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I've Reached Another Weight Loss Milestone!   15 y  
I'm in a new set of "10's"!
I’m thrilled to be just about done with the semester! There are many students who will not see me between now and the end of August, so I hope to be very noticeably smaller to them when the Fall semester begins. I am well on my way- I am now in the 270’s! I tried on a pair of beige pants that I couldn’t get past my hips about a month ago and I could fasten them today! I can’t say they fit comfortably yet, but I should be able to wear them outside in another month. Being a poor college student, I worry about clothes. I just went on a job interview and was surprised at the looseness of ...   read more

It's Pizza Party Time Again   15 y  
it's amazing how unhealthy that stuff looks to me now.
Pomegranate Originally uploaded by rawallison. Now that the end of the semester is approaching, people are bringing food to class and taking classes out to bars! One of my classes was held at a bar just last week, a treat from the professor. Everyone ate nachos loaded with meat and cheese, and barbecued chicken wings and drank beers and mixed drinks... And last week someone brought homemade treats to another class. Today there were two huge boxes of pizza and some homemade brownies with caramel/coconut frosting. Most of my fellow & sister classmates know I eat raw so they kinda chuc ...   read more

Probiotics   15 y  
I'm looking for information on these little - um- creatures?
I am interested in probiotics and am wondering if any of you out there can give me some information on the topic. What are they? Where do I get them from? Why do I need them? What if I never eat any- what’ll happen to me? :-) What probiotics have you bought or made successfully? Are they expensive? (I’ve bought Kombucha Tea and it ain’t cheap, but I liked the strawberry favor much better than the gingerade).   visit the page

I Learn Something New Every Day   15 y  
But why do the lessons have to be so expensive?
Swiss Chard Originally uploaded by rawallison. Today I learned that cashews are a complete protein. Maybe I re-learned it, I don’t know. What annoys me is that I also learned that it’s possible that all raw cashews out there are not really raw; that they are heated. How annoying! Actually, maybe I’ve read that before, too. I read so many conflicting things that I start to get confused about what’s available to a raw foodist. All I know is that no cashew is going into the trash- I will eat them until they are gone! I learned something else this week. Don’t store fresh leafy greens on ...   read more

It's So Nice To Be Losing Weight Again!   15 y  
Maybe I can lose 100 lbs by October!
Garlic Bulb Originally uploaded by rawallison. I did not weigh myself this morning because I didn’t want to be too obsessed now that I’m losing weight again. But it’s sooooo nice to be approaching the 270s! My parents are planning to visit me this fall, and it’s possible that I could lose at least 100 lbs since they last saw me (I moved southwest for college last fall). Lately I’ve been eating a lot of salads- I really enjoy eating whole fruits and vegetables lately. We found tomatoes, avocados and fresh corn on the cob on sale and stocked up. We froze a lot of the corn, but we’ll hav ...   read more

Ahhh... The Joys of Watermelon   15 y  
I'm down another pound!
Watermelon Originally uploaded by rawallison. Watermelon is one of those fruits that you might think you can eat all you want of, but it does have calories. I swear I can eat half a watermelon (4 to 5 lbs) easily in a day- well, if that were all I ate. That’s almost 700 calories! A whole watermelon would be a day’s worth of calories for the average ”dieting” woman. SUSHI My cravng for ikura maki has subsided some, probably because I can’t afford it right now. Drage was kind enough to send a comment with a link to VegWeb’s (http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=8515.0ve) recipe for sushi. ...   read more

I'm Shrinking!   15 y  
It's a slooow process, but it's happening
.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Asian Pear, originally uploaded by rawallison. I’ve been noticing that although my weight loss has slowed, I’m still getting steadily, slowly, smaller. I’ve got a pair of black capris that are defintely getting loose, and a pair of black slacks that I would get rid of altogether if I could afford to because they are starting to hang on me. All of my shirts fit very comfortably now, some of them loosely. I’ ...   read more

Tried New Greens Today   15 y  
I'm pleased to see that my taste buds are adapting to my raw lifestyle
Lettuce Originally uploaded by rawallison. Felicia went out and bought a variety of greens, including opal basil, Swiss chard, and dandelion greens. We had them first in a green smoothie, which she made with all of the greens plus watermelon and banana. The basil gave it a very interesting, subtle herbal undertone which was very welcome because it helped to overcome the "green" taste. The fruit also helped by overcoming the bitterness. Overall, very tasty. Unfortunately, Nutritiondata.com says that I did not get my complete protein from this smoothie. Romaine lettu ...   read more

More Proof of the Positives of Raw   15 y  
I'm noticing more great changes from my raw diet
Flower - orchid Originally uploaded by rawallison. I’ve noticed recently that the skin on my face continues to get smoother as time goes on- a great result of eating raw. But I also noticed that the toenails on my left foot have normal coloring now! That wasn’t something I ever imagined would happen because I’ve had terrible toenails for so long- several of them are dark-colored and very thick, as if they have some kind of fungus. The nails are still thick, but on my left foot the nails now have a healthy coloring. I’m also noticing that my fingernails don’t break as easily as ...   read more

May 1st, 2006- Beginning my 5th Month Raw!   15 y  
After 4 months raw I want SUSHI!
FOUR MONTHS ALREADY? Four months living a raw lifestyle has really gone by quickly! I can still remember individual weeks - the week I discovered the local raw restaurant, the week I first tried nut burgers, the week I used enoki mushrooms in my sushi, the week I felt sick after eating raw cauliflower, the week I realized my hair was really falling out and it wasn’t my imagination (that was a bad week)... Eventually there will be too many weeks to remember individually; eating raw will not seem as new as it still does. The fact that I’m still learning new things keeps r ...   read more

Down 57 lbs Now!   15 y  
Lower fat seems to be helping me lose weight again.
These past couple of weeks I’ve been concentrating on eating less fat.  This means I’m eating even more fruits and vegetables, which is good.  I’ve been starting my days with either a green or fruit smoothie, and have used smaller amounts of cheese, avocado and nuts. I also have cut back on the nutburgers, eating them every other day or every two days.  I found that I weigh 284 today- that’s 57 lbs.  down!  We started eating watermelons a few days ago. They are very filling and low in fat, and make wonderful smoothies. I think I ate about 3 lbs o ...   read more

Felicia's Story: A Gastric Bypass Patient Goes Raw- Part II of II   15 y  
In Part II, Felicia talks about having to deal with her food addictions after losing over 150 lbs following gastric bypass surgery, and how she decided to try a raw lifestyle.
Photos: Felicia, Winter 2005 before going raw / Today, after going raw ______________ For me it started with admitting that I could visibly see without a shadow of a doubt that I had a problem. It sounds so cliché but I can honestly say that I know where it comes from. I sat in my house running from room to room (I hid the cookies in the guest room) munching on cookies until the bag was gone. When I weighed myself at the end of the week I had gained about eight pounds. I was sick! I don’t mean physically (though I should have been) but sick with remorse, gui ...   read more

Felicia's Story: A Gastric Bypass Patient Goes Raw- Part I of II   15 y  
While gastric bypass can immediately cut your risk for obesity-related diseases, it isn't a magic bullet for people with eating disorders.
Hey everyone! Today I am sharing Felicia’s story about losing over 150 lbs following gastric bypass surgery and then finding out that surgery is not enough. As regular readers know, Felicia has now been eating raw for about a month and has lost additional weight. The pictures above are her in 2004 before gastric bypass, and then 2005. In Part I she talks about her life before her decision to go raw. _______ ________ Hello raw world, to those of you who know of me through honorable mentions on the raw odyssey website and for those of you who are new vi ...   read more

I'm Renewing my Search for Raw Protein Sources   15 y  
I'm still losing hair!
(Photo: Salad) I’m really concerned about my hair loss! This has been my theme for the past month or so. I’m still focusing on protein as the problem, and I am finding that it really isn’t as easy to add protein to my diet as I thought it would be. Here are my challenges so far: I don’t like the taste of the KAL brewer’s yeast, so I find it hard to eat Nuts and seeds are high in fat Tofu and soybeans are "bad for you" Cheese (raw or otherwise) is high in fat Romaine is a great source of whole protein, but with 6 oz of romaine in a green smoothie, I’d have to drink 5 sm ...   read more

Tuesday, April 25 2006   15 y  
Is edamame safe if soy is bad for you?
(Photo: jalapenos) <p>I am down to 285 this morning- yaay! I tried to keep down the fat content again today by having a salad for breakfast, fruit for lunch and a hummus wrap for dinner. I had a little feta cheese -not raw!- because it was cheaper than raw cheese and I wanted some easy protein. We’ve been actually thinking of buying tofu so I can get my protein, although I’ve heard such bad stuff about it. Then we found a recipe for making our own tofu in the Raw Truth cookbook by Jeremy Safron. It calls for soaking soybeans and rinsing them several times, etc. etc. Fro ...   read more

Monday, April 24th 2006   15 y  
Nutburgers, smoothies and coconuts, oh my!
Today I thought I’d eat less fat than I have been. I’ve been at around 287 for awhile, and since I’m not tracking everything I eat, it could be that I’m consuming too many calories or too much fat. Since I was having a nut burger for lunch (high in fat), I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast and another for dinner. I ran out of greens to use for a green smoothie so I tried putting a cucumber in one of them. It wasn’t bad because cucumbers are mild, but I definitely detected a ”green” taste in the smoothie. My second smoothie had coconut water in it. I love coconut water so much I w ...   read more

Nut "Burgers" Again- New and Improved!   15 y  
A few adjustments here and there were all they needed
Photos: we started with soaked nuts and seeds and ended with a deliciously healthy dinner! (I wish I could format these pictures nicely, but I haven’t figured out the coding for curezone blogs.  I apologize for the blank spaces that appear).  Chef Felicia made those "burgers" again! This time she made adjustments to the recipe and the dehydration time based on our experiences from the first time she made them. While those first burgers were good, I think the minor changes she made this time around has improved them. And she didn’t even crack ope ...   read more

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