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Global Conflict brewing - the masses are manipulated

Global Conflict is mostly arranged on purpose - average people are all the same in most ways.

Date:   2/10/2006 1:26:08 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 2191 times

Friday, February 10, 2006

"THEY are not different the US"

As we stand here on the brink of the most devastating global conflict ever seen on planet earth, there are a few 'larger' points to consider:
1 - that if Hitler had won his war, we would be living about the same life we are now. It was just a different group of backers putting Hitler up to it than the ones we sided with to beat him.

2 - that, no matter who you end up having to shoot to death, it will be someone in the same 'socio-economic bracket' as you are. Mostly, the poor will kill the poor ; the largest group will be poor brown Muslims dying at the hands of poor black American Christians and visa-versa.

3 - that these words [of mine, and of others saying similiar things] will never be on mass media, an entire "view of life" will go un-acknowledged , one that has a solution to both the violent deadly global conflicts and the environment as well as the constant issues of equality, sustainability - it is a way to achieve 'security' of more important elements of our lives than 'from terrorism', which is not really a threat to most people, certainly much less a threat statistically than, for eg., driving your car [only 3000 people died in the 9-11 WTC events, whereas severe weather kills more than that every year].

IN the 1960's we thought that if the world could just pull through these times - cold war, nuke threat - then cooler heads will prevail and we can work the details out later without the serious destruction and damages that would have to be repaired before we can get back to normal.

We made it!!! But, it didn't work out like we had hoped - those cooler heads never made it into power. We are still stuck with "those big problems", just slightly different. Now we can see the cold war and the nuke threat were a hoax, and they are doing it again with different characters. Now we know it as the FEAR tactic.

Keeping us in FEAR has worked so well up until now, but there is a tiny light showing up in this darkness. Thats the thing about total darkness - the smallest bit of light will show up clearly - the darker it is, the smaller the light needed to make a difference needs to be.

That light is the internet[right here!], and people like Cindy Sheehan and MM ; it is a growing awareness that the story we get from the mas media is only a narrow glimpse of reality, shaped to give us a distorted impression of 'how things are going" ; the light is the awareness of the commercial nature of wars and the empty promises that a war will solve anything ; it is love too - a way of understanding and the practise of infinite compassion towards those how would kill us ; it is HATE too - towards those in our own culture who foment the wars and hate, we are no longer blinded by the glare of rampant passionate nationalism - the world is smaller now and the divisions are all getting blurred, we are all the same in so many ways.

Mostly, the awareness [that is on the brink of being generally accepted by 'the average person'] that will save us is this:
"if we can see that the average person living life in their nation has the same basic 'details in their lives' that consumes their time as we do - kids, food, shelter, work, and playtime, fun, entertainment. Terrorism and Security are not included in those daily details, those issues do not touch our daily lives and are merely part of a TV show about other people."

We don't want to kill them. We don't need to kill them. They don't want of need to kill us either. Some of us and some of them have been told that they want to kill, but whomever happened to not watch the TV news has no such killing on their minds. Therefore, it is only a TV show, a reality show only in that there are real participants but the situations are not real. Convoluted, made up, intentionally misleading, drawing on premises that all of "them" are just like the ones portrayed to all of "us", which we know isn't any more true than all of us being just like the Terminator character they see us as , on their TVs.

So, when I say "THEY are not different, and your minds immediately go to seeing their weird clothes and rituals and saying "yes, they ARE different". We have been trained to have that reaction:
If you would just go into any of their villages of cities and watch them, you would see that they are doing the same things we do all day, with just a few uniquenesses like prayer-times and head-coverings that are of no threat to us at all.
WE immediately think of their most radical individuals, the violent ones fomenting the hate. Our TVs have shown us only those ones.
THEY see us as Bush-like, and have no idea how many of us ernestly despise Bush and anyone who supports him - it is exactly the same in both places and now we are starting to get it.

That kind of awareness is the only thing that will save us from another conflict where their loving family types will be killing, and killed by, our loving family types, and everyone on both sides regretting that it had to come to killing each other "but if they insist on being like that [what we saw on TV], then there has to be killing".

Like has been said [but never on TV] "WAR IS A COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY". Whatever reasons or threats exist to justify war is just manipulation to get the citizens onside. We must learn to watch for signs of that happening, like the cartoon furore.

Wouldn't it be sad to see that happen all over again, like it was with Germany's loving family types getting so utterly brainwashed and fearfilled that they really believed that our side has to be 'conqured', but in the end nothing changed no matter who won except for the fortunes of a few Elites who were pulling our strings?

Really, it is true - if Hitler had one the war, we would be an industrial society ruining the environment for a profit for a few Elites. Our enemy is the corporate culture and all their tactics of persuasion, not other citizens who are just living life a lot like we do.

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