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New Way of Thinking, New Way of Shopping   14 y  
My habits are improving slowly but surely
As I get back into the mindset of using food as fuel and sustenance and not simply enjoyment, I find that my grocery shopping habits are changing.  Rather than creating a shopping list of canned goods, produce, meats, etc,  creating one with categories titled proteins, fats, and carbs works better sometimes.  I think of my meals in this way as well;  today, for example, I looked at what I lacked in nutrients and what I had too much of by the end of the day and ate a dinner that filled in the categories appropriately.  Choosing foods based on nutritional n ...   read more

Two Inches Per Pound   14 y  
Learned some good stuff at the nutritionist's
I saw my nutritionist again today. The weight is falling off me right now. I’ve lost 11 lbs since I started seeing her last month. MyBP is down from 140/92 to 110 over 91. She said that the bottom number often takes longer to go down than does the top number (although the bottom number will rise rapidly). So although the top number is good, the bottom number needs some work! I will continue to watch the sodium, drink water throughout the day, and eat fruit. These things are all helpful in balancing mineral levels and helping the heart to work less hard. Other things I will continu ...   read more

A Good Sunday   14 y  
Got enough of all my nutrients toda
I’m so happy! I did not wake up exhausted and headachy today.  I am also down a few pounds, finally matching what my nutritionist discovered last week. I think it’s her scale that is off, but as long as it’s predicting my future, I’m quite happy.   I started my morning with a glass of water and fresh-squeezed lime juice, then made my breakfast: eggbeaters omelet filled with a little salsa I got from Whole Foods’ salad bar. On the side I had ¼ of an avocado and a “sprig” (or whatever you call it) of cute little champagne gr ...   read more

Touched by an Angel?   14 y  
Hey raw community- I'M BAAAAAACK!!
You ever wish that someone or something would suddenly appear and save you from yourself? Well, I’ve always thought, in my worst moments, that the only way I’d stop my downward spiral of eating the wrong foods and getting more and more unhealthy was for either a ”guardian angel” to step in, or some horrible health crisis to hit me and shock me back to common sense. Well, I had a taste of the health crisis this week. I’ve been slowly morphing to a vegetarian/raw diet, but not quickly enough. I’d been feeling tired, sleepy and generally icky for a while and finally went to the do ...   read more

A Date with A Doctor   14 y  
This means I have a lot of work to do
I wasn’t happy with my visit to the doctor; he thinks I may have sleep apnea.  This is not surprising to me, as I’ve been feeling tired, very sleepy, and stressed lately.  I didn’t bother setting up the sleep test because I was diagnosed with sleep apneapre -raw (2005), and since I’ve regained  the weight after going off raw, it makes sense that I would have this problem again. It’s just that my symptoms are worse this time.  My blood pressure was not good either: 145 over 81.   I will have the blood tests done shortly and that will reveal the rest of w ...   read more

Just What the Doctor Ordered   14 y  
I finally made a doctor's appointment
I had the most wonderful weekend, hanging out with my friend Cindy. She made a great dinner, of course, grilling mahi mahi and shrimp (see photo), and preparing a healthy coleslaw, couscous, and corn on the cob. The next day we went fishing- one of the items on my "one day I’d like to do this" list. You can’t really call what I did "fishing" since I spent most of the time bugging Cindy about how to do this or that, and getting the line caught in the rocks under the water. But I did learn how to cast the line and reel it back in.  We didn’t catch anything b ...   read more

Back to Reality   14 y  
Worked on the Outside of Me; Tomorrow I Start Work on the Inside!
What a wonderful vacation I had! But now it’s back to reality. Of course I completely blew away any idea of a food plan during my vacation. I had Mexican food from a taco shop, ice cream, fried fish, fattening breakfasts, Starbucks frappucinos, Pepsi... I’m sure I’ve gained 5 pounds, even though I did get some walking in. I don’t care, though. It was fun! And now I can get down to business, set some health goals, and go shopping to stock up my kitchen with the good stuff. Since I’m going to continue eating fish even after I start eating a mostly raw diet, I bought an indoor grill. I lo ...   read more

A Surprise in California   14 y  
I had a surprise spa day!
San Diego has been great so far. Of course it helps that my friend here treated me- surprise, surprise- to a full body massage, manicure, pedicure, facial and hair cut!! I feel great. She knows about my hair falling out from the poorly-balanced raw diet I did last year but she gave me a pixie- ish hairdo that minimizes the appearance of thinning so well you’d have to look closely to tell there’s a problem. It’s also an easy hairdo to put together. I love it! And the spa was a very nice experience. I kept telling myself to not get self-conscious about my size and weight and to en ...   read more

Off to My Vacation   14 y  
California, here I come!
I am looking forward to my California vacation. I will be enjoying Mexican food, sushi and I think a visit to the Cheesecake Factory. I am not going to worry about my eating plan while on vacation, but enjoying activities such as walking on the beach, dancing and sightseeing will be helping me to burn calories.  When I return I will head for the grocery store with my list of groceries and will seriously embark on the plan my nutritionist has set up for me.  One thing I will do on vacation that she recommended is take the antioxidant vitamins she gave me.  She also wa ...   read more

Yay! I like My Nutritionist!!   14 y  
And she supports my raw food plans!!
My visit to the nutritionist felt pretty good. I am optimistic about her supporting a gradual switch from my current diet to a vegetarian one, then to a mostly raw one. My personal goal is to lose 50 lbs before the end of the year (she thinks I can do it before Thanksgiving) and then to focus more on feeling better physically and emotionally as I get healthier. The nutritionist’s goal is to support me in doing this as healthfully as possible, both from a physical and emotional standpoint. Today the nutritionist weighed and measured me (yuck, and yuck). She gave me quite a few han ...   read more

Gearing Up for the Big Day   14 y  
I see the nutritionist tomorrow!
I’m acting like seeing my nutritionist is like Christmas morning or something, but I really am excited about it. I am much more likely to spend money on things that are bad for me than are good, so I am giving myself a pat on the back for investing in my health. Of course, leading up to the visit I’ve been eating like a madwoman. I can tell, however, that I’m not fully in junk food mode because most of the foods I’ve been buying I can barely eat. When I eat mostly vegetables, as with Chinese vegetable stir fry, or when I get sushi, I can eat the whole order. Probably psychological- but I ...   read more

Raw Food Community   14 y  
Raw foodists in the house...!
I’ve been slowly reconnecting with members of the raw food community not only through this blog, but through MySpace groups and other raw food blogs and sites. That saying that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone is really true when it comes to the raw food community. Although I’m not spiritual or political about raw food (and therefore tend to relate less easily to raw foodists who are motivated primarily by those ideas), the raw foodists I’ve met tend to be kind, decent, down-to-earth folks who want to make their lives and the lives of others better. It’s generally a nice ...   read more

Clothing Therapy   14 y  
To me, clothes shopping is nothing but a reminder of what I've done to myself. That's why I hate it!
I’ve taken a little break from my healthy menu and workouts to indulge in my naughty little food treats (you saw that coming, didn’t you?) It was fun but, as usual, it’s always more fun eating fast food and junk than dealing with the aftermath- the stomach aches, etc. I probably wouldn’t have bothered to eat those foods if I hadn’t had the nutritionist appointment coming up! Fortunately, I know that next week I will be rejuvenated in my quest for health and fitness because of my new, personalized health plan. I will be meeting with the nutritionist THREE DAYS A WEEK in July. ...   read more

Found a Nutritionist   14 y  
Maybe this is the turnaround I need to start losing weight and easing back to "high" raw
A few people at my job love a particular nutritionist and have been seeing her for awhile. I’ve been watching my pennies since I first learned of her and have rearranged my budget so that I will have enough money to see her this month- I’m very excited about this. This woman is well versed on vegetarian foods and just wrote a book about vegetarianism. One of my coworkers who started seeing her this year looks awesome- he has lost weight and looks generally healthier- he’s a walking billboard for healthy eating. He speaks enthusiastically about how his life has changed since learni ...   read more

I'm Obsessed with Pizza Hut   14 y  
And KFC!
I don’t know what it is. For the past few days I’ve been thinking about getting a deep dish double cheese pizza from Pizza Hut!  Or, I could do KFC.  I could really go for a salty fried chicken breast about now!!  But I shall take my little cravings one hour at a time. I went to the gym this afternoon rather than drive out to the fast food restaurants. I did 2.38 miles in 45 minutes on the treadmill - that’s about a 19 minute mile- a nice improvement from where I started.  I didn’t look at the clock until I’d completed 38 minutes; that means I had really good ...   read more

45 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer   14 y  
It's a GOOD tired!
I didn’t think I could last that long on the E.T. but somehow, one song at a time, I made it to 45 minutes.  I know I burned a decent amount of calories because I was sweating at 30 minutes the way I usually am when on the treadmill. I did 3.82 miles total and burned about 650 calories, according to Sparkpeople. I take the calorie-burning totals with a grain of salt, but as long as I burned  more calories than through walking, I’m happy.  Besides, after eating so much yesterday, burning off extra calories is a very good thing. I had fat free cottage cheese and fru ...   read more

Mega-Cheat Day!   14 y  
I can't believe I ate the whooooole thing....
Whew- I had almost 3000 calories! I had pizza for lunch and a few chicken wings, and my usual Friday sushi. I planned each meal ahead of time, so I knew how many calories I was going to be consuming. It’s actually very strange for me to count calories before I overeat. I liked doing it this way, though, because I took responsibility for my food ahead of time. I couldn’t pretend that I ”accidentally” overate, and I also couldn’t miscalculate my portion sizes the way I usually end up doing when I sit down later and try to think back on what I had. I didn’t even feel bad about e ...   read more

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