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Excerpts from Louise Hay, April 2006 Newsletter

As we feel our oneness with all of life, we’ll drop anger, hatred, prejudice, and the need to be judgmental. As we become one with the healing power of the Universe, we’ll no longer need illness.

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LouIse’s Daily Affirmations

A - I am a “Yes” person.

A - If I dwell on what I don’t want, then I will get
more of it.

A - I affirm only the good in my life.

A - My happiness is an inside job.

People have been asking me questions on a variety of subjects for many years. Almost all of them have wanted to change themselves—and their world—in some way. I’ve tried to be the catalyst that helps these individuals accomplish their goals. I think of myself as a stepping-stone on a pathway of self-discovery. It’s my belief that sometimes we can use what we learn from others to make changes in our
own lives.

I hope you feel that my work has helped you realize that you, too, have the strength to change and to find solutions on your own—that is, to seek the answers that are within you.

Deep at the center of our being is an infinite well of love, an infinite well of joy, an infinite well of wisdom. This is true for each and every one of us.

Yet how often do we get in touch with these treasures within? Do we do it once a day? Once in a while? Or are we totally unaware that we have these infinite treasures?

These treasures are part of our spiritual connection and are vital to our well-being. A healthy body, a happy mind, and a good, strong spiritual connection are all necessary for our overall balance and harmony. One of the major benefits is that we can live wonderful, creative, fulfilling lives and we’ll automatically release so many burdens that most people carry.
We’ll no longer need to be fearful or carry shame and guilt.

As we feel our oneness with all of life, we’ll drop anger, hatred, prejudice, and the need to be judgmental. As we become one with the healing power of the Universe, we’ll no longer need illness.

And, I believe, we’ll be able to reverse the aging process.

Burdens are what age us; they drag down our spirits. We need to practice getting in touch with our inner treasures every day. The truth of our being is that we’re filled with unconditional love, and people living this truth can change the world. We’re filled with incredible joy. We’re filled with serene peace. We’re connected to infinite wisdom. What we need to do is to know it and live it. Today we’re mentally preparing for tomorrow.

My friend Caroline Myss says: “People tend to approach their healing in two ways: One group is inclined to maximize their healing response: ‘Is that all I have to do to recover my health?’ The other complains about how much effort their healing program requires of them: ‘I’ve got to do all that?’ Nothing is too much for the first group who sees the recovery of their health as a goal worthy of every ounce of their time and effort. Whereas the ‘All that?’ group approaches their healthier lifestyle as if it were a burden.”

What a wise woman Caroline is!

The thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the beliefs we accept do shape our tomorrows. Remember, there are many questions we may have about life that are beyond our current understanding. That’s part of our spiritual learning—to continually expand our understanding of this magnificent experience called Life.

No soul has ever been harmed and therefore doesn’t need
redemption. It’s our personalities that need to be reminded
that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, not
the other way around. As we grow spiritually, we see the
perfection of all life.

Give yourself time to listen to your own inner wisdom, your Higher
Self. No person can be totally in touch with the plethora of knowledge within them without taking time each day to meditate. Sitting in silence is one of the most valuable things we can do.

Use these affirmations to help you find those answers within:

A - The power that created the world beats my heart.

A - I have a strong spiritual connection.

A - Life supports me at every turn.

A - I feel at one with all of life.

A - I believe in a loving Divine Presence.

A - I trust life to be there for me.

A - I have a special guardian angel.

A - I am divinely guided and protected at all times.

A - I am always progressing on the path of spiritual growth.

A - I am safe and all is well in my world.

Corner Meditation:

The world is a work of art, and so am I. For me
to contribute positively to this ongoing creation, it’s
necessary that I trust the process of life. We trust
that our next breath is there. Let’s begin to trust that
other things will be there for us also.

I confidently go within and anchor my thoughts in
Truth and love. I ask for the guidance of the Universe as
I make my way safely through stormy seas and
calm, blissful weather. My job is to stay in the present
moment and to choose clear, simple, positive thoughts
and words.

I know it isn’t necessary or even possible to have
a reason for everything. I do know that I was born a
beautiful and trusting soul. I take a moment now to
treasure the mysterious and invisible process of life
that I am. I trust myself.

Pensamientos del Corazon:
Tu no eres tu padre, ni eres tu
madre. No eres ninguno de tus
familiares. No eres los maestros que
tu viste en la escuela,ni las limitaciones
de tus primeras ensenanzas religiosas.
Eres tu mismo. eres especial y unico,
tienes tus propios talentos y tus
propias capacidades. Nadie puede
hacer las cosas exactamente como
tu las huces. No hay competicion ni
comparacion posibles. Eres digno
de tu propio amor y de tu propia
aceptacion. Eres un ser magnifico.
Eres libre. Reconocelo como la nueva
verdad sobre ti mismo. Y asi es.

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