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Introduction to Fear and A Course In Miracles

Any state that is not perfectly loving is fear, the removal of which brings about a state of Peace which passeth understanding. This state is an experience that will show you the Truth: There really is not now, nor has there ever been, anything in all the world to fear.

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Introduction to Fear and A Course In Miracles

There is nothing to fear. Don't be afraid God is with you.  This is an introduction to the idea of fear and how looking on your darkest fears is actually what takes you beyond fear. That WILL be an experience.

The Course will tell us that we are not actually afraid of being fearful, and that we actually like being scared. Just look at the movies that we watch or some of the things we do in our spare time: riding huge waves, jumping out of planes and so on. The thing that really frightens us, deep down, is actually Love.

There is nothing to fear, but if you really knew that, panic and anxiety would never even occur to you.

A Course In Miracles is about the removal of the blocks to the awareness of Loves presence. And you only have two emotions, love and fear. Any state that is not perfectly loving is fear, the removal of which brings about a state of Peace which passeth understanding. This state is an experience that will show you the Truth: There really is not now, nor has there ever been, anything in all the world to fear.

 Fear As Defence

Don't be afraid to let of your defences. Fear not your resurrection. If I told you that you were actively defending yourself against experiencing your own resurrection, would you stop? Could you stop?. There is a moment IN you where you are unable to solve the problem, you can call it surrender or giving up but what you will find is a complete dependence on God. Here is Jesus from A Course In Miracles, Lesson 135.

"Defence is frightening. It stems from fear, increasing fear as each defence is made. You think it offers safety. Yet it speaks of fear made real and terror justified. Is it not strange you do not pause to ask, as you elaborate your plans and make your armor thicker and your locks more tight, what you defend, and how, and against what?"

Simple, reasonable and socratic. Here is where you are being asked to look at the nature of your own defensive behavior.

"Let us consider first what you defend. It must be something that is very weak and easily assaulted. It must be something made easy prey, unable to protect itself, and needing your defence. What but the body has such frailty that constant care and watchful, deep concern is needful to protect its little life? What but the body falters and must fail to serve the Son of God as worthy host?"

Time to get honest. A Course In Miracles is an exposure. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and that is why real change must be wanted or you will simply return to your "comfort zone" of sickness, pain and death. I know you think you are a body but that is why I am telling you, that there is an experience that will show you, not only are you not a body but you have already returned to where you have never left.

"Yet it is not the body that can fear, nor be a thing to fear. It has no need but those which you assign to it. It needs no complicated structures of defence, no health-inducing medicine, no care and no concern at all. Defend its life, or give it gifts to make it beautiful or walls to make it safe, and you but say your home is open to the thief of time, corruptible and crumbling, so unsafe it must be guarded with your very life."

"Is not this picture fearful?" Indeed it is!
"Can you be at peace with such a concept of your home?" I shouldn't think so.
"Yet what endowed the body with the right to serve you thus except your own belief?" And there it is! And don't give me any bull about "my ego believes that" NO! You believe it. All power is given you on earth and in Heaven.

"The body is in need of no defence. This cannot be too often emphasized..."

"The “self ” that needs protection is not real. The body, valueless and hardly worth the least defence, need merely be perceived as quite apart from you, and it becomes a healthy, serviceable instrument through which the mind can operate until its usefulness is over. Who would want to keep it when its usefulness is done?"

And so we can see that the choice, while you still think choice is possible, is totally up to you. You don't have to be afraid of your resurrection. Now is the time and here is the place. There is nothing to fear. So you can say this out loud and mean it.

“This is my Easter time. And I would keep It holy.
I will not defend myself, Because the Son of God needs no defence
Against the truth of his Reality.”

Looking At Fear

Fear of God, fear to go home. There is nothing to fear.  In this world there appears to be many things which arouse fear in you. The Course will express the idea that "nothing real can be threatened". While that may seem reasonable to you as a concept, how does that effect you as an experience of being in this world? When you are afraid, things aren't always so black and white. The panic and anxiety tend to make you unreasonable, that is why training your mind is so important. Here's Jesus talking about the action of looking at your fear but also the need to understand that it is nothing but a mask to hide the deep cause.

"Fear is a symptom of your deep sense of loss. If, when you perceive it in others, you learn to SUPPLY the loss, the basic CAUSE of fear is removed..."

If there is no loss in you, there can be no loss in anyone, that is why He expresses it as "when you perceive it in others" because they are nothing but a reflection of your mind.

"...Thereby you teach yourself that fear does not exist in You, for you have in yourself, the means for removing it, and have demonstrated this by giving it. Fear and love are the only emotions of which you are capable. One is false, for it was made out of denial, and denial Depends on the real belief in what is denied for its own existence."

"By interpreting fear correctly, as a positive affirmation of the underlying belief it masks, you are undermining its perceived usefulness by rendering it useless. Defenses which do not work AT ALL are AUTOMATICALLY discarded. If you raise what fear conceals to CLEAR-CUT, UNEQUIVOCAL PRE-DOMINANCE, fear becomes meaningless. You have denied its power to conceal love, which was its only purpose. The mask which YOU have drawn across the face of Love has disappeared."

"If you would look upon Love, which IS the world's reality, how could you do better than to recognize, in every defense AGAINST it, the underlying appeal FOR it? And how could you better learn of its reality, than by answering the appeal for it by GIVING it? The Holy Spirit's interpretation of fear DOES dispel it, for the AWARENESS of truth cannot BE denied. Thus does the Holy Spirit replace fear with love, and translate error into truth. And thus will YOU learn of Him how to replace your dream of separation with the fact of unity. For the separation is only the DENIAL of union, and, correctly interpreted, attests to your eternal knowledge that union is true."ACIM ~ The Mechanism of Miracles

There is only love. When you come across anything else, it must be fear, which is simply a lack of love but as you supply the lack, the fear will disappear because there is no such thing as fear

Obstacles to Peace - The Fear of God

There in nothing to fear.  Here is a very reasonable question from Jesus;

"What would you see, WITHOUT the fear of death? What would you feel and think, if death held NO attraction for you?"

He is saying that you are attracted to death. Well of course! It's your final solution. If things don't work out you actually think you can die and everything will be better. Hmmm, the problem is YOU CAN'T DIE! What is so funny is the thing that you fear the most is actually what attracts you. The human condition is very strange.

So do you want to know the answer to Jesus' question?

"Very simply, You would remember your Father. The Creator of life, the Source of everything that lives, the Father of the Universe, and of the Universe of universes, and of everything that lies even BEYOND them, would you remember. And, as this Memory rises in your mind, peace must still surmount a final obstacle, AFTER which is salvation completed, and the Son of God ENTIRELY restored to sanity. For here your world DOES end."

"The fourth obstacle to be surmounted, hangs like a heavy veil before the face of Christ. Yet as His face rises beyond it, shining with joy because He is in His Father's Love, peace will lightly brush the veil aside and run to meet Him, and to JOIN with Him at last. For this dark veil, which seems to make the face of Christ Himself like to a leper's, and the bright rays of His Father's Love which light His face with glory, appear as streams of blood, fades in the blazing light BEYOND it, when the fear of death is gone."

"This is the darkest veil, - upheld by the belief in death, and protected by its attraction. The dedication to death and to its sovereignty is but the solemn vow, the promise made in secret to the ego, never to lift this veil, not to approach it, nor even to SUSPECT that it is there. This is the secret bargain, made with the ego, to keep what lies BEYOND the veil forever blotted out and unremembered. Here is your promise never to allow union to call you OUT of separation; the great amnesia in which the memory of God seems quite forgotten; the cleavage of your Self from you; THE FEAR OF GOD, the final step in your dissociation."

Wow, the fear of God has to be the strangest idea you could ever come up with. But I guess if you still carry the intense guilt, of your failed attempt to exclude God then being afraid would be justified. But you have never been able to be separate from God or Reality. God doesn't judge and He is not waiting to punish you. He loves you, now and forever. So beyond fear, beyond the veil is a surprise that will take your breath away.

"See how the belief in death would seem to 'save' you. For, if this is gone, what can you fear but life? It is the attraction of death that makes life seem to be ugly, cruel, and tyrannical. You are no more afraid of death than of the ego. These are your chosen FRIENDS. For, in your secret alliance with them, you have agreed never to let the fear of God be lifted, so you could look upon the face of Christ, and join Him in His Father. Every obstacle that peace must flow across is surmounted in just the same way; the fear that RAISED it yields to the love beneath, and so the fear is gone. And so it is with this."
ACIM ~ The Obstacles to Peace - The Fear of God

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