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day 6   15 y  
I will pretty much give anything a go at this point. I just want to feel better.
weight: 103.5 mood: depressed I will do a parasite cleanse when this is over. I think that very well could be a contributing factor. I will pretty much give anything a go at this point. I just want to feel better. a friend took pictures of me today and I looked so f-ing terrible. my face looked saggy...I just looked like crap. Iím aging and I donít like it.   visit the page

day 5   15 y  
still holding at 105
still holding at 105. I decided that I would try to not have the electrolyte lemonade today and if I feel really awful see if the coconut water does the job. I think why it helps so much is because itís full of potassium. I think my blood pressure is dropping. I have meetings today and need to be coherent. some positives: my moods have been pretty good. I feel more peaceful. Iím sstarting to feel like I can stay on the fast for the full 15 days.....but Iím not sure if I could if I were following it to a T.   visit the page

The End of day 4   15 y  
I've made modifications. I know already that the hard-core MCers will say, "then it's not the master cleanse". so be it
Iíve made it this far. But Iíve made modifications. I know already that the hard-core MCers will say, Ēthen itís not the master cleanseĒ. so be it, Iím still fasting and Iím listening to what I feel my body needs right now. And rather than crash and burn, I made a few changes. I went to this place here in NYC and they gave me a recipe for an Electrolyte lemonade that is amazing and completely lifted my out of the misery I was in. I still think about food and feel a little hunger but this is now managable. so, the lemonade has celtic sea salt in it, as well as raw virgin olive oil, fresh a ...   read more

day 3   15 y  
there's been some modifications to the fast that I'll write about later.
Iíll write a little later a more detailed blog but for now I just wanted to write that Iím here. Iím just busy. busy helps distract me and keep me going. thereís been some modifications to the fast that Iíll write about later.   visit the page

hanging in   15 y  
I don't remember day 2 being this hard
Iím having a rough patch today. I feel weak and a little shakey. I was laying down for a bit, trying to rest. But I have to go back out again to pick up my son. I donít remember day 2 being this hard. In the previous fasts I recall having a hard time day 1 evening and if I can make it over that hump, I always had a good day 2. maybe Iím forgetting the little rough patches in there? I just remember have more energy than this and not feeling quite so delicate. I feel fragile right now. hopefully Iíll pick him up and we can watch a movie and I can rest. that would be lovely.   visit the page

Highs and Lows   15 y  
maybe someone will want to have sex with me when I look hot
Iím grumpy as hell right now. But it might have more to do with the fact that the train was broken down this morning than the fast. I am having cravings. I donít feel a tremendous amount of hunger, but I am a little hungry but itís mostly cravings. I find that Iím constantly drooling. Donít worry, not on the outside of my mouth. I guess thatís not drooling, itís mouth-watering. yes. Iím salvating. (drink drink drink, yum) I got a couple of morning chore right out of the way and am about to get to work but I wanted to check in. donít give up, donít give up (this is my mantra) here are ot ...   read more

day 2, 5:45 am   15 y  
with the SWF I always find that as the days go on, it gets harder to get down. My stomach shrinks and can't fit all that water. That was even true this morning. So, what I did is quickly drink 16oz
Last night before bed I was a little freaked out. I suddenly was scared that I was going to die. I called my sister and talked to her about it. Sheís done the MC before and is smart and not on the MC currently and I figured she couuld be my voice of reason. She said itís like any addict, that my disease is trying to make me eat. It made so much sense. Itís like a drug-addictís voice will tell you, life is better with the drug, youíre better with the drug, take it, you canít function or survive with out it. But you can and in fact will be much happier, saner and will function better with ou ...   read more

I love blogs   15 y  
anyone else ever have fasting fear? Like you think you might die? just wondering.
Iím happy this BLOG section was pointed out to me. I love it. Regardless if anyone reads it or not, it helps me to write whatís going on and then whatís written is easily referenced. I can read back and reflect on how itís been going. And Iím happy some people are reading it. I think itíll be an honest account of my fast, although personal, my experience. Other people have different fasting stories. Iím often perplexed when people say they arenít hungry or they never thought about food. I do feel hungry and I do crave the hell out of food. and in previous fasts..that didnít go away. Of c ...   read more

almost the end of day 1   15 y  
I'm just trying to get through the day
let me tell you, dealing with a little one while on a fast is not the easiest thing to do! Iím just trying to get through the day. I havenít done all the exercizing I was planning on doing but thatís fine right now, I just want to make it until tomorrow. The hunger is incredible. I should drink more water. good idea. Iíve had 5 drinks so far. one cup of water. I was in good spirits most of the day. Tired. But now Iím a little on edge. I want to zone out but Iím not ABLE to. Iím trying to muster up everything I have to be a more patient loving mother. I want to shove a grilled cheese ...   read more

Day 1 Master Cleanse   15 y  
I had 4 bowel movements. Pre SWF I weighed in at 108, post waste removal I weighed 106. I thought it was amazing to have that much waste in my bowels.
I stayed up too late last night and woke up late this morning. Although I was supposed to leave my house by 7:45 AM I wasnít drinking the Salt Water Flush until 7:20. I decided not to leave. Thankfully my life is flexible. It kicked in about 10-15 minutes after drinking and lasted about an hour. I had 4 bowel movements. Pre SWF I weighed in at 108, post waste removal I weighed 106. I thought it was amazing to have that much waste in my bowels. This is my 6th MC. Each lasted about 4-7 days. Iím trying to go 15 days this time. Each time I had great results, when I did it properly. What ...   read more


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