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Messsage for plasticat.
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Published: 13 years ago

Messsage for plasticat.

It sounds like you have a toxic liver, so consider it. I suffer from the same thing as you btw, which is that my skin is constantly shedding. My skin is oily too. I don't have very bad Acne any more, but my skin is not healthy. What I've been doing for the past 4 years is removing the mercury out of my system, which I think is complete now. It has helped a lot in regards to acne, but mainly it has done wonders for my depression, certain physical problems, and mental health. I bring it up because if you have fillings in your teeth, it's paramount that you remove them. They are ultra-toxic!

I read your post below about the 15 year old vs. the 80 year old, but I must disagree with you, and not because I want to give you false hope. People in the past were much healthier. They came from a time that actually had real doctors, unlike today where we have drug dealers disguised as doctors. Although they weren't miracle workers, they did exercise common sense and were open minded to herbs and such. The people were also conciously aware of the link between diet and health--it was common sense! You are what you eat. And the food was so much better then too because they didn't contain additives, were organic, and weren't pasteurized.

Conversely, a child born into our modern world is bombarded with vaccinations that are desgined NOT to prevent disease, but to cause it. If you don't know already, vaccines contain mercury and other toxic ingredients! Then the child is exposed to government sponsored food in the school lunch room, which is nothing but chemical laced, fried, oily shit that can't even be called food substitute. All strategically designed to dumb you down. Then they go to mcdonald's.

Now you're going to say, "But, what about all those people my age that eat mcdonalds and have perfect skin?" Well, I can't speak for every situation. But I will tell you that American health is so amazingly poor. Haven't you noticed? People are getting cancer at an early age, and all sorts of conditions! You are judging health by a persons skin, yet are you to convince me that all people with normal skin aren't suffering from some horrible internal condition? Of course not! My point is that those people eating mcdonald's will have cancer when they are 40. But my main point is that not everyone reacts in the same way as we do. Some will develope cancer, while others will get acne. I can't exercise every possibility here though!

As for you, I would guess that your liver is weak. Yes, I'm sure you've heard it all before and you're tired of fighting. But I must ask, did you actually clean your liver and gallbladder of all stones? It will take several flushes, and should be done with gold coin grass or chanka piedra. And if you did, did you go on Liver Cleansing herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, chinese bitters to detox the liver? That can take up to a year.

To a large extent, reason your skin is like that is because you're on an all raw diet. That's what I recall you said you were on. I don't care if 95 out of a 100 experts agree that it's the healthiest diet, because the remaining 5 are the ones who are right. I have been a vegetarian in the past and my skin felt like it was burning, just like yours! My skin pealed off more as well. You need to re-introduce meat into your diet. You can find good quality meat at Trader Joe's. Oh and when you eat salad, add protein to it like canned black beans or chicken. You don't have to eat meat all the time, but you should eat it like every weekend.

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