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God exists and the atheist and agnostic are simple wrong
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Published: 14 years ago

God exists and the atheist and agnostic are simple wrong

Have you ever thought that to be an absolute atheist is much much more difficult be than to be one who believes in a creator, as true atheists have to explain and rationalise away to themselves and others, that everything that exists just popped out of nowhere, from nothingness, into a vacuum of dark nothingness, became light time and energy morphing finally, without reason or purpose, into the something that we have all around us. All existence including mysterious life and intelligence thus evolving mindlessly, by nothing more than random chance. Therefore, to believe that nothing simple created nothing, in the distant past is to me the most ridiculous of premises. What is life and how did the awesome colossal almost infinitely complex D.N.A molecule blue print of life "(evolve)" so blindingly quickly, in the very short time it did, in relative infinite cosmological time scale of eternity, if there were no intelligent designer behind it? If for instance we took a hypothetical analogy of millions of Boeing 747 airplanes, full of bricks, mortar and water, and dropped all this, at random upon the earth at once, would the result ever be the one of the glorious building constructions we see all around us, such as the wonderful beautiful Taj Mahal or the Sydney Opera house that was created, designed and built by mere mortal humanity?. But atheists make the case and would have one believe that all that exists , including our mighty vast and infinitely complex and unimaginable beautiful universe and wonderful blue water world of life earth , came into existence out of nothing, in just such a random act of mindless chance.

Our breathtakingly beautiful universe is expanding constantly and must, therefore, have had definite beginning, in the far distant past. We know also from the big bang that the universe, having a definite beginning will, sometime in the very far distant future also come to a definite end. If you read in your dictionary that an agnostic believes no one can prove there is a god, just like no one can prove the opposite that there is no god. To me this makes more sense than been an outright atheist who bluntly states as a definite fact that there is definitely and absolutely as proven fact no god or intelligent creator. “The breathtaking wonder and beauty we see all around us does not to me equate with an evil uncaring god but a creator of infinite love and patience”.

My conclusion as an amateur astronomer leaves me with the unshakable belief that an Awesome Intelligence is behind the creation of the universe and this same mighty intelligence keeps the universe going. "GOD EXISTS" As you go on this very long ride you will feel the cool wind that cools your body and gives you life. You will drink of that most wonderful and unique transparent substance water that quenches your thirst, see the white clouds of day that sometimes gray with the promise coming rain, beneath the great dome of daily blue blue skies. Your body will constantly be invigorated, although sometimes so very tired, as you push on and continue your apparent journey through long roads of straight and mountainous passes, into the realms of apparent infinite eternity. Your mind renewed as never before as you travel the long path of pristine nature that is not yet contaminated by the evil of man.


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