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by Chef JeM

New Vision/New Mission

Contemplations for our very own "High Ideal Vision".

Date:   5/7/2016 6:14:02 AM   ( 5 y ) ... viewed 1281 times

Yesterday a few of my fellow gardeners and I had conversation on writing a new vision and mission statement. We now have a "homework assignment" to write our ideas on 3x5 cards to submit the next time we meet.

I offered a distinction between Vision and Mission. Vision is who we envision ourselves to be and thereby who we are becoming by way of our new birth! This Vision can be applied both individually and as a "tribe". I personally want to express the highest vision of who I am and of who I am becoming. Mission is what we do, what we contribute, the path we take to reach our goals, our destination. When we have our vision followed by our mission then we can "possibly" set goals that are in alignment with and an extension of who we are and what we do. I say "possibly" because I'm now in review of the whole idea of "planning" and especially based on unconscious fearful beliefs that I now recognize planning can be based on. (See May 20th entry below.)

According to I am an transcendent emotional organizer. This is in harmony with the Human Design I have that includes a Defined Solar Plexus / Emotional Center that's connected through a Defined Channel to my Throat Center.

Our "... Organization should be a function of the actions that will achieve the goal. The actions should dictate the organization.

... Freedom means the individual can change his mind at any moment. It also means that, if he doesn’t change his mind, and instead follows a straight path, he is going to have to keep referring back to the original vision that gave birth to the enterprise he’s engaged in. He’s going to have to keep inspiring himself in that way. Otherwise, his energy will stagnate. ..."[1]

This underscores the need for forming not just a "vision" but our very own "High Ideal Vision". The High Ideal Vision is our ultimate vision of both who we are and the purpose we incarnated for in this lifetime.

Potential Contemplations:

Tell me who you are.
Tell me what you are.
Tell me what your purpose is.
Tell me how you want to fulfill your purpose here.

May 8th -

The focus on the "New Vision/New Mission" process that I have now is all about the "High Ideal" that I declared at Cheeta.[2] Having that I see taking my "homework assignment" and collecting the most essential ideas that I have posted at Cheeta and presenting them at the next meeting. I intend to post them here first!

I'm so excited, I have my first draft of:

The “New Vision” list:

1.) Our Highest Ideals, (Dropped on 5/10 for the time being)

2.) Dialogue as The New Community, (Written as: "Adopting dialogue as the new community.")

3.) Communication Dyads, (Written as: Learning Communication Dyads.")

4.) Relating Exercises, (Written as: Sharing Relating Exercises ...)

5.) Soil Mates, (Becoming Soil Mates with our land.)

6.) Personal Transformation, (Committing ourselves to our own personal transformation.)

7.) Following Our Bliss, (Identifying with our Bliss.)

8.) Transformative Arts, (Welcoming Transformative Arts here.)

9.) Health Promoting, (Dropped as one of the items at this time.)

10.) Conviviality, (Adopting conviviality on an ongoing basis.)

11.) Connection, (Learning how to connect with one another.)

12.) The Five Agreements, (Exploring The Five Agreements.)

13.) Be Impeccable With Your Word, (Included under #12.)

14.) Don’t Take Anything Personally, (")

15.) Don’t Make Assumptions, (")

16.) Always Do Your Best, (")

17.) Be Skeptical, But Learn To Listen, (")

18.) Human Design, (I'm living it regardless of others!)

19.) Gratitude! (Practicing Expressing Gratitude.)[4]

the 10th -

A pkg. of 100 index cards arrived yesterday afternoon. I figured if we are dividing that by eight then I could have 13 cards. (Actually I think we may only be dividing that among six.) I condensed the above list of 19, dropped a couple items and added a couple others:

Striving toward unity consciousness as part of comm-unity.

Striving toward a shared understanding in all our communications.

Completed the writing of 13 index cards at about 3:54 AM.

Over the past couple months I've been consistently programming my subconscious on a daily basis with a number of "goals". Since starting this (maybe after the first 40 days or so?) the idea of writing a new vision/mission here at the "Onion" came into our shared arena. I am not claiming all the credit for this new development here. I'm only saying what is true and that is: Thought is creative! I like to think that it is co-creative and especially when the thought is toward the greater good of all concerned. In any case a few of my "goals" did require a new vision for the onion tribe!

the 16th -

"A study was conducted among young female students, in which
they were given stressful tasks to perform and then invited
either to talk about their negative emotions or to talk
objectively about the task.
A second portion of the experiment compared students who
spoke emotionally and received empathic responses with
students who spoke emotionally and received no response.
While simply expressing emotions and receiving empathy
did not in itself relieve stress, believing that communication had been heard and understood did relieve

The 20th -

"... The mind engaged in planning for itself is occupied in setting up control of future happenings. It does not think that it will be provided for, unless it makes its own provisions. Time becomes a future emphasis, to be controlled by learning and experience obtained from past events and previous beliefs. It overlooks the present, for it rests on the idea the past has taught enough to let the mind direct its future course.

The mind that plans is thus refusing to allow for change. What it has learned before becomes the basis for its future goals. Its past experience directs its choice of what will happen. And it does not see that here and now is everything it needs to guarantee a future quite unlike the past, without a continuity of any old ideas and sick beliefs. Anticipation plays no part at all, for present confidence directs the way."[5]

May 23rd -

The collective shared vision must include each individual's personal vision. If the individual wants a shared vision of peace then they must have peace as their own personal vision. This amounts to having "a heart at peace" which is also a requirement for personal freedom.:

"There are three distinct requirements for personal freedom: 1) a heart at peace, 2) healthy relationships, and 3) upright character. Genuine peace is something that can’t be faked. The book, 'The Anatomy of Peace,' explains that a person either has a heart at war, or a heart at peace. True peace comes from living a life in alignment with one’s inspired vision. This peace comes from orienting our hearts in such a way that external factors (people, norms, events) no longer dictate the direction of our internal path."[6]

The 24th -

Mini Astrological Weather Report

"... necessary adjustments and compromises will, in many cases, be necessitated by the changing power dynamics which Mars’ retrograde cycle is in the process of presiding over. Issues of direction and intention clarified by last weekend’s Full Moon impact the structure of relationships under this configuration. In this light, it will be clear that some bonds must be strengthened, while others should be cut without vacillation."[7]

Although I posted the following "Thought of the day" (from the Omraam community) in the newly designated blog post by that name[8] I'm reposting it here as it pertains to the possibility of "new vision".

"In a spiritual teaching, you learn how to excel yourself, to surpass yourself. (yet) everything is inside you. It is your consciousness that elevates itself to attain higher levels. When you ... come into contact with divine light, what you have really done is go further, higher – you could even say deeper – within yourself. You have reached your higher self, and it is your higher self that gives you the potential to create new, purer and more harmonious forms. In order to express the realities of the spiritual world, we need to use the concrete language of the physical world, as though we were talking about spatial distances and volumes. But in reality, everything takes place within us, in our higher self, our divine self."

The key thought is: "it is your higher self that gives you the potential to create new, purer and more harmonious forms." (Forms are the "structures" that are under Saturn's rule. Saturn is in retrograde now and therefore all form/structures are under our review.)

All of us here at the "Onion" need to "reach" our "higher self" so that we can have this "potential" and so we will be able to "create new, purer and more harmonious forms."!

It is a relief for me to focus on and contemplate upon these words of illumined truth so that they can live in me and allow me to extend "divine light" to my fellow gardeners.

We need more than just "business" meetings! We need to support one another in our ongoing growth and evolution as an integral part of the new vision that we wish to co-create here!

"The vision" is not something separate from us, it is an extension of who and what we truly are! Therefore our shared vision must convey our highest light/"truth/s of self" or the conditions that we have witnessed in the past will continue to repeat themselves. We are the change that we have been "waiting" for!

The 25th -

The above listed items (most of which I had submitted in a recent meeting for the purpose of co-creating a shared vision statement) are by and large my personal vision for living in community with others. Now I am realizing the need for a vision that is truly dedicated to the land where we garden. I am inspired to focus in this direction by recalling the name of a Biodynamic farm that's located on the outskirts of Grass Valley by the name of Fulcrum Farm. Do you know what a fulcrum is?[9]

I began thinking about this term used for the farm after I had been thinking about what it is to have balance in one's life. I then thought of the fulcrum that is used for certain kinds of balance and then thought of the farm and how with the farm the fulcrum is actually a point of consciousness that is based on the farm itself and that holds everything on the farm in balance through right relationships with everything else. I believe the "Enchanted Garden Onion" needs this kind of a fulcrum! That is an grounded focus of consciousness that is capable of holding everything here in balance via right relationships. That consciousness also needs to be a shared consciousness. We can not expect (let alone demand) that just one individual be the fulcrum point of this consciousness. That is not how community works. Some how we need to learn how to share the balancing of all that is here. Is this really possible? I know the people at Fulcrum Farm demonstrate that it is possible however they are absolutely dedicated to having that balance. So the question in my mind is: "Can we have a group of people who are dedicated to sharing the balance of everything here"?

In writing the above I suddenly realize that there needs to be at least three specific visions that are each co-created by the participants. There's at least one "umbrella" vision needed by and for all the "fellow gardeners". There's a vision needed that is dedicated just for the land. There's also another vision that may be needed for shared ownership. Do these correlate with Steiner's three-fold social order?[10]

the 26th -

I think the new vision requires a pre-vision larger than the "Onion" to help "inform" us in our relationship between micro and macro. I would suggest the inclusion of "Homo Sapien in Transitus" in the larger vision.[11]

cont. -

Re: "Striving toward unity consciousness as part of comm-unity" - that I added to my "most essential ideas" offered toward the possible shared vision.

I identify with the idea of "Unity through communication".[12]

Unity is possible through genuine dialogue. Dialogue is distinguished from the common notion of communication which does not require or need unity. In fact I see "fellow gardeners" use their style of communication as a way to do a kind of "battle" with others. How can a shared vision possible come from that kind of communication?

May 27th -

I'm looking forward to having the New Vision functioning as a guidance system to help all my fellow gardeners and me stay on course.

"There is a famous analogy based on fact. It goes a little something like this—airplanes spend 90% of fight time off course.
Upon departure, the pilot has a clear destination time and
a specific flight plan to achieve the objective. Despite turbulence and other conditions keeping the plane off course 90% of the flight, most flights arrive in the correct destination at the correct time.
The reason for this phenomenon is quite simple—through
air traffic control and the inertial guidance system, pilots are constantly correcting. Essentially, the plane is on a straight course and keeps getting nudged a degree off course here and pushed a degree or two off course there. When immediately addressed, these course corrections are not hard to manage.
However, if a pilot only occasionally checked the course the
aircraft could potentially become so far off course that the requisite corrections would take substantial time and resources to execute.

• How are you piloting your life?
• What feedback are you receiving to correct your course?
• How often do you check your guidance system? Do you
even have a guidance system?
• Where is your destination?
• When are you going to get there?
• Are you currently off course?
• How would you know if you are on the right course?
• How can you minimize the turbulence and other conditions
of life that divert you?"[13]

June 17th -

Had our biweekly meeting this evening. It opened with three of three out of seven of us. A fourth "fellow gardener" appeared an hour later. A former "gardener" made a cameo appearance (in the spirit of a Shakespearean tragedy).

I made a very brief presentation intrducing the concept of Spectrums (as per an article in the Spring Issue of Communities magazine):

Spectrums for Individuals within Groups -

"... In a healthy group, there are people spread out throughout these scales.

All traits have a valuable aspect to them and all have pitfalls.

Ideally, the membership of an organization takes into account these sorts of things when trying to find a good roles for someone to play, i.e. quick decision-making is valuable in a work-party leader, but not so much for budget team members, where you want more measured thinking; good facilitators see meetings as being both for decisions and connection; ...

Suggested uses:


Create an exercise to get to know each other better. (Like dyads!)

Use to reduce judgment."

The handout gives a better practical application than I gave in the meeting. Getting to know each other better is crucial. One fellow gardener has made several mentions of "To see for a moment through another's eyes".

There is a spectrum for the purpose of a meeting that ranging between "Making Decisions" and "To Connect". I mentions=ed that I'm right in the middle of that spectrum.

October 19, 2016 -

If the fellow gardeners (here at the E.G.O.) are going to return to the task of co-creating and writing a new Vision/Mission then I'd like to think it will include our relationship with nature.

"Nature gives us everything. But somewhere details are kept of what we take. These are debts we incur from nature, and we must settle them. How?"[14]





[4] Presented on Friday, May 20th at our meeting that started off with "Vision".


[6] pg 50 of "Slipstream Time Hacking" by Benjamin P. Hardy in onlineslipstream.pdf available at:




[10] The "three-fold" relates to three spheres identified by Rudolf Steiner as: Rights/Political, Economic and Social/Spiritual.



[13] Slipstream Time Hacking - How To Cheat Time, Live More, And Enhance Happiness by Benjamin P. Hardy onlineslipstream.pdf @


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