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Synergy, a Lightworker Channeling, from Beacons of Light Newsletter, March, 2008

Just re-member, you do not have to die to go toward the light. Have a wonderful day. Go outside, enjoy the sun and know that it is coming from your heart for the magic is within you.

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~ Redefining Competition by Finding the Other Gods ~
Beacons of Light March 2008

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, you had your names on these chairs long before you got here. You asked
to be placed in exactly the right spot to find your purpose to bring the energy of Home
into your world. This task takes great courage. You have already shown great courage
in your actions of putting on a veil to play the game. It is this veil that makes you forget
your powers, abilities and your true magnificence. You chose bravely and proudly to
go in blind, to bump into each other along the path and to feel alone.


Today we wish to help you re-member. Dear ones, there were millions of beings, of
souls who stepped aside so that you could be here at this moment and they are so
incredibly proud of you. They are cheering you on every chance they get and they are
there to help clear the path just in front of you. You think it is magical or sometimes
you think that you are magical. Sometimes you believe it is your guides or angels in
heaven but most of the time it is the beings that stepped aside so that you could be
here on Earth now.

There is an energy at Home that has now changed. Heaven has not been the same
since you left. We tell you that when you finally leave the body and return Home, there
will be a celebration like you cannot imagine. Many of you will say, "I did not do
anything special. Why celebrate me? I did not save the world or stop hunger or war."
But you did in your heart. Keep in mind also, dear ones, that this celebration is not just
about you. For these are not your accomplishments alone. All the gifts that you have
contributed also belong to each one of the souls that stepped aside for you to go in.
When you passed them in the line they placed on you their hopes and dreams. They
instantly became your greatest supporters and have been just over your shoulder from
the day you were born. You will come back in contact with them as your choices allow,
for now the direction of man is about the connection to all things because now
everyone is whole again. That is the part that is starting to happen on Earth. You will
not wait until you come Home to connect with these souls. They will begin to contact
you soon. You humans are so imaginative. We love the way you think. You are
starting to connect here while you are still in the physical body. That is bringing
Heaven to Earth. (Here the group spoke directly to many people who were looking over
their shoulder.)

What to Watch For

There are new opportunities and new challenges as a result of this contact and we
offer you suggestions for those connections. There are new ways of receiving
guidance in this energy, so let us share a few of the ideas that will help. We have
been planting seeds about opportunities and concepts for a very long time, which will
become more important to you as you evolve the collective vibration of humanity.
Today we wish to offer another piece of this. We have spoken about the rewire that is
going on. All humans everywhere are forming new wiring throughout their physical
being to enable them to carry more light. More of your light and your own higher self
can fit into the new body. The challenges in the meantime are going to mean change.
Humans resist change. That is part of your nature. Even though all change leads to
something better, you naturally resist it, so welcome the change. Allow yourself to flow
in the experience of life rather than become attached to a concept, a thought or a belief
system. As this happens, everything is going to start shifting: all of your previous
paradigms, all of your previous belief systems and the connections you have to each
other as well as the connections you have to Home are all getting stronger. You are
moving from the field of duality where you see everything as opposites-up and down,
right and wrong-to a field of triality with a new connection to the higher self. The new
connection lets you see more of the way we see it a Home. It lets you see more of
what your human experience is all about for that is what you are doing.

You are spirits pretending to have a human experience so that you can define god, so
that you can see yourselves and the experience of all humanity. Let us give you a
new concept today for we will start planting many of these seeds of living in the higher
vibrations of the New Planet Earth but first, we will caution you not to give your power
away to us or any message. It is important that you honor the discernment within your
own being for your spirit knows what is right for you at this moment. We ask you to run
everything that we say or give you through your own filters and take only those pieces
which resonate with your heart. Do not give that away to us or to anyone. Hold that
sacred to you because that is your individual piece. That is your unique part of god that
will never go away. You will develop it. You will find ways of making it stronger and
bringing more of the light into the physical body. As the rewire happens, new synaptic
pathways and ways of communicating between the two halves of the brain are shifting
radically every day. This can also cause more of a separation anxiety. It can make
many of you feel alone and unsettled. Many times this will affect relationships
because when you build a relationship on one level and your harmonic vibrations
suddenly rise to another level, you may feel alone at first. It does not mean that you
are alone. It is not possible for you to be alone because you are part of everything and
everyone, including us. Yet it may feel that way in the beginning, so we will give you a
new concept, a new idea, a new process. With this enlarged view we are going to take
the word competition and show you a new way to look at it.

Redefining the Word Competition

For a very long time, there have been the positives and the negatives of competition.
There has been competition where one must succeed, one must do better than all the
rest. The good part is that when you have a runner running beside you, it is easier to
beat your own personal record and therefore, one person competing with another has
good effects. The negative effects are that it encourages the illusion of separation. So,
let us rewrap this into the new concepts of the higher vibrations and look at this for
what it truly is from a new idea, a new perspective. No longer is it necessary to be in
the first wave of empowerment. The first wave is follow the leader. Now you are
stepping into the second wave of empowerment which is follow yourself. It is infinitely
more difficult to follow yourself than it is to follow in the footsteps of another before
you. Now we are asking you as teachers to start grasping that concept and start
walking beside your students in an expression of unity where you can be seen and
they can see, and you can walk together as one growing together at different levels.
Then we ask you to take that into the area of competition because it has always been
about separation. Now we ask you to dissolve those walls and start looking at
competition as unity for you can make a difference on this planet if you will only
connect hearts. If you only connect one-tenth of the hearts on this planet, there will be
no room for war; there will be no room for separation. There will be no room for
competition in the old energy-the way it used to be. We ask that you now look at this
as a synergy of working together with people for that part of competition where you
used to be able to run faster because you had someone pushing you, now that energy
can now be brought into you and carried with you into everything you do without the
separation. This is synergy. Synergy is working in cooperation with all things around
you. It is an area of working with grace where you are starting to connect to all things
and all people, where you can walk on the grass in a pristine meadow and it will grow
stronger, not weaker, because you stepped on it. You will not damage it, but it will
benefit from your passing that way. There is a connection of grace with all things and if
you now look at that in the areas where you used to look in competition, you will see
that it has changed You have shifted your energy. You are high vibrational beings
still playing a game in a low-vibrational world. By leading that way, you are bringing
everyone up with you...everyone around you. It does not make any difference who
wins the game or who crosses the finish line first. Everyone is going faster. Everyone
is improving because all of you can be in it together and that is a different type of
competition. That is a new energy competition that will work as a synergy, as a part of
everyone together.

The Other Gods

Now, we take it a step further. We mentioned many times that you are god. There is
great resistance to that for all of you are here in ego. It is necessary for you to carry the
ego in order for you to carry the veil. It is where the veil is located. In order to do that,
when we say that you are god, you have a great resistance to that, you say, "Oh no. I
am not god. You must be talking about someone else." It is very difficult for you to see
that in yourselves, but you can see it through the eyes of other people. You can see it
through the effect you have on people when you find your passion, when you have
the courage to step into what you really love to do. That is when it starts coming out, for
the creativity will equal the passion and that is a point we will bring up over and over
and over again as you move forward. As you begin to understand the concepts we are
starting to lay out for you, take only those pieces that resonate with you at this moment
in your own evolution. Take them in your heart and call them your own for they are
yours, but take the opportunity to connect because you are god-you just are not the
only god. Your competition, your new energy way of dealing with synergy will be in
recognizing and helping to awaken the other gods.

Focus on Connection vs Separation

There was a time in Lemuria where you advanced, you ascended-Lemuria did not
sink, it ascended-Atlantis sank, but not Lemuria. There had to be a balance. Lemuria
ascended off the planet and your intention at that point was to hold the door open for
everyone else, to be there from the heart energy, to work with it, to step forward and
hold the door open so that everyone could follow, but even that separation caused a
ripple in the energy of All That Is that ended up sinking Atlantis. There will be no more
separation, dear ones. That is the biggest thing we can tell you. Every part of your daily
life whether it is in business, in sports, in love relationships will be about connecting
the hearts of others around you. There are no more secrets on this planet. You can
now see straight through the illusion. You know it in your heart even if you hear
someone telling you otherwise, you know in your heart what is right. We ask you to
stay with that first, to trust yourself and look at ways of finding the other gods and
helping them to awaken, for that is what creates Heaven on Earth and that is what will
start the new synergy of competition on the New Earth.

Your Piece from Home

Dear ones, you have come so very far, so very fast. You have no idea of the
differences you have made already. We tell you it is not visible yet on your TV news
stations. We tell you that if you read the newspaper every day you will not see the
advancements we are speaking of, but they are there. There is a quiet revolution going
on throughout all of humanity and one day you will wake up and I will be speaking the
same language, and you will think it is magical. It will be like the Twilight Zone episode
where everyone wakes up but cannot re-member how they got there, but all of a
sudden, there you are. That is happening today through the courage of those of you
who are standing in your own energy, searching for your passion, looking for the piece
of the puzzle that you brought from Home. You may not know what it is. You may look
around you and think that everybody else is very magical but you have nothing to say.
Trust us. You would not be sitting here. You would not have your name on the chair.
You would not be watching this broadcast or reading these words if you did not have
something incredibly important to give to humanity. You came with a part of the
puzzle. Your greatest dream was that humanity would start to awaken before the end
of the Game. You started to awaken at the last minute and extended it again. You are
so imaginative, but it was incredible to see what has happened. Now you call and you
ask for the grand plan, "What is ahead? What is supposed to happen?" There is no
grand plan. You are creating it every step of the way and it is magical. Because of that,
you have capabilities of connecting hearts that were never imagined when you first
devised this game.

When you first started pretending to be separate from the whole, when you first started
playing the game pretending to be a human, you had some of the greatest dreams that
maybe you would be able to look into the eyes of god. All it takes now is a mirror. You
will also see that mirror in other people's eyes and other people's hearts because that
is the god energy that every one of you shares. It is not that one person is the index
finger and another person is the right toe. You are not separate parts of god. You hold
everything within your own cellular memories. You all have access to the magic. At
first, it is scary not only for you, but for the people around you to see the energy coming
out. But Fear is only a lack of information. Fear is only darkness where light can shine.
Dare to shine the light. Dare to smile. The smile alone is enough to light a dark room.
The smile lets the spirit of your being through your new connection to your higher self
emanate energy and touch other hearts even without speaking a word, without
connecting in the traditional sense. You have those capabilities now more than ever
before and if you doubt it, all you have to do is take a deep breath and smile. In that
instant, those billions of souls who stepped aside so that you could be here on this
planet at this moment will be behind you and sending their love and their energy
through your smile every step of the way.

A New Way of Teaching

It is such a joy to see you. It is such a joy to be with you. We have been with you from
the beginning of time but you did not ask us to be part of your existence until you
reached a certain level. Then you came to us for answers but we would not give them
for it is not our job to give you answers. It is our job to help you re-member your
questions for all of those answers are in you, not outside of yourself. Finding them
gives you a soul confidence that will help you take all these paradigms to the next
level. They will help bring all of humanity up with you for never again will the rip of
separation occur that happened in the days of Lemuria. Now, nobody leaves until all of
you leave, so understand that your ascension process is limited by the lowest person
on the scale, because you are a part of them in the same way that you are a part of us.
It is not that you need to find the lower people. Doing it in your heart, taking your step,
owning your power, speaking your own truth is the piece that will help you to step
forward and to bring all of humanity up. It will be like the 100th monkey theory. One
day you will wake up and all of you will understand that you are in the fifth dimension
already. That magic is right in front of you.

We love to give you suggestions. We love to tease you. We love to give you concepts
and ideas that make you think and hopefully help you to re-member your questions
because that is the magic. There is applause that is happening on the other side of this
veil. It is so great to see that we hope you feel it in your heart the way we feel it here for
it is so strong that the thunder could not ever match what we are hearing now. You are
the brave hearts. You are the ones that stepped forward and said, "I will do it. I will carry
a part of Home and I will pretend not to re-member. I will pretend to look in the mirror
and find only fault. I will pretend that I am separate from everyone else and I will
pretend to be alone." But you are not alone and that could never happen. You are part
of us. We are part of you but more importantly, you are part of each other and one heart
at a time you will change this world and bring Heaven to Earth. We are very proud to
stand back and watch as you create the New Earth. The Keeper heard a saying
recently and he will probably put it on a t-shirt because he loves doing things like that.
Just re-member, you do not have to die to go toward the light. Have a wonderful day. Go
outside, enjoy the sun and know that it is coming from your heart for the magic is
within you.

We ask you only to treat the other gods with respect for they are part of you. Nurture
one another and make the path easier for another at every opportunity that you have.
Re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together.

The group

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