Journey to the center of my Girth-14 day Master Cleanse
by need2cleanse

Day 5 addition   17 y  
eye yuk?
hey is it normal for gookey yuk to be coming out of my eyes????   visit the page

Day 5   17 y  
iccky, I nuts?
It is about 12:30 pm on day 5. I am tired today and my body aches. My breath is just gross. I am just waiting for the day I can eat again. I am still hungry. I again stress this is b/c I am only doing about 4 lemon drinks a day as opposed to 6 but, I am drinking at least 6 if not more of the 16.9 oz purified water bottles plus lots smooth move 2x a day and a swf two days on and one day off. Oh and I am totally peeved that I did not know I shoudln’t be putting on deodorant so for the first 4 days I did. My poops are yellow and runny. I am still oily, yuk. I have a slight headache. How wi ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
only day 4....damn.............
ok, so I am on day 4. hm? let’s see........ I am very emotional Thanks for the great advice and good cry rawgirl! LOL I still feel fat and for some reason I gained back 1 lb. Crap! My gut feels so bloated. My poops are major runny and yellow. Here is a good laugh for ya’ll. I POOPED MY PANTS! That’s right! There you go, I pooped my pants. LOL! I thought it was gas. el wrongooooooooooo! My breath still stinks. I still have a tinge of a headache. I tried some peppermint tea for a change. I hope that was ok. I drink lots of water but I hate that lemonade crap so I am not drinking as m ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
I can't believe I am doing this..........
I have a headache. Not a bad one just one of those really annoying ones. I took a shower and like I told Peanut, the water rolled off of me b/c I am so oily. poopies are wattery yellow. Breath stinks and tongue coated. I am foggy too. I just had to ask HUbby how to spell tongue. LOL The lemonade really grosses me out. I am still hungry. I did lose 6 lbs. hm? I know any day this is all going to turn around. I am going to have energy. For now, I am taking it easy. I own the 5 sets of King Of Queens dvd’s which I am fanatical about so I am chilling watching those over and over. I am not wo ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
I lost 2 lbs! Is that freakin normal? Probably because I am a fatty. I didn’t use to be but after my fifth child and a hypothyroidism diagnosis, man I packed it on. Already, I can’t stand this lemonade yukky yuk and I love lemons! What is up with that? Probably b/c I puked it up yesterday. I know I have to drink it though. I am only doing 5 glasses today it is all I can handle after being so sick. MY breath is nasty! Good GOd! I am dizzy. Tired. I am so freakin hungry! I am doing this though. If I could quit smoking cold turkey 7 yrs ago, I can do this. Please offer me thoughts and pray ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
I think I am dying..............LOL!
ok, I enjoyed myself on the 4th and the last thing I did was wash down a chocolate smooth move. It was actually yummy. So I wake up today on the 5th and I am ready to go. I feel great. I drink my lemonade. IT is ok. I am not into the syrup though. Sweetttttttttt! Since I am about 80 lbs overweight I am cutting that down. Here is the problem. I did not know if I was supposed to stop my bipolar meds which is wellbutrin and neurontin. I wanted to get them out of my system and then maybe start again when I finished my cleanse. Well, by 4 pm I was so sick. I was throwing up. I had the chills. Y ...   read more

I can do this   17 y  
Journal of my cleanse by a woman with mental illness and weight issues.
My name is Chrissy. I am 38 and I have 5 children and 1 granchild. I am married. I am so unhappy though. I have had just one trauma after another and it has all built up inside me. I am doing this cleanse because I need to for me and for my family. I have decided that I need to purge the crap inside of my body that is dragging me down but the emotional vampires in my life that suck me dry. A quick rundown: 1. Father was abusive and volatile to me as a child. Mother did not bond with me. 2. Parents divorced when I was 8. Sent me to North Carolina, my home state. I returned and my ho ...   read more


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This is my journal detailing my 14 day cleanse. I am scared nervous and excited. I need this. I really do. more...

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