Blog: My Enchanted Garden Onion
by Chef JeM

The Necessity for Pausing, Pivoting and Aligning Within

Taking responsibility for our own onion layers.

Date:   4/30/2017 9:29:24 PM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 1200 times

July 1, 2020 - Pausing When Eating -

This blog-writer has an acute sensitivity to perceiving the way in which others eat. For instance he feels a compulsion to leave the kitchen asap when others eat while standing at a counter or at the refrigerator while holding the refrigerator door open. It amazes him that people do not sit at a table so they can more fully relax, give their best attention to just the food they are eating rather then have their attention divided while multi-tasking.

“… the emotions we feel while eating have an especially profound impact on the subtle body. For example, ‘If you concentrate on the food you are eating with love, your astral body will extract from it the precious particles it needs, and as a result, your astral body will be filled with love for the world. You will begin to feel happy and at peace, with one desire - to live in harmony with nature.’

Aivanhov points out that this sensation of living in harmony with nature scarcely exists today, because humans no longer feel protective care and loving toward trees, mountains, stars, and other members of the natural world. ‘Human beings feel too threatened to be concerned about anything but their own lives,’ he explains. ‘But actually that are not threatened; the feeling of being alone and isolated in the world comes from the fact that their astral body has not been fed.’”[26]*

April 18, 2020 - "Human beings are like onions. -

We have layers which are mental/emotional energetic layers within us with obscure our genuine self. As children and babies we have no layers. We are pure and unadulterated infinite consciousness. Then as we are filled with information over time, this clutters up our mind and we lose awareness of our inner truth and our natural ability of processing energy (emotional processing) is diminished or halted altogether and we start to form layers and layers of ego.

Ego is our separate, individual identity that manifests itself in contradiction to our universal self. It is formed out of necessity in order to deal with all of this information/energy which we have taken in, but have not processed properly.

This is directly related to our educational system, and how we have learned to live and perceive the world from our parents, teachers, the media, and basically everyone that we have met, simply by observation.

To dissolve the layers of the ego over time we need only to learn to live from inner silence instead of mind.

And by doing so we tap into our innate intelligence, our inner truth, and knowledge will begin to come through us directly from the field. As information comes through us the reverse happens: instead of layers forming that hold us in, our energy radiates, penetrates these layers, pushes them to the surface, and ultimately dissolves them.

When we learn in this fashion we are free to learn from external sources such as books and so on, but eventually we won’t even need those and we will be able to channel all information directly from source. Which is where all books, movies, songs, works of art, and ideas came from anyway. ..."[25]

August 1, 2019 - Planting With the Original Seeds -

"Why deceive people by preaching that all they need to do to be saved is have faith? Faith is only a requirement, a starting point. Then they have to set to work so that the forces of the universe have a reason to get moving. Those who are content to say, ‘I believe, I believe’, without giving more concrete expression to what they believe, will always go hungry in some way or another. But if they sow just a few seeds – some thoughts, feelings and words inspired by disinterestedness, kindness and love – all the powers of heaven and earth, of rain and sun, will be at hand to make the seeds germinate and grow. One day, they will have a whole field from which to feed both themselves and a multitude of other creatures. What you have to believe in to be saved is your own activity. For even the most insignificant activity is bound to produce results. So, make sure that every one of your thoughts, feelings and actions becomes like a seed sown in spiritual soil. Then the forces they set in motion will benefit you and the whole world."[24]

June 26, 2019 - The Enchanted Garden Onion as One Big Oyster -

"... A pearl is not something that appears spontaneously in nature; it is manufactured by a pearl oyster. It starts life as a tiny speck which grows bigger and bigger with time. You would be amazed if you knew the secret of a pearl, the reason for its existence. A pearl is the fruit of the will-power of an oyster. A tiny grain of sand falls into the oyster's shell and causes an irritation, and as an oyster has neither hands nor feet—nor a broom—it cannot just sweep it out again, and it remains a source of discomfort. But an oyster is a philosopher at heart, so it thinks about its problem and discovers that it can secrete a substance in which to wrap the grain of sand and make it smooth and iridescent.., and quite bearable. This is how pearls are born.

The pearl oyster has a very important lesson for us: it teaches us that we must make our own pearls and our own precious stones out of the difficulties and obstacles we encounter in life. We can neither climb over them nor push them out of the way, so we have to work on them in order to transform them. It is possible to project particles of oneself, particles of one's intelligence and one's heart on to each difficulty and wrap it in a pure, luminous substance. What wealth can be ours in this way! How many pearls we can make thanks to our intelligence and patience; to the strength and tenacity of our will; thanks, above all, to an unchangeable ideal."[23]

In the New Testament Gospel of Matthew Jesus calls his disciple Simon a stone and follows that by saying he will build upon this realization and declaration of recognizing Jesus as the Christ:

What the name Peter means in Greek -
Meaning & History. "Derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros) meaning 'stone'. This is a translation used in most versions of the New Testament of the name Cephas, meaning 'stone' in Aramaic, which was given to the apostle Simon by Jesus."

June 28, 2019 - Instead of Complaining, Becoming Overwhelmed and Giving Up - Consider Contemplating the Following -

"...Many people who decide to undertake spiritual work expect Providence to grant them special favors and ideal conditions to make their task easier. And then, they encounter opposition and obstacles. Rather than complaining, becoming overwhelmed and giving up, they must study what is happening to them. What is the invisible world trying to tell them?

June 20, 2018 - The Necessity For Lighting "Fire" on The Spiritual Plane -

There are many uses for fire. Fire is present in all chemical operations; it melts metal, it cooks food to make it edible, it provides heat and light, and it purifies. On the spiritual plane, sacrifice serves the same purpose as fire. Each time you make a sacrifice, you light a fire. For example, when you decide to give up a bad habit, certain matter begins to be consumed within you, and it releases an energy that fuels your endeavour. Each sacrifice is a gift you give to yourself and in exchange, you receive purer energies that enable you to go further, higher. This is why sacrifice is a magical act thanks to which you have every opportunity to build something useful, beautiful and noble, not only in your own heart and soul, but in the heart and soul of all beings.[19]

This possibility: "to build something useful, beautiful and noble ... in the heart and soul of all beings" requires a conscious articulation of one's "Highest Ideal" for which an appropriate "sacrifice" can be freely given. This principal can be applied to virtually any shared Ideal in any personal relationships and for any group / tribal / family / community / collective / universal Ideal (whether the true nature is "enchanted" or not).

The possibility "to build something useful, beautiful and noble ... in the heart and soul of all beings" is IMO the possibility of what Omraam would call "Brotherhood". Others may call this "Synarchy".

April 23, 2019 - The historical relationship people had with "fire" was distinguished from the relationship with the other elements in that fire in many traditions was attended to and watched by a member of the family/tribe/community. The relationship with fire "on the spiritual plane" in one's inner work can also be supported and "watched" by a friend, companion, mentor, etc. and especially in the very beginning stages of one stepping onto their spiritual path.

For instance - if one's inner work were to include a "language of light" such as a transformational astrology then the "mentor" can be an astrologer who identifies the areas of one's potential soul-growth as it is represented in the natal chart and possibly offer guidance as to the steps that can be taken for raising one's consciousness from various "shadow" frequencies through stages of illumination. One specific example of this can be the identifying of the natal retrograde planets and correlating those astrological placements with the Gene Keys' "Shadows" then followed by the suggested contemplations of those Gene Keys to support the release of the individual's "Gifts". Having a "language of light" can truly work wonders when encountering the collective shadow frequencies that are individually genetically embedded within the subconscious. Communicating in the illuminated language serves many purposes and has many benefits from it's capacities for purifying, reordering what is of true value, and releasing energy to support one's higher vision and life!

July 7, 2018 - Preparation For "A Thousand Years of Peace" -

"...To be happy, you must learn to work with thought, feeling, imagination and willpower, in order to prepare in the invisible the coming of a world of peace, harmony and light. It is in this work that you will find true happiness, and whatever the circumstances, nothing will prevent you from carrying it out. ...".[20]

One does not have to be "enchanted" "in order to prepare in the invisible the coming of a world of peace". In fact - enchantment might hinder the "work"!

May 30, 2018 - ... For Self-Mastery -

"When you see the way people behave, you realize that humans set little store by self-mastery. They seethe, they fly off the handle into a rage, lose their temper, or they fall to pieces at the slightest thing; (they also judge, blame and then they complain ; ~ ) and not only are they not in any way embarrassed, they find it quite natural. They call it sincerity, authenticity, (righteous indignation) and derive a certain pride from it. Well no, there is nothing to be proud of. Only those who have learned to master themselves can be proud, for they become the king of their realm, in other words, themselves. And all the treasures and the powers accumulated in this realm are at their disposal. Then, not only do they become rich and powerful, but they can do a great deal of good for those around them. For, not having to fear hurricanes, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, others feel safe and strengthened upon contact with them. ..."[17]

If the "rage" and other outward reactions are not expressed there is always the repressed side to consider. The history in the E.G.O. includes "earthquakes" and "volcanic eruptions" and a several "hurricanes". It's a history that I am truly grateful is past! [Especially regarding certain apparently unenlightened notions that "earthquakes do not say excuse me" (or something to that effect).] However the current "seething" is enough to warrant posting this "Thought for the day" here.

According to "Nonviolent Communication" their suggested "Four Steps To Expressing Anger" consists of:
1. Stop. Breathe.
2. Identify judgmental thoughts.
3. Connect with needs.
4. Express feelings and unmet needs.[18]

June 20, 2018 - I fully endorse the first 3 components listed immediately above here. ...
In regards to the 4th item: IMO - this particular kind of expression deserves all the consciousness of one's whole-awareness, with great mindfulness, loving kindness, certain sensitivities regarding "right timing", "right motives", etc. etc. that one can possibly muster within their finest and most subtle awareness - with great "presence of mind" before proceeding with their expression; - otherwise any disregard as to the emotional impact on others from any anger that may be lurking to ride with "express(ing) feelings and unmet needs" can be more disadvantageous than any imagined short term "gain" that may appear in the mind of the individual who thinks they need to "express anger".

January 15, 2018 Astrologically speaking -

"...With a closing sextile aspect between Jupiter and Pluto, you may have an opportunity to release some dark influences that began at the end of 2007 with the conjunction between those planets. Ponder how your beliefs impact your deepest understanding of life."[14]

I don't know whether this transiting aspect is as relevant here as I initially thought when I first read this however I'm all for the idea of releasing "some dark influences"! ; ~ )

December 9, 2017 -

"Alone, and left to themselves, human beings cannot evolve: they need stimulation from the outside world, from nature, from events, and of course from other human beings. They need to see, to hear, to have encounters, and even to receive shocks and to suffer. If they are not roused, shaken up, they will do nothing. And what is true on the physical and psychic planes is also true in a more subtle way in the spiritual realm. That is why great masters are so necessary: thanks to their pure lives, to their emanations, to their feelings and thoughts of love and wisdom, these beings succeed in stirring something within us. And if they do not always manage to do so, it is not because they are incapable or weak, but because we have allowed ourselves to become buried under too many layers of dull and heavy matter. In order to allow their force and light to penetrate through us, we have inner work to undertake upon ourselves."{13]

Give thanks for the "stimulation from the outside world" including all "shocks"!

November 21, 2017 - Carl Jung, on “The Resurrection of the Christ Within”

What is important and meaningful to my life is that I shall live as fully as possible to fulfill the divine will within me. This task gives me so much to do that I have no time or any other. ... if we were all to live in that way we would need no armies, no police, no diplomacy, no politics, no banks. We would have a meaningful life and not what we have now—madness. What nature asks of the apple-tree is that it shall bring forth apples, and of the pear-tree that it shall bring forth pears. Nature wants me to be simply man. But a man conscious of what I am, and of what I am doing. God seeks consciousness in man.

This is the truth of the birth and the resurrection of Christ within. As more and more thinking men come to it, this is the spiritual rebirth of the world. Christ, the Logos—that is to say, the mind, the understanding, shining into the darkness. Christ was a new truth about man. ... Be what God means you to be ... You are like a man who leans over his neighbor’s fence and says to him: “Look, there is a weed. And over there is an ... other one. And why don’t you hoe the rows deeper? And I why don’t you tie up your vines?” And all the while, his own garden, behind him, is full of weeds.[12]

October 23, 2017 - The Sun in Scorpio -

"Scorpio shows us that avoiding the issues of darkness, depth, and death does not serve us. In order for the growth and transformation suggested in Scorpio and the rising of the Phoenix, we must face and transform our darkest shadows."[9]

This quote (from "Astrolore's Weekly Astrology Weather" by Erin Krygier) comes to me today after having had conversation just yesterday regarding the history of the E.G.O. of "poopy" situations (LOL). I appreciated that a "fellow gardener" raised the question on "history" as well making some insightful statements in regards to thew necessity for shared communication - to which I added the factor of ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) as a resistance factor to communicating more openly and freely. However, I do not know that any amount of conversation or even free thinking will accomplish the "inner work" required to "face and transform our darkest shadows[10]" and especially not for others. "We (ourselves) must face" what we ourselves have swept under "the carpet", thrown under "the bed", stuffed in the back of "a closet", etc.

October 11, 2017 - From "Knowledge of the Higher Worlds -
The Conditions of Esoteric Training":

"...the development of a feeling of thankfulness for everything with which man is favored. We must realize that our existence is a gift from the entire universe. How much is needed to enable each one of us to receive and maintain his existence! How much do we not owe to nature and to our fellow human beings! Thoughts such as these must come naturally to all who seek esoteric training, for if the latter do not feel inclined to entertain them, they will be incapable of developing within themselves that all-embracing love which is necessary for the attainment of higher knowledge. Nothing can reveal itself to us which we do not love. And every revelation must fill us with thankfulness, for we ourselves are the richer for it."[8]

April 6, 2018 -

The entry immediately above can be contrasted with the following quote from Omraam:

"When feelings of discontent first arise, they are like fluid and malleable matter upon which it is possible to act, provided that we do not wait, because this matter gradually solidifies and ends up resisting any effort to bring about a change. ..."[15]

Omraam's quote is from the latest "Thought for the day" which came serendipitously some time after I was thinking about the immediate response that I have for thoughts and/or feelings "of discontent" and wondering how I might communicate with others about this!

June 29, 2017 - July Astrology -

“… security, both financial and emotional is the focus of this Full Moon. This is a good time to get in touch with our deeper feelings and learn from the past. It provides an opportunity to overcome fears we’ve been carrying from childhood.”[7]

A "fellow gardener" has claimed that the garden here has attracted "evil entities". Fortunately this same "gardener" has also made mention of the fact that their own internal condition is a factor with their perception in this regards. IMO - there is a universal pertinent here: "As within so without".

There are 64 Shadows that correspond with the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching (as 64 genetic archetypes) well as 64 codons of our human DNA. [1] Each shadow contains a Gift that we can release when/if we "embrace" the Shadow. This is a message I'd like to communicate to the "fellow gardener" when the right timing presents itself.

Omraam relates to this as well:

"You wish, for example, to wear a talisman to shelter you from the aggression of the psychic world, so you go into a shop where you buy a pentagram, the five-pointed star, because you have read that this symbol has special protective properties. Well, think again: wearing this pentagram or placing it at the entrance of your home, will not protect you if you do not yourself, by your inner work, impregnate it with pure and harmonious vibrations. And even if a great mage may have prepared it for you, this talisman cannot continue to be effective and powerful if you do not work to acquire the virtues symbolized by the pentagram: love, wisdom, truth, justice, kindness. The pentagram is, in a way, like the skeleton of a spirit on the astral plane, but it has to be given life in order to stand guard near you or at the entrance of your home and to protect you from evil entities. And you can only energize it by your own life, a life of honesty, integrity in the service of light."

May 4, 2018 - To Acquire and Apply the Virtues -

“Where there is virtue there will be understanding, for virtue cannot exist without it. Understanding is the pathway through which virtue is applied in daily life. Virtue and understanding are expressions of the activities of soul forces manifesting through us. When virtue becomes the basis of our thought processes, our personal path to to true understanding is made clear. Therefore, as we apply the fruits of the spirit, our perception changes so that we understand the purposefulness of all that we encounter.”

Here "understanding" is seen in a light that shines beyond simple intellectual understanding (not to pooh-pooh the cognitive function). I am attracted to the thought of "virtue (as) the basis of our thought processes". IMO this is simply the right use of "mind"/thinking.

Although "Virtue" is one of 64 "Siddhis" in the Gene Keys I wonder whether all the Siddhis are virtues. I'd like to ask Richard Rudd.

April 20, 2019 - Steiner - Aristotle & Virtue -

"... We often find among the ancient philosophers echoes of the principles taught in these Mysteries. Aristotle makes a statement, when speaking of virtue, which we cannot understand unless we know that what has just been said was an old principle in the Mysteries which had been received by Aristotle and embodied in his philosophy. He says: Virtue is a human capacity or skill guided by reason and insight, which, as regards man, holds the balance between the too-much and the too-little. Aristotle here gives a definition of virtue, the like of which no subsequent philosophy has attained. But as Aristotle had the tradition from the Mysteries, it was possible for him to give the precise truth."[22]

May 16, 2017 -

Although it is not to the extent of being "evil" however I do find assumptions can be troublemaking. I think I was introduced to "The Four Agreements" before I was introduced to "Non-Violent Communication" (NVC). In any case I declared a full commitment to living The Four (now five) Agreements as of about eight years ago and that has served me very well! IMO - NVC is incomplete without the the Four Agreements. In fact I don't know whether NVC is really necessary if one is truly living the Four Agreements.

NVC does not ask anyone to not make assumptions (the "Third Agreement"). NVC also does not ask individuals not to take what others say or do personally (Second Agreement). I have found assumptions to be troubling. I suppose I could ask people if they are making an assumption when I sense this kind of "trouble" arising. However, in my latest encounter with what appeared to me to be another's assumption "asking" was not readily possible (in my email response).

Having stated all of this (in the above paragraph) I realize now that I can choose not to take assumptions personally. I believe I was acting in that frame-of-mind when responding in my email reply wherein I didn't give the "trouble" additional thought. However after sending the reply one of my Human Design "Head" gates activated its review process prompting me to review my previous message and then I saw where the other individual could possibly of made a certain assumption relating to what I wrote.

Yet I do my best! And especially under the circumstances in this instance which was a matter of "short notice" readily declared by the other individual. It was very short notice for me with a time restraint that was magnified when I did not hear back re the previous email for the better part of a whole day. So my recent reply was written and sent under a self-imposed pressure to respond quickly and succinctly. Not my preferred way to communicate (and especially when I haven't been in communication with someone for too many years)!

I do not take whatever perceptions that another may have personally! I do not make any assumptions about what their "state" may be! I am impeccable with my word! I am doing my best! (What need do I have of NVC?)

BTW - Marshall Rosenberg was born without a Defined Self Center in his Human Design and consequently his ability to connect with others was (IMO) at an advantage over individuals with Defined Self Centers (apparently 57% of the population). People born with an Undefined Self Center "blend in or adapt to the people they interact with, and they can fit in anywhere ..."[3]

I would not be surprised if most of the people who subscribe to NVC are individuals without a Defined Self Center. I have Defined Self Center and am not into "blending" with people. (I am not a "blended brother" ; ~ )

Later -

From "The Daily View" regarding the Sun's current transit through the mandala now at Gate 8 Line 3.
We entered Gate 8, Line 3 at 02:09 UT, May 17, 2017 - which is eight hours earlier in California - 6:09 PM.

"Line 3 - The phoney
The acceptance of the style and not the substance of communal actions.

Exaltation: The perfected and rarely detected superficial intimacy. The example as an expression through style, not substance.

Detriment: A shallowness that underestimates others and overestimates its own ability to continue its deception without detection. An overreliance and unfounded confidence in style."

When I read the last sentence I think of NVC.

May 18, 2017 - Here's another very good reason not to take what others say personally.

"Our higher self, our divine self is constantly sending us messages; and if we do not receive them, or if we receive them wrongly, it is because we have accumulated too many impurities within us. ..."[4]

We have the capacity to constantly receive divine messages however our imprinted conditioning is probably the number one "impurity" that obstructs our reception to these messages. This underscores the truth that our function upon the planet and the Earth itself is for healing.[5]

May 19, 2017 - "...our inner being, our individuality, is opposed to what is not completely understood;".[6]

I did not completely understand the reason for another's inquiry (for visiting) and so I asked them about that. Then I did not understand what I perceived as their subsequent "assumption" (as mentioned in the May 26th post above). I realize I could also ask (in an inquiring spirit) instead of responding in an obligatory manner (as if I was personally responsible for what another had said). If I move in the direction toward understanding, that move (IMO) is an advance rather than a retreat due to an antipathy (opposition) that arises from not completely understanding.

November 5, 2017 - Dialogue includes "Inner Work" - (and "Inner Work" includes some form of Dialogue). -

How to start a dialogue -

"Suspension. Suspension of thoughts, impulses, judgments, etc., lies at the very heartof Dialogue. It is one of its most important new aspects. It is not easily grasped because the activity is both unfamiliar and subtle. Suspension involves attention, listening and looking and is essential to exploration. Speaking is necessary, of course, for without it there would be little in the Dialogue to explore, But the actual process of exploration takes place during listening -- not only to others but to oneself. Suspension involves exposing your reactions, impulses, feelings and opinions in such a way that they can be seen and felt within your own psyche and also be reflected back by others in the group. It does not mean repressing or suppressing or, even, postponing them. It means, simply, giving them your serious attention so that their structures can be noticed while they are actually taking place. If you are able to give attention to, say, the strong feelings that might accompany the expression of a particular thought - either your own or anothers -- and to sustain that attention, the activity of the thought process will tend to slow you down. This may permit you to begin to see the deeper meanings underlying your thought process and to sense the often incoherent structure of any action that you might otherwise carry out automatically. Similarly, if a group is able to suspend such feelings and give its attention to them then the overall process that flows from thought, to feeling, to acting-out within the group, can also slow down and reveal its deeper, more subtle meanings along with any of its implicit distortions, leading to what might be described as a new kind of coherent, collective intelligence.

To suspend thought, impulse, judgment, etc., requires serious attention to the overall process we have been considering -- both on one's own and within a group. This involves what may at first appear to be an arduous kind of work. But if this work is sustained, one's ability to give such attention constantly develops so that less and less effort is required."[11]

I can add links to other blogs re: dialogue. Although I see the need for dialogue in "my enchanted garden onion" I do not expect to have that. I think the possibility for dialogue needs to be cultivated with willing "fellow gardeners". I'm noting this here for the possibility of attracting others who have the willingness, even "a little willingness".

August 31, 2018 -

"... As a realized being I see my creation as playing the game of life by not judging, condemning or comparing the creation for I know I alone live in my world and it is good and very good therefore, a perfect world."[21]




[3] The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu.


[5] See "A Course In Miracles".


[7] July Insight by Michele Finey:



[10] If there is any doubt or question about whether or not we have "shadows" see the 64 "Shadows" in the Gene Keys spectrum of consciousness:


Copyright notice re: "How to start a dialogue":
Copyright © 1991 by David Bohm, Donald Factor and Peter Garrett

The copyright holders hereby give permission to copy this material and to distribute it to others for non-commercial purposes including discussion, inquiry, criticism and as an aid to setting up Dialogue groups so long as the material is not altered and this notice is included. All other rights are reserved.


Related: "In the ancient Mysteries, the candidate for initiation was brought to the stage of complete physical death for three nights and days. For reasons of physical and metaphysical evolution of the human organism, this complete separation of physical body from life body -- the latter is commonly called 'etheric body' in anthroposophy -- is no longer possible like it was millennia ago. When the candidate was revived, he had spent 72 hours in the spiritual world and learned a great deal that he could share with the others. This was a carefully guarded secret until Christ ended this secrecy by publicly initiating Lazarus in this manner. This was the act that sealed his own fate, the death penalty, because betrayal of the Mysteries had always been punishable by death. And then, by going through death himself and rising on the third day, after 72 hours, Christ performed the final mystery of all mysteries, which is why this deed of his is commonly called 'The Mystery of Golgotha' in anthroposophy.":




[16] “Edgar Cayce's Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality”, (p 57) - By Kevin J. Todeschi


[18] p. 111 in Chapter Nine: "Expressing Anger Fully" in "Nonviolent Communication" By: Marshall B. Rosenberg.



[21] "I Live In My Garden":


[23] "The New Jerusalem", lecture By: Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, The Bonfin, August 14, 1962:



[26] "The Yoga of Eating” By: Max Benavidez in
"Yoga Journal” - Nov-Dec 1989.


inner work, mental projections, evil entities, As within so without, Gene Keys, antipathy, understanding, inner being, individuality, Scorpio, issues of darkness, depth, death, growth, transformation, Phoenix rising, shadows, consciousness, discontent, peace, genuine self

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