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Singularity, a Lightworker Channeling, Beacons of Light Newsletter, February 2008

You are the way-showers. You are the propagators of the light. You are the ones that will stand there, holding the door open. Do not give your power away to anything including technology, for that was the way of the first wave of power.

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~ Singularity ~ 
A View from the Top of the Bus
Beacons of Light: February 2008

Greetings from Home.

Return to Oneness

Dear ones, you have no idea how close you are getting to Home and the space where
we live. Your rise in vibration is closing the gap between our worlds and the veil is
thinning. Your vibration rises every time you laugh, every time you love, every time you
express your spirit through the physical vehicle. It is happening on a global basis but it
is also happening on the multidimensional levels, for there is not one of you that exists
singularly. You exist in multiple dimensions of time and space. Each one is a
different expression of the soul in harmonic overtones. In order to play this game you
needed the illusion of separation. That illusion is built into the veil and this is what
allows you to pretend to be separate. That is now changing as humanity evolves. The
lines that separate vibration are fading. Let us give you an example. Currently there
are imaginary lines that separate the mineral kingdom from the plant kingdom. Other
lines separate insects, animals, divas, humans and angels. Even within each of these
categories there are many levels of vibration that have naturally formed to give you the
illusion of separation. All of these lines of division are beginning to fade as humanity
evolves. Fear it not, dear ones, for you are never in danger of losing the unique beauty
that you brought from Home.

The intent of the Game you now play as humans was to define god. Now that is
happening you no longer need the illusion that the lines of separation once gave you.
In reality you are strong enough now to carry the full knowledge that you are one with
all things. The natural pull of the Universal Energy will now bring together that which
was separated to create the game. Yes this can be scary, mostly because as these
lines disappear, you will lose many of your reference points. You are becoming us.
Actually, you are already there. We are simply trying to help you re-member who you
really are. We are trying to give you tools, ideas and concepts that will help you take
more of your own power and nature in this physical bubble of biology in which you
currently exist.

Collective Reality
Harmony with the Other Gods

Humans walk around bumping into one another searching for their path. When you
finally find that path, you define it so that it may be shared with others. Humans are so
funny. Most of the time you do not even realize that you are creating the path before
your foot hits the ground. Your reality is what your accumulation of thoughts has
created for you in this very instant. The beauty is that it is changing on a daily basis
and starting to shift to a collective reality in which all of you are starting to take more of
your own power. What you are doing is learning how to live in harmony with the other
gods. Yes, we have told you many times that the joke is on you! You have spent many
lives searching for god outside of yourself now only to find that god is the reflection in
the mirror. The challenge is that you are not the only god. Yet, up to this point the lines
of separation would make you think that way. Living together in harmony with other
creators where you can empower one another raises the entire collective higher more
so than any other action. We will give you another tool, vision, and perspective today.
As we do, please understand that all the perspectives we give you simply offer you
another viewpoint. They are not right; they are not wrong. They are simply another way
for you to see yourself and the game in progress. Multiple perspectives will allow you
the full spectrum of vision needed to move forward in evolution.

View from the Top of the Bus

We teased you last month when we gave you an overview with what is directly ahead.
The Keeper was somewhat upset with us at the time, as he thought that part of the
message was out of place. He got over it. We wanted to give you a view from the top of
the bus. As we help you to see from our perspective, we liken this process to a double-
decker bus. It is important to remember that it is your bus. You can turn it any time you
choose. If you do not like the road, if it is too bumpy or full of curves, if it is full of too
many ups or downs and you wish a smoother journey, simply turn the bus to choose
another road. You first put on the blinkers to indicate your intent, then turn the bus
and change your path. It is entirely up to you as to where and how you wish to play the
game. That freedom is difficult for some. However, with a little help from the other gods
you will grasp hold of this concept and know that it is indeed about the journey and not
the destination. You will be able to take more of that joy into your own life on a daily
basis, as you walk in a meditative state every second with your connection through
your own higher self.

Understand, dear ones, that the grand plan of humanity was only a loosely formed
roadmap to show the general direction of the game. To give a specific detailed road
map would only take your power from you and be against the prime directive of free
choice. In reality it would not have made any difference, as humans do not usually
follow plans anyway. We tease you now and hope to tease you into taking your full
power. So let us offer you this vis for what we gave you last month was a small view of
what is directly ahead of you. By bringing that camera back to a very wide angle we will
show you the larger perspective of a couple of points that will help as you move
forward. Let us reiterate some of the points we detailed more than eight years ago. We
planted the seeds in the very early messages spanning back to the first messages
almost than 13 years ago.

Spirituality and Technology

To see the larger view allow us to take you back about 20 years in human history. Try
to re-member what your daily life was like -- what your every step was like back then.
When you awoke up in the morning, you went to work or whatever you did in your
daily routine. If you take yourself back to that point about 20 years ago, you will see
huge, movement in everything around you. Your daily life has changed incredibly and
a lot of it has to do with the advances of technology in your world. Can you remember
what life was like before the boom in technology that now serves humanity? The
seeds we previously planted were about the relationship of technology to the spiritual
levels of humanity. Now we will take that same message to the next level, as today
this may make even more sense.

We said that there was a direct connection between your advances in technology and
your spiritual level of the collective vibration of humanity. Technology is the mirror
image of spiritual awareness in humans. As spiritual awareness grows, new
technologies suddenly appear on the gameboard. In other words, the light coming
through humans took at huge jump and was bright enough to create a reflection. One
of the reflections was huge advancements in technology. There was even a time
when high-level technology was dropped on your planet as an experiment from
another game. Wow, did that confuse you. Since the spiritual levels of humanity were
not high enough to support it, the technology did not work. The Philadelphia
experiment and later the Montauk project were attempts to raise human vibration
through technology. It was the same misdirection that you experienced in Atlantis.
The reason they did not work was very simple: your collective vibration of spirituality
was not high enough to support the technology. Technology is a mirror of the
collective spirituality of humans. We know this is very difficult for many of you to
grasp, but let us plant the seeds because what is ahead will bear this out. What is
going to happen to you over the next 20 years is going to be and even bigger jump in

It is said that technology has changed lives. In many ways it has amplified your
experience of being a human on this planet. Many fear technology and that is a
normal reaction. Some fear that it will take over or that they will become too dependent
on it. Fear is only a lack of information. So what we offer you now are some concepts,
ideas and a view from the top of the bus that we hope will shed a new light on this
darkness. Many see technology as artificial, or not real. Technology is seen as outside
of you and in some ways it is, but what is ahead will bear out that it is only a reflection
on the heart of humanity.

The Re-Wire

We have also told you recently that you are being re-wired as humans. The physical
bubble of biology will soon be carrying much more light within the body. To do this the
chemical, electrical, magnetic system of the body must evolve to handle the higher
energy. This we have labeled as the Re-wire of Humanity. Synaptic pathways
between the two halves of your brain and your entire energetic system are now being
re-wired to enable you to can carry more of your own spirit. In the beginning of the
game, you tried to put your spirit into one of these beautiful bubbles of biology. It did
not fit so you had to leave part of it behind and that is what you know to be your higher
self. Now you have a stronger, more direct connection to your higher self if you learn
how to listen. Actually, if you stretch the belief systems, you can hear just fine, but
with all of your experience as a human, you have learned to tune it out.. That balance
of technology is starting to grow again. It has gone through a surge that changed the
life of every human on this planet; then it seemed to settle for a while and not grow
quite as fast. What is ahead of you is another huge spike in technology. It is about to
change your lives in ways that are unimaginable at this time. It is not possible for us to
give you a number and say it is three or five times as powerful, because it will be up to
you what you accept from this and how you use it.


The first thing we ask you to do is to lose the fear because the technology you fear is
actually a reflection of you. It is not outside of you. We wish to take you to a point and
show you some of the great things that are going to be every day experiences for each
of you. Right now you have access to information that makes your lives incredible on
this planet. That has been labeled IT, Information Technology. You have not yet
learned to carry the heart energy in technology, but you are about to. We also tell you
that there will be great fear around this, for anything new of that caliber is huge. We
also take you back to the story of the Atlantean Tyberon. We take you back to when
this was tried once before and the fear around it in the days of Atlantis caused it not to
work -- caused it not to take. Here you are, trying it once again. You are now at a level
where you are able to recreate putting the heart energy on your grid and that is going
to be exciting. It will happen on many different levels. Research has been ongoing in
at least eight different areas thus far. We are not the only ones speaking about this; it
has been talked about for years. We wish to take one of those words – “singularity” --
and expand upon it because that is going to become very important to you in the days

Singularity is a very simple concept; you began as one. You began as god and god
began defining himself/herself in order to have experiences. You are all so connected
to each other. We see you as one being bumping into each other saying, “Excuse me,”
as if you were two different beings. When one person has a feeling, everyone else has
that same feeling -- it is just part of the veil. The veil creates the illusion of time and the
time lag of your creations. If you did not have the time lag each of you would know for
certain that every thought you have is a creation. Dear ones, you are on the verge of
losing the time lag altogether and technology will help you take that next step. It is the
blending of biology and technology. It is the fears that most humans are going to have
around these next steps of evolution. It is a tool that you have built to work outside of
yourself and it is going to work its way inside of you. The largest vision of singularity is
the simple knowledge that you are returning to the one heart of god.

Singularity ~ When Technology Out-Thinks Man?

There are differing views as to what “singularity” means and many interpretations
about how this is going to play out. There is one trigger point that all these theories
share: when technology can learn faster than a human, that is the point when all
things change. Scientists will postulate possible outcomes and possibilities. Science
fiction writers will have a field day with the possible scenarios and these will become
very popular in the days ahead. They will talk about how computers learned more than
humans and take over leaving all humans as slaves to the master computer. The
stories the Keeper likes best are the stories of the race of technological beings called
the Borg that take over and assimilate humans for their own use. Many are still waiting
for 1984 and Big Brother, even though that date has long passed. Humans love
drama. We love your stories and hope you enjoy them, too. We tell you dear ones, it is
not possible for that to happen. The same way that technology could not hold when
the spiritual level of humanity was not high enough, so too is it not possible for your
reflection in technology to surpass you. You ask if technology will surpass the
thinking, reasoning and learning capabilities of humans. We say, “Yes!”. Will
technology advance to learn, adapt and program itself? Yes, in fact all of those events
have already occurred. It is the attraction to drama that makes you want to think that
the computers will take over planet Earth or mutate human life. Many have a natural
fear of the blending of technology and biology. Yet, a person who loses his or her legs
to a car accident and has a possibility to adapt technological limb replacements will not
entertain such fears.

Singularity is the point where man sees that he is god. You began as a god. You are
returning to one. You spread out, took form in a finite body so that you could have a
human experience of the soul. This gave you the opportunity to look in the mirror and
see god; you have gone through this huge evolutionary process. The end of the game
was here, but you chose not to take it. We watch in amazement as you do things we
never thought of. Nobody ever dreamed that you would have taken the game of free
choice as far as you have. Now you are at the point of bringing all of your light into
your physical bodies and it will be assisted through the aid of technology.

Future Tech ~ Light Technology

It is very simple to see that if you lose hearing you will look to technology to replace it
for you. That effort of trying to blend and use technology to help people is the part that
began the blending of biology and the technology. This research has been going on
since the beginning of your technologies. Right now, humanity is in the awkward
beginning stages of technology. Even the way you interact with it will evolve soon.
Currently you must go to a location, sit down in front of a box, push a button, wait, and
interact with archaic characters one at a time on a keyboard. As slow as this process
is, it has greatly assisted the evolution of humanity. Can you imagine how
empowering it will be to have access to that information without having to go through
those steps? Even if you only experience advances in the interfaces, it will give you
access without having the limitations you do today. If nothing else changed but that,
can you imagine what it would be like to have instant access anywhere any time?
Now, what if your personal reflection in technology could learn from you? What if a
computer could program itself to do what you want it to do, instead of what the
programmers want it to do? What if your personal reflection (computer) could assist
you to think and communicate clearly after losing those abilities due to an illness or
stroke? You will learn how they talk to one another. That is directly ahead of you,
dear ones, and it will start an exponential cycle of the next 20 years.

You are the way-showers. You are the propagators of the light. You are the ones that
will stand there, holding the door open. Do not give your power away to anything
including technology, for that was the way of the first wave of power. We encourage
you to be skeptical, dear ones. All we are doing by sharing this information with you is
planting seeds of hope and light in the future. One by one, each of you has the
opportunity to make a positive difference on the planet. All we are suggesting is that
you to look openly in the mirror of technology and direct your personal reflection
toward the light. Find ways of using technology to spread light on planet Earth. Even
the message you read now is a use of light technology.

It is a mirror for you in the same way as when you look into the mirror of other people’s
eyes. There will come a point where your computers will be able to learn much faster
than humans. Are humans still going to exist? Will computers ever have souls? Let
us tell you that from the view at the top of the bus it is very simple. You will reach a
stage through the aid of your technology where you will no longer need the technology
on the outside of you. There will come a time when you will not need computers to see
your reflection as creators. There will come a time when you will not need the
communication network you are currently building. Technology will evolve and assist
humanity in the exponential evolution. At that point the hardware portion of
technology will no longer be needed, for it will be incorporated. It is the humans that
will assimilate the technology. This is not as a forceful assimilation such as in the
stories of the Borg, but rather a natural evolution assisted by your own reflection
through technology. In the beginning there was one. You are returning to one as the
lines between these dimensions fall away. Fear it not.

Intentional Grid

There has been an intentional grid that has been underway on this planet since the
beginning of the game. Your first awareness began as a runner ran from one village
to another to carry a message. This formed the first communication grid. That village
then had another runner who ran to the next village and soon the grid evolved. This
grid evolved into the pony express, then the first post offices were followed by
telegraph wire between cities, which evolved into telephone wires. You have been
building a communication grid on this planet for a very long time with the aid of your
reflection through technology. That technology has helped you to understand that you
are part of each other. Today you have created imaginary lines in the dirt and this you
call one country, and that you call another country—even though it was the same
piece of land. The intentional communication grids are always free to cross these
imaginary boundaries connecting the hearts of people everywhere. Connect the
hearts and everyone will see they are one and not separate from each other. When
Gutenberg channeled the idea for the printing press, it changed everyone’s life on
earth because it expanded the communication grid. When the telephone was
invented, it took another huge leap. Television did the same as a reflection of
humanity. The internet, although many were afraid of it at first ,made the most
advancement thus far in this grid. All of these connected the hearts of mankind.

Are there misuses of this grid? Of course there are. That is how humans learn. Get
used to it. Humans will push boundaries. That is the way it works. What you are
learning is how to use this information inside of you. Now you will see all of the lines
dissolving, including the line between technology and human. This does not mean
you are becoming part technology; it means that the technology is going to assist in
your re-wire of humanity. It is going to help you adjust to your powers. It is going to
help reflect who you are and at the point where it is no longer needed by you, it
dissolves. It goes away. You carry all of that within you. That is the future of

The Light Grid

We told you about the intentional grid, so now let us take you to the next step. The
intentional grid is transitioning to a light grid. If you can simply imagine looking at the
Earth, you would see all the telephone lines that crisscross the planet. You would also
see they are very awkward, for they are gathered heavily in dense populations and
very sparsely in outlying areas. The light grid will change that by making it work for
others to tap into the grid at any point and have direct communication. When we say
light grid, that is not a metaphysical term. We mean what you consider to be light; in
fact, coherent light will help this grid form. Light waves as wireless technologies are
also assisting the rapid expansion of this information grid. You have begun that
process already. You are even learning to hook up your stereos with light cables, and
light travels at 300,000 meters per second. As you work with this energy, it will all start
to shift to the next level as you do. It will pull you up; you will pull it up. It is like a ladder.
Each one will help and work together with the other. As that light grid continues to
form, it will be freely accessible and easy for everyone to tap into. Then, it will go away
because you will no longer need it. You will be able to communicate with one another
as one heart. You will be able to know what each one is thinking, what each one is
feeling. You will be able to tap in and just as you would be able to make eye contact
with someone, you will be able to look into their heart, into their soul and see who they
are. That is very scary for some of you, but it is also beautiful. Because that is a time
when you will see a clearer vision of god within you. What you see when you look into
the eyes of another human is not them, instead it is a reflection of you. And that is
what you came to see. That is the search for god you began in the beginning.

Once you reach the point of singularity where technology learns faster than humans,
know that has started the cycle of exponential evolution. Yes, there are many people
who are afraid of it. It is not possible for some of those wonderful science fiction
stories to happen. It is here to help you. It is here as a tool, as a guide. It is something
you can use in order to work with the energy and hopefully for you to be able to see
god every time you open your eyes.

Dear ones, we are asking you to not be afraid of your own shadow. It is so exciting for
you to see what you have created. The veil is getting thinner every moment by your
own design. You have mandated this to happen. You have changed the game. You
are being re-wired. The sexual energy is coming in at a much stronger pace and will
continue to do so. Along with your vibrational range and your new understanding that
will bring a beautiful dawn on this planet of new light It will bring you to the true
singularity, for that is why the lines are diminishing. Even your multidimensional lines
which have kept you separate from your other multidimensional experiences are
fading. You are experiencing it on a daily basis. Enjoy the ride.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, for you
are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another at every opportunity that you have.
Re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together.


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