to get my mercury Amalgam dental fillings removed.

2. Colon and parasite cleansed. I used Colonix from,
but any other colon and parasite herbal cleanse should work just fine. Just don't get one with harsh corrosives like cascara sagrada.

3. Liver/Gallbladder flushed once every two weeks until I got out all my stones. I used Dr. Hulda Clark 's recipe. It took me 10 flushes to get out all stones. By my 8th flush, my oily skin was gone. I had oily, greasy skin for over a decade of my life. I finally had normal skin. I no longer got any inflamed breakouts. By my 10th flush, I knew I was done. Acne and oily skin were 100% gone.

Nothing that I would apply topically ever worked but during my detox phase, I used more natural things to apply to my face such as organic extra virgin coconut oil or organic essential oils. I still use the coconut oil today because my face needs the moisture, but I really don't need to apply anything to my face in order to prevent acne. I never break out anymore.

Did anyone have any similar experiences?

The reason why I think this worked for me is because:

One of the liverís functions is regulating hormones. The liver is also responsible for cleansing the blood and detoxification. The liver/gallbladder flushes decongest the liver, so the liver can perform its functions better.

A weak liver that fails to handle the increased work load may end up weakening all its functions including blood filtration. The higher than normal toxins and hormones in blood may clog up the hair follicles and sebaceous glands in the skin, causing inflammation which leads to breakouts. If the liver is so weak that blood is never filtered efficiently even though hormone production is not increasing, then the skin problems can occur at any age.

Thats was what happened to me. I was very toxic. I received all recommended vaccines, I ate the SAD diet all throughout my life and I had 7 dental Amalgam fillings. I think detoxing has helped make me much healthier, combined with a healthy diet. I follow Weston A. Price dietary guidelines, by the way.


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