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Re: seems like you want to make a war...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: seems like you want to make a war...

I am sorry that you have taken my statements as a personal attack on your character... no offense intended. Like you, I am also shooting arrows that don't have any real substance to them. Not meant to hit any real target. If you felt injured, then take a closer look at the point of injury that is affected and I don't believe you will find any blood oozing out... look more closely and you will find only the hurt ego crying "foul!"

It is understood that no two people are the same, much less would two minds be the same. The gathering of belief and knowledge by the ego is according to the past experiences lived and no two people can live exactly in the same way... We can thank god for that. Hence, I agree, no two NDEs will be the same. They may have similar imagery but there descriptions will never be the same.

I have stated in another post here:
"I can see that those that may have a mind filled with the knowledge and rigid disciplines based on some sort of religious belief system, and then have had an NDE which has shaken the ego into pieces, after the event and while mind is becoming re-engaged, are more likely to race back to their old established system of beliefs so that ego regains it former strength & control."

Of course, then, witnessed events would take on connotations relating to such beliefs (i.e. someone raised a Hindu would superimpose terms, definitions and images relating to Hindusim onto their witnessed event. A devout Christian would taint their witnessed event with that which relates to Christian ideology.) As a result, the individual may go even more further into their ideology, building the walls of the fortress even stronger than before. The ego thinking itself to be is more secure in doing so --out of fear. This is what is detected in the above post."

The post merely presents a viewpoint that you may not have considered in understanding your NDE. The consideration of it… is all that is intended here. If it doesn't apply then why should you be bothered by by the writings of some insensitive jerk that has no idea of what you went through...just another idiot... not to be taken seriously.

But, on the contrary, you are taking it seriously. The arrow has hit a real target, somehow. It only means that you feel that what has been written does apply to you in some way. Like I said about such arrows, they will only hit a real target if the one felt to be hit is identified with ego, the mind and the ideology that it contains.

The way to not be affected by what someone else says is to enter into a process of self-examination. For example, ask yourself "why does such a thing bother me?" This is taking on responsibility for oneself. And also, be sure to observe your reactions. Not to be so quick to jump. Feel the emotions that arise... as they move through your body-mind mechanism. Examine the thoughts as they come across the screen of the mind. Its simple… Just a watching… whatever is happening without making a judgement or entering into some activity that covers over what it is inside yourself that is being bothered.

Continue to make self-examinations time and time again. Not just with what I have written but with what others are writing also. With situations in your everyday life, it can be done. After some time of doing this… of simply looking at yourself in the countless number of situations you find yourself in…after some time… an understanding comes... an understanding of how the mind functions… what the ego is…

With understanding, ego becomes less... it begins to dissolve away... love becomes more possible… the fear fades away... acceptance manifests... acceptance of oneself... and at the same time, acceptence of the other happens… whether the other is an atheist, an agnostic or a theist… or, none of the above… everyone is accepted when you come accept yourself.

Then you won’t be a real target for any fictitious arrows that may be thrown your way… you are relaxed in being yourself… not bothered what others think about you… you can create your own peace… it will not depend on the other to have it happen for you or not happen. This is freedom. Freedom from the other.

I am only telling you this as a friend because i am feeling through you posts that you are tense...and not relaxed. I offer you way to come out of it. A way for you to find your way home.


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