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A New Week Begins   15 y  
Looking for Tools- Can Franklin Covey Help?
This weekend was a struggle for me. I was actually pretty ill on Friday- donít know what the heck I ate, but it didnít agree with me. I got about 4 hours of sleep that night. Reminded me of the old days of bingeing and getting sick as a dog.   I spent part of Sunday trying to get myself into the right emotional frame of mind for the week.  Being prepared is a big help in general- not just having raw foods on hand, but being organized for the weekís duties. If I am disorganized mentally, itís easy to let other areas get chaotic as well.  Iíve used the Franklin Covey "S ...   read more

tgif   15 y  
It's all in the attitude!
OK, so my week didnít go exactly as I had hoped. My fast was a bust, and I didnít stay raw. However, I ate a salad every day, had fruit daily, and drank tea and water rather than soda or other beverages. My new hair has helped me gain a little more confidence about my appearance while my real hair struggles to grow back, so that has given me one less thing to worry about, especially at my new job which requires tons of meetings with all sorts of professionals. Yesterday at job #2 I used the desk where the bowl of candy sits. I absently ate a piece and what do you know, the woman who m ...   read more

Whew- Made it Through the First Day!   15 y  
And starting Day Two on a Good Note
Yesterday was much easier than I thought it would be, as far as getting back to raw. There was one moment of weakness, when someone pointed out that the desk I was working at had a bowl of chocolates on it. Immediately people were digging into it and I almost... almost... but I didnít. Whew. I tried to set myself up for another good day (thank you again, Red Hot Chili Peppers, for getting me through those traffic jams!) by thinking positive, optimistic thoughts. The scale shows Iíve only gained a net of 5 lbs from my two weeks off raw, so 5 of the 10 lbs I saw a few days ago were jus ...   read more

I've Had my Kombucha- so far so good!   15 y  
Positive mood = good raw day. Good raw day = positive mood.
Good morning! I started off today in a great mood, which seems to be helping me to set out for raw day. If I were feeling depressed I would be eating the food off that ladyís desk right now (Iím at work early). But no, I am drinking kombucha, have a little container of almonds and cashews with sea salt waiting for me, and a salad and cottage cheese for later. I wish I could maintain a mood like this all the time, since itís a great way to start the day. I listened to my favorite tunes on the way to work and sang through all the traffic jams. I hope you all have good days as well. And ...   read more

Living Life   15 y  
It's time to put the matter of food back into its proper perspective...
Today Iím trying to focus on staying more positive. To do this, I need to lessen the amount of attention I put on food, because Iím finding myself going back to where I was last year- ruled by food! When I was eating raw, I could go for hours and forget there was such a thing as food. I wasnít hungry, wasnít craving, wasnít feeling guilty or deprived- I was attending to the other parts of my life, and food occupied a proper amount of space in it. Now, food has taken over again. So Iím going to make a concerted effort to do some enjoyable, non-food things (except I do have to go grocery s ...   read more

The Path of No Extremes   15 y  
Somewhere between where I am now and 100% raw is where I belong
Today I took a break from studying and decided to play with my Macís screensaver. I tested the one that displays RSS (newsfeeds) and boy was I shocked to see my name come up! Turns out www.welikeitraw.comís Drumhil was commenting on my post about the challenges Iíve had staying raw. I really liked what he had to say- hereís a quote: "From my experience, I would say most of the problem relates to identity. The majority of people in the raw food circle have been sold a very rosey picture of what it means to be an enlightened rawfoodist who is above and beyond all food cravings ...   read more

I'm Never Eating Again!   15 y  
(OK, I will- but only after I clean out the trash can my body and mind have become!)
(Photo: teas for my upcoming fast) What a terrible day I had today. Iíve been off my raw diet for almost 2 weeks and I feel it has caught up to me. On one day this week the skin on my left cheek hurt really badly- my cheeks had been more darkly pigmented than the rest of my face but had cleared up once I started eating raw. Now the skin is getting a bit rough again and my cheek hurt so badly I could barely touch it! Another thing: Iíve been congested for days- stuffed and runny nose. I feel (gross-out alert): "mucous-y" as well as "heavy" and slow ...   read more

Headed Back Towards the Raw Path   15 y  
I'm not there yet, but I'm headed in that general direction. :-)
itís sad to see my food addiction rear its ugly head, but Iím grateful for my ability to really see what food (or non-food, as the case may truly be) does to me, and how much better for me raw food really is. I think that I will try to keep things more loose as far as Ēhow rawĒ I am, allowing myself to eat cooked veggies and other whole foods on occasion. Ausjulie commented about Buddha, which reminds me of his comments about maintaining a Middle Path- neither too extreme one way, nor too extreme in the other. Although I still canít figure out how people know they are a particular perce ...   read more

Who Deputized You as the Raw Police?   15 y  
I went off my raw plan bigtime- and the Raw Police were there!
I havenít blogged in a few days due to feeling awful about going off my raw diet, and also due to all the negative things Iíve been going through this past week. I wonít be going into details, but as far as not eating raw, I ate this week the way most Americans do- all the wrong stuff. Still, I donít feel like Iím leaving the raw life, just that I took a break. Eating raw takes a little work, as Iíve said in previous posts, so when I got stressed out and wanted to make parts of my life easier, out went the effort to stay raw. The funny thing about it (ok, not that funny)was that on tw ...   read more

From Eating Too Much to Eating Too Little!   15 y  
My kingdom for some food!
What a crazy week. Between being stressed out and not having a lot of food in the house (poor college student, remember?) Iíve managed to lose a couple of pounds the hard, unpleasant way. Iíd prefer to lose them without the starvation, thank you. Today I had a little extra cash and made a miniature salad at Whole Foods. I scarfed that thing down like a madwoman when I got home. Wow, you never notice how little energy you have from not eating enough until you get a good meal in you! Due to lack of money Iíve run out of my vitamins. I have dread nightmares that because I have no ...   read more

UGH- Eating Way Too Much   15 y  
Stress will do that to ya'.
Iím having quite the stressful weekend and Iíve responded by eating too much. No, eating raw does not cure old hand-to-mouth behaviors, just the type of foods you pick up with your hand and put in your mouth! Iíve been gorging on nuts for the most part, and theyíve actually been making me a little bit ill. Who knew? Iíll be glad when Iíve finished that bag. I donít plan to replace it! Iíve eaten a lot of fruit this weekend as well. Iím very happy that my overeating of fruits and nuts wonít harm me the way Snickerís bars and potato chips would, but Iíll still go to bed with a stomach ache i ...   read more

Ridiculously Hungry Today   15 y  
You'da thought I was starving!
Today I had my fruit for breakfast but by 10 a.m. I was so hungry I ate  my lunch early. The hunger was insatiable, it seemed, leading me to realize that all week Iíve been unusually hungry.  I was thinking earlier this week that my appetite has been smaller, but in re-examining the situation I must say that although my meals are smaller, I make up for them with snacks of fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts.  I think the reason Iím so hungry is because Iíve been eating the same three things for breakfast, lunch and dinner day in and day out: fruit, corn salsa, and cottage chee ...   read more

Getting Smaller!   15 y  
Need more clothes!
Today I had some frustration as I dressed for my new job. Nothing fits!!  At least none of my nice clothes.  The pants I wore to the interview a couple of months ago are hanging on me now, and the second-nicest pants I have were only slightly salvaged by a belt (that I had to dig a new notch into).  I still have two new pairs of pants that I cannot fit into, though. One is a pair of very light beige dress pants, size 22, that I can still barely pull up. The other are size 22 brown capris which I love and can now fasten if I contort myself into a pretzel, hold my brea ...   read more

227 Days Raw!   15 y  
Since my fast I've made one change in my routine
Since my fast I have changed one aspect of my eating: I stopped eating breakfast before leaving for work. Instead, I take fresh fruit with me and eat that at work as my breakfast. At noon I have my normal sized lunch (and usually Iím hungry by then). In the evening I eat a small meal because Iím usually not starving. Iíve been a little better about drinking more water, these past couple of days. I deliberately did not weigh myself this morning, but I might do so tomorrow as I am curious about whether Iíve bounced back up the scale since resuming solid foods. Tomorrow I have a lit ...   read more

Day Three- To Eat or Not to Eat?   15 y  
Today is the day I'm supposed to break my fast, but I feel so good this morning I hate to ruin it with food!
So itís the morning after my two-day fast and Iíve lost at least FIVE lbs. I weighed in at 267. Iím just having fun with this weight loss, but Iím not going to hold my breath that itís ĒrealĒ until the end of the week after Iíve been eating again and can better assess the results. Speaking of eating, Iíve delayed eating anything so far today. Usually Iíve eaten breakfast at home before leaving for work, then I munch on fruit until lunch time. Today I felt so good when I woke up that I didnít want to ruin the feeling with food. I didnít even take my molasses- Iíll have it when I get home ...   read more

Your Fasting/Cleansing Experiences   15 y  
You amaze me!
Here is some of the input Iíve gotten about fasting. Thank you so much! Bootzey What method did you try? Juice Fasting, Master Cleanse, Liver Flush Why did you try it? Surgery Preparation, mind, body, and spirit maintenance, emotional recovery What did the method consist of? Liver Flush- Epsom salt, olive oil, grapefruit Juice Master Cleanse- that nasty lemonade drink with the cayenne pepper, and salt water flushes Juice Fasting- just juice. I like mine freshly juiced What were you hoping to achieve? Body-wide purification, stone passing if you saw th ...   read more

Mini-fast, Day Two (Updated 8:30 pm)   15 y  
Dammit, I'm hungry!
(Photo: Lake Las Vegas Resort- a great place to relax!) I woke up this morning very hungry, but I got on the scale and saw that Iím back down to 270, where I havenít been for a long time. Yippee!!! But man, I could really eat a meal today. The only reason Iím not is because those numbers on the scale are inspiring me to stick it out today. Isnít that pitiful? Iím supposed to be enjoying the serenity of it all, but dammit, Iím HUNGRY! Now yesterday, all of my hunger disappeared shortly after 6pm- that was amazing to me. At the poetry slam I was jealous of Feliciaís salad but I ord ...   read more

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