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Dry as a bone, happy as a clam

I woke up again this morning with a 10,4 BG (norm 4-7). I certainly ate the food my hubby wanted to have- the one last difficulty is long-term dosing to cover slow-digesting foods. I've started using calcium bentonite more heavily, and am waiting for my niacin (nictonic acid) to arrive.

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Last night I swallowed kitty litter again. I know that companies that redistribute calcium bentonite check it for bacterias, powder it extremely finely, and then sell it for major buckoids a pop- but I've got to do with what I can, earnestly.

Faith has been writing me very faithfully, usually as fast as she can for how busy she is. I have but God to thank for sound, experienced advice, and someone willing to dispense it freely. i'm still waiting on opinions on the calcium bentonite VS dolomites thing, but honestly, I feel a major difference when bathing, brushing and yes, when swallowing it. I could feel is gludge it's cold way all along my esophagus and then slowly coat the first part of my small intestine, and it was an odd feeling. In honesty I don't exactly feel that the concerns about the volcanic ash itself coming apart in the body to add to a total toxic load with it's aluminum to be fairly grounded- if it were so, folk using it would be sicker, not better, and I felt myself much calmer in the head after the first clay bath.

It drives my wild-found kitten (now a full-blown five year old with the strength of an ox) to confusion when I pull out the kittylitter bag and don't pour it out in his bin, of course! Meows, round eyes, and a flick of the tail.

I feel most vital to be using my internal bileduct system to be digesting and churning out fats and old red blood cells. Anemia and hormone imbalances have been a huge problem for me ever since arriving in this country- I have a very persistant chin hair thing going on, and the long-standing curiosity of if I simply have been producing too much testosterone vs estrogen has been mmmm.. pretty well confirmed. It gave a lot of confused sexua| drive and misguided affections :P

I've been using coffee much differently too- up the wrong end, as you might say, but it's very interesting how little liquid wants to come out, and the clearheaded effect of it after. It's the niacin in it that Faith has urged me to go after.

And she's completely right, too, about eating extra, extra green foods and drinking lots of water. My local ground/tapwater is very, very hard, and has 'normal' flouride levels in it, but no chlorine, and no heavy metals. SO I'm doing tapwater with a seasalt dilution in it, a mix of elderberry juice and lime juice (fresh squeezed).

The thing about concerns about flouride is that you need to know your vitamins. Vitamin D3 cleared up my pineal glans something powerful back in 2011, such even that it was a battle to learn and discern exactly what I was listening to in my head, confusing spirits or the holy spirit. I learned magnesium and was taking strong multivitamins then, and the levels of what was in my system were constantly fluctuating. Consistent crying spells were the very reason I went on antidepressants then. I did not have the bentonite (dolomite?) practice in tune then, and so had nothing to dump my toxin load into, and there's the core of the problem!

When you hear voices in your head, it's not a sickness. Schitzophrenia, bi-polar disorder, etc, it's /called/ a mental illness, but what it simply is is a brain overloaded with what it doesn't need, and crying out for what it does. Every human being has a spiritual part of him or her, has an ability to tune in to what is going on in the unseen, and is very much effected of it- but awareness of it and a trained, disciplined mind and pineal gland are two different things. I have had the experience after every single insomnia period of the wrong sort of spirit pretending to be the 'holy spirit', and effecting my behavior in frightening ways.

What I have learned about the holy spirit is that it (1), sounds and feels like you, (2) is patient, speaks very few words and chooses to show love and restraint first and foremost (3) speaks directly to what is happening in your life in this current moment, and doesn't confuse you or give fear (4) doesn't talk about angels and spiritual beings (5) uses your own personal gifts and strengths to talk to you (fx, mine is singing), and (6) Always, always, always pushes you towards reading the bible, and not towards erratic behavior.

I felt empowered in what I am persuing, yesterday morning. I was doing some kitchen cleaning and letting myself sing- more clearly and evenly than I have in a long time, what with lungs that weren't fully effective. I ended up singing a song of comfort- 'Will I not bless you? Will I not comfort you-?'. And I felt a call to get upstairs to listen to the DAB (daily audio bible). I delayed with grabbing breakfast because I was already halfway into it, and again the call came- 'How're you supposed to get the blessing if you don't respond?'. I was indeed dizzy and a bit confused. My blood sugar was swinging high.

There was a woman who called in to the american prayer voicemail in the DAB, who was responding to all the beggings for prayer for cancers, serious illnesses, etc. She was pointing exactly to good nutrition, detox, herbal remedies, and seriously /learning/ instead of loosing hope after what doctors say - that their comments are not judgements or sentances.

There was a lot more for me in the bible verses, but it was her message that stuck in my head. There's been plenty of times where seeming coincidence has not been coincidence at all, in my walk with Jesus, and for me that was a major disctinction. What I'm doing is right, I shouldn't give up on it, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

This is God helping me out, and while I most certainly can and do make mistakes in it, the only thing required of me is patience, perserverence and faith that everything I need will be supplied in full, a little bit at a time, exactly as it always has been.

As for concerns of hypercalcemia on calcium bentonite, it's in reality a matter for no fear- I'm eating and supplementing liberally with magnesium foods and tablets, I'm using zinc and eating consciously for a good intake of vitamin k2, and thanks to a constant supplementation of vitamin D3, the walls of my intestinal track should be as tight as they get to fight leaky gut syndrome. In fact, D3 protects against kidney stones in the same way magnesium does- it filters oxelates away from where they are supposed to go.

The whole point of a healthy diet and vitamin D3 is to get the body's cells producing glutathione, and it's oxelate crystals that form in the blood when free radicals and inorganic elements meet, collide and create their oxelate shapes. That's exactly what creates kidney damage. Glutathione is a detoxifier and a major part of the immune system, and it's what needs to be eaten for and maintained.

And it's my experience that sound, concrete information and guided action is worth ten thousand times a flight of fancy or fear, so that's where I'll choose to stand.

Anyways.. Chicken, peanut and vegetable stir-fry is hardly an alkalizing meal, but it's rich in protiens, healthy fats, capsciasin, garlic and ginger, and sweetened with maple syrup and sea salt. It's building blocks I need -in- my system, and so using my insulin pump and supplements effectively is where I need to go now.

This is the breakdown of dosing for long-digesting food items:
45% of total protiens break down to glucose in digestion over about 3 hours
33% of total fats break down to glucose in digestion over about 3 hours
100% of carbs bread down into carbs, with about 50% of the carb content digested in a high-fiber meal breaking down over about 1 hour
About 70% of the total fats and carbs in a high fat and high carb meal is broken down into the bloodstream over up to 7-8 hours during digestion (fx, pizza).

As you may already be aware, Curezone's major message is to keep unhealthy carbohydrates and fats low, and go high on green foods and fresh vegetables. There is one factor that I have not seen discussed at length though- nano cholesterols.

Nano cholesterols are the hidden factor in arterial hardening. They are a byproduct of the digestion of high-carbohydrate foods, formed by the body in the intestinal track, and are not normally screened for in cholesterol testing- they're the ones that lodge in blood vessel narrowings. Larger cholesterols like HDL and LDL act a bit like a gentle abrasive, bumping and pushing to keep arterial walls clean, and both are used in maintaining nerve cells and building up body tissues, bit it's nano cholesterols that begin the calcification of arterial clogs and walls! They're just too big.

Vitamin k2 is the element that clears the nanocholesterols and unneccessary calcium away from the organs and tissues where it's not needed- and that's why live probiotica like brewer's yeast, from marbled cheeses like brie, gorgonzola, blue and black cheese, etc, are such life extenders. Not everybody can afford full-blown chlorella, spirulina snd nattokinkase supplements, so my message is.. Learn what foods are good and which are not, and start to learn to love what heals you. <3


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