10 day Master Cleanse
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Day 6 still going   17 y  
Inner thoughts
My mind keeps wandering to thoughts of breaking the cleanse. I canít help thinking of all the good food I want to eat and the lemonade I donít want to drink. Iím going to keep trying to fight the inner demons telling me to quit.   visit the page

Day 6   17 y  
Tough days
Iím officially half way through the cleanse. Last night was really tough for me. I wasnít in a good mood, mostly because of the emotional hunger I had. I was very tempted to just give in. Luckily I didnít, because when I woke up this morning I was definitely happy I stuck with it. I wish this was getting easier, not harder for me. Tomorrow is the tough day, tons of good food surrounding me. Iím also at the point where Iím starting to get sick of the lemonade. I think a juice cleanse would be nice because you could at least mix things up a little.   visit the page

Mid-day 5   17 y  
I'm almost halfway done with my cleanse
I just got back from my lunch break. I downed 2 water bottles full of lemonade and brought another one to work with me. Iíve got to drive over an hour after work so I need all this out of me by the time I get in the car. Still not feeling much different, except that today after my 2 bottles I wasnít as full. Hopefully my stomach is not stretching out. I donít even know if thatís possible to do with only having liquids. Anyway, Iím still thankful I havenít suffered any headaches, but the cravings are still there. Especially around lunch time here at the office, I can smell everythi ...   read more

Day 5   17 y  
Only day 5
Itís day 5! Iím really proud that Iíve made it this far. But at the same time I canít believe itís only day 5. Iím still not feeling much different. The one thing I do notice is a little more build up on my tongue. Thank goodness for my tongue scraper! My big obstacle will be this Saturday. Iím helping to host a retirement party and there is going to be so much good food there!   visit the page

Day 4 coming to an end   17 y  
This is getting harder, not easier
Iím a little discouraged at the moment. I canít stop thinking about food, especially the snickerdoodle cookies sitting on the counter right now and my favorite meal from the Cheesecake Factore -- cajun chicken littles and chocolate cake. Maybe writing it will get it out of my system. I just wish I was feeling more of a difference. I havenít had any headaches or hunger pains. So Iím thankful for that, but I wonder why I am not eliminating more. I had 1/4 tsp in all my lemonades today. I keep saying this, but Iíll say it again, maybe when I wake up tomorrow things will be different. ...   read more

Weighing in   17 y  
Almost a 10 lb difference better night and day, CRAZY
OK, so I went home at lunch and weighed myself. I was curious to see if me feeling bloated was just a feeling or if I really was holding in a lot of water. This morning I weighed 139.5 (before the SWF). At noon, after the SWF and lots of water, but before any lemonade I weighed in around 143.5. Then I had my 2 water bottles full of lemonade and weighed myself again -- I was around 147! I find it fascinating that between last night, the end of my day 3, I weighed 138.5 and just liquids could make an almost 10 lbs. difference. I think my major concern is that Iím getting everything ...   read more

Day 4, heading home for lemonade soon   17 y  
I have to keep going
These past few days I havenít been hungry, Iím just trying to get past the cravings and feeling that I need to eat even though Iím not hungry. I really hope that after this cleanse I will be able to control myself and eat like I need to. Iím about to go home and have my lemonade with my new dosing of cayenne. I did 1/4 tsp in my drink last night and am going to do it again with my lemonade today. Hopefully a full day of adding 1/4 tsp to my lemonade will really make a difference in what I am seeing and feeling. I do however feel like these 4 days Iíve been on the MC have been the ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
I'm past day 3
OK, Iíve made it to day 4. I managed to avoid the snickerdoodles last night. Though I have to admit, this morning when I saw them sitting on the counter they looked very good! I love cookies the next day -- they always taste better to me. Anyway, enough about food. Iím on day 4, Iím supposed to be past my urges. I had my SWF this morning. I just got to work and had 2 cups of water. Iím dying of thirst so Iím about to go refill my 2 cups. I finally got a scale and weighed myself last night, I weighed 138.6 lbs. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, then when ...   read more

Day 3 ending, part 2   17 y  
Tempting cookies
I forgot to mention, my roommate is currently making snickerdoodle cookies. Iím planning to run an errand once they go in the oven so I can avoid the smell as long as possible. Iím still having cravings so this is a good test to my will to resist. I just keep thinking that I canít have made it this far just to quit.   visit the page

Almost the end of day 3   17 y  
Stepping up the cayenne
OK, itís almost the end of day 3. I just have to keep saying to myself, ĒI can do this. I can do this.Ē I had my last water bottle full of lemonade and added more cayenne to the mix. From the forums Iíve learned that it is really the cayenne that is helping the cleanse along so I went to 1/4 teaspoon. It actually wasnít that bad. I normally love hot things anyway, so the extra kick was kind of nice. Iím not sure what the most cayenne is that I should use. Iíll probably stick with1/4 tsp the next few days to see if that helps with the eliminations. Iím going to let this lemonade se ...   read more

Day 3 continues   17 y  
Can't help but to feel a little discouraged
I canít help but to feel a little discouraged. I know Iím not even through my day 3 yet but I donít feel any different. I feel like I am all clogged up because Iím drinking a ton and peeing a ton, but only the morning elimations. I think Iím supposed to be having 3-4 eliminations a day....but that is not happening. Ugh. Maybe if I can just get through today things will start to change tomorrow.   visit the page

Day 3, heading home for lunch   17 y  
lemonade, lemonade, lemonade
I didnít have time to make any lemonade this morning to take to work so Iím feeling hungry. Iím going to do what I did yesterday and down two water bottle full of the lemonade. Even though that made me go to the bathroom a lot it kept me filled up for the most part. Maybe Iíll make an extra one and take it to work. Though I find itís easier for me to just sit down and drink the lemonade rather than to sip on it all day. Iím leaving for lunch in 10 min.   visit the page

Day 3   17 y  
Day 3, still going...
Iíve made it to day 3! Iím very excited. From what Iíve read it seems if you can get past day 3 youíre doing good and it gets a little easier, at least for a few days. I just got to work and am drinking tons of water. The SWF in the morning makes me so incredibly thirsty. But I guess that is a good thing. Iím just feeling really bloated. Everyone says to drink more, even when I would just be bloated and not cleansing. I donít know if it was just me, but no matter how much water I drank I would still be bloated. It was drinking less water that would help me. Who knows. Iím going ...   read more

Almost the end of day 2   17 y  
Almost the end of day 2
Itís early in the evening, almost 6:30PM. Iím about to drink my tea. Iím hoping that by drinking it early in the evening Iíll be able to sleep through the night and wonít have to get up multiple times to go to the bathroom. Itís still a struggle to not just give in to my cravings. I have this mentality that I can just have one last good meal and then I can start the cleanse over again the next day. But I know the vicious cycle would just repeat itself if I did give in. Iím hoping that if I can get through today and tomorrow those feelings will pass. Iím also really hoping that t ...   read more

Day 2, 1:22PM   17 y  
Day 2, after lunch
I just got back from lunch and I drank two water bottles full of the lemonade. Reading from the board Iím seeing people who have eliminations many times a day. Granted this is only day 2 for me but should I already be having these multiple eliminations? Weíll see, only time will tell. Iím doing good so far. I usually run into problems in the evening when I have nothing to do.   visit the page

Day 2   17 y  
Day 2 and my progress
Itís day 2 of my cleanse. Day 1 got off to a bit of a rocky start and turned into a water fast. I did the SWF in the morning and then had a P&B shake because I thougth that you were supposed to do the shakes with the Master Cleanse. Then I learned that was not right, you do the P&B shakes at a different time. Iím about to go home for lunch and make my first lemonade. I didnít have time to make one this morning so Iíve just been drinking a bunch of water. I guess Iíll have a lot to drink this afternoon. Iím hoping this blog will help hold me accountable through my full 10 days. I do ...   read more


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