VitD3 for Diabetes type 1b
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Currently working (effective treatment)   6 y  
List of current treatments that are effective. Winter season has increased inflammation levels, appropriate nutrients listed.
Have been able to signifigatly lower the amount of insulin Iíve needed with: Essential oils, primarily frankincense, myrrh, pine (turpentine), citron melissa and clove/cinnamon (start transdermally, mix in order of 1rst with the most drops, last with the least, use roller application on heel of foot if neccessary). Supreme fulvic (humate and fulvic acid mix) 1/3 tsp / day RAW thyroid (glandular mix to replace eltroxin/tyroid supplement) 1-3 caps/day ALA (Alpha liopic acid) 10-50mg/day intermittent Vitamin E 200-400mg, less if no noticable result after dosing 1-3 drops i ...   read more

Problems urinating after rife therapy and colloidal silver.   7 y  
Rifing and toxin elimination is making a problem, so away from fruits and towards the paleo diet again for me! Lots of salt and vitamin C, I need to be able to pee, not supplement and take in potassium-rich elements.
Reporting on thoughts a few days after the last blog entry.. Iíve been rifing and using colloidal silver the past month and a half, and doing all that will put plenty of trash in the system to eliminate. On top of that, using a 3:1 mix of natron (sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate) every now and then, and then using coffee and focusing on potassium-rich fruits and vegetables and herbs gives plenty of an electrolyte imbalance. Plus I use iodine transdermally here and there (after a trial of internal iodine 4 years ago.). Solution... More salt and vitamin C! U ...   read more

Focusing on fatty acid metabolisim, testing for mycoplasma   7 y  
Experiences in improvements in sleep, energy and brainfunction using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, probs with thyroid medicine because of increased activity from using the EVCO. Have ordered home Lauricidin (monolaurin/coconut oil extract)
I wanted to update since Iím trying something new today. Lauricidin, a coconut oil extract of the fatty acid monolaurin, which has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Hereís the current status: Bought a pair of rife generators (Spooky2 essentials kit) over the winter, ran the terrain protocol (basic detox frequencies including parasites sets) two times so far. Iím active 5 days a week with a full works/study schedule. First part of the terrain protocol (heavy metal detox) I felt consistent light headaches. Created some colloidal silver with the spooky2 one month ago, tolerated ...   read more

Supplements that help lower blood glucose levels   8 y  
Short summary of the supplements (nutrients) which have helped lower my daily insulin requirements, and a list of the treatments I have read which have resulted in healings of type 1 diabetes.
B-complex vitamins + magnesium taurate or choride : Lowers bloodsugar spikes after meals. Vitamin B1 100mg 2x a day, usually with breakfast & lunch : lowers bloodsugars/improves insulin uptake throughout the day. Increases urine output over the first few days of the treatment. Gives vibrant dreams and/or uneven sleep if intake is too high or too late in the day. High-chromium yeast 50-100mg: lowers bloodsugars for 3-4 hours after a dose. Magnesium taurate, malate and chloride, + iodine, selenium, boron and zinc: Massively improves insulin response/insulin uptake. ...   read more

An update   8 y  
Here's a summary of things I've experienced and learnt over the period I haven't been posting on this blog. :) There's several clues in this post about what causes/contributes to type 1 diabetes, some nutritional remedies that help bloodsugars, and what types of magnesium worsen the condition.
Lotta stuff has happened since I last posted here! I had 13 amalgams and 1 root canal removed/changed out with a holistic dentist (who had the right suction equipment and knowledge). Itís resulted in a much calmer mind and body. Itís quite true, itís like living out from under a dark blanket, suddenly thereís not all this tendency towards not being able to see the brighter side of life to come. :) Iíve tried the heavier iodine therapy. I used lugolís 5% in varying dosages for 6 months without using selenium or parasite cleansing, orally. It totally changed my prayer life and the ...   read more

Detox symptoms and a prayer vision   10 y  
January is being difficult, but it's clear from encouragement in prayer, that I shouldn't waver left or right. I had a vision while praying, about God's light breaking into this world.
I have been getting dull hands in the middle of the night- any time my bloodsugar runs a bit higher than normal, thefeeling in my fingers goes rather down. This concerns me a lot- and I started to think I should stop supplementing, anddoubted that the process Iím using is wrong. I bolused insulin, turned the light off and lay down again. uÕt was about five in the morning at that hour. i feel most comforted when I am in prayer and looking for my fatherís embrace in the Spirit. The holy spirit- Iíve had a longing to go a good bit deeper than headkowledge in the life of a christian, and i ...   read more

I smell different. O_o! (Detox symtoms)   11 y  
An observation of how parasitic die-off in my body during detox might give a direct insight into the issues of type 1 diabetics..
-- LOL! The moldy smell was from the apples, which were past the eat-by-date. ;) -- Today has been.. well, downright different. I have had brain-fog all day, and Iíve learned something new about detoxification and blood sugar levels. I have been feeling better whenever I avoid grain foods. I really feel ick when my blood sugar levels are above 4.7 (normal being 4-7 for a diabetic, and 4-5.0 for a non-diabetic). My head has been cloudy and hard to think with for the past day or so, and itís been hard to get my blood sugar down to normal today. Iíve been sticking to water most of th ...   read more

Dry as a bone, happy as a clam   11 y  
I woke up again this morning with a 10,4 BG (norm 4-7). I certainly ate the food my hubby wanted to have- the one last difficulty is long-term dosing to cover slow-digesting foods. I've started using calcium bentonite more heavily, and am waiting for my niacin (nictonic acid) to arrive.
Last night I swallowed kitty litter again. I know that companies that redistribute calcium bentonite check it for bacterias, powder it extremely finely, and then sell it for major buckoids a pop- but Iíve got to do with what I can, earnestly. Faith has been writing me very faithfully, usually as fast as she can for how busy she is. I have but God to thank for sound, experienced advice, and someone willing to dispense it freely. iím still waiting on opinions on the calcium bentonite VS dolomites thing, but honestly, I feel a major difference when bathing, brushing and yes, when swallowi ...   read more

Insulin pumper on a detox :o   11 y  
Things are in full swing with me- right down to supplementation to fight a heavy-metal induced depression, to drinking clays. Oi!
I sort of got the experienced advisor I was praying for- a few anonymous messages in my mail inbox here on curezone, a small voice of simple reason and pointers. Right now itís all about the right diet and detox. Iíve had dental amalgams for over 15 years, been around a smoker for three years, experienced mental abuse and an unstable home right from the beginning, so a healthy building block iiiiss.. *drumroll* ... Good nutrition and detox. Iíve got a niacin acid supplement (B3 nicotonic acid, not niaminicide) coming that I plan to be using in the evening for inducing a night flush ...   read more

Something wonderful, something new   11 y  
... Or something frightening, if you think it fully through. It's now about a quarter to two in the morning, and I've had a major, major low blood sugar. The difference is, how it happened~
Iíve been learning to detox since my last major insomnia. three months of increasing pressures and excitements took it all out of me, and now I have to learn to put the ingredients that make up a good brain in my head again. Itís not easy, but Iím sort of on a one-way track- I donít care for hopeless, frightening insomnias, not one bit, and this time a lot of stuff simply fell into place for me to try and approach the problem differently. #1, the cheapest cat litter here is 80% dolomite clay, 20% smectite clay, and a little bit of oils to control the scent. #2, the next-cheapest ca ...   read more

Selenium with amalgams BAD encourages neuro-pathy (death/damadge of neurons) An' what I'm doing about it   11 y  
I tried NAC, ALA and selenium before removing my amalgams. Here's what happened, here's what I'm doing to ease it.
I pulled the old ístupidí card and was using supplements that I should not have, in the search to improve my personal well-being while saving for amalgam replacement. These are the ones that help: High absorbancy zinc High absorbancy magnesium Well-tested kelp, in powder or dried form. (free of mercury) These are the ones that hurt before full amalgam removal: Selenium NAC (N Acetyl-Cysteine) (I used mycolysin, bubbling tablet form) ALA (Alpha Liopic Acid) ALL multivitamins and synthetic vitamins hurt before amalgam replacement. If it contains selenium, simply donít do it. S ...   read more

One full year   11 y  
Adding the D3 (5,000 iu/day) and magnesium to my daily intake has certainly changed some things. I feel much worse when my blood sugar is between 10-13 mg/dl (which has always been the range of mood swings), but it does help me recognize when I require more insulin.
God, I still wish I had an experienced, practicing alternative health/nutritionalist to work with. Seems to be something hard to find, certainly, but wishful thinking is still just wishful thinking! Adding the D3 (5,000 iu/day) and magnesium to my daily intake has certainly changed some things. I feel much worse when my blood sugar is between 10-13 mg/dl (which has always been the range of mood swings), but it does help me recognize when I require more insulin. Of the noticeable changes, much of it happens in my bathroom. My stomach doesnít delay digestion as much as it used to, I el ...   read more

Winter depression and mercury, connection? (VitD3)   11 y  
Summary of thoughts and current status in February 2012
So itís the second year after taking 5,000 iu of vitamin D3 and magnesium regularly (per day, more or less), and with vitamin C intermittently, and this year, unlike the past decade here living in Denmark, I havenít -yet- had a serious (requiring the intervention of sleeping pills) season of insomnia. It drives me bonkers with stress every time it happens. I loose the ability to concentrate on one task to another, short-term memory flees me, and I get continuous, pointless obsessiveness and anxiety. Last year was a lot of fascination with vitamin D3 after lots of research, and hereís my ...   read more

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