21 Day Journey - 30 lb Weight Loss Through Fasting
by mixxy

I think this is Day 21   18 y  
This is the longest month of my life
Okay, obviously I have slacked off the posting. Life has just been so hectic. On the plus side I have been sticking with my fasting for most of the time. I am down 23 pounds and have 7 more to go by the end of the year. Life is good, I feel great and instead of gaining over these holidays I am losing - woo hoo! I will keep you all posted as the year comes to a close - Happiness and Health to you all.   visit the page

moving right along...but slowly   18 y  
noone ever said this would be easy
Since the last time I posted I am down a few pounds. 17 to go to goal. I think I will make it but it is getting tougher and tougher. I spent an hour on the treadmill tonight - ran 45 minutes of the time and lifted for about 20 mins. Being healthy is a lot of work. I feel good when I am done with the workouts but getting to the gym is a huge struggle for me. When I come home from work I spend a good hour talking myself in to going and sometimes I sit in the parking lot when I get there dreading going in. Why do I do this when I know it feels so good once I get started? I give a lot of credi ...   read more

Life in the getting healthy lane   18 y  
I think this is day 12
I have not been on for a while because I broke and ate something a couple days ago. Nothing bad - but I was feeling so ashamed to post here that I have just avoided the site completely. On the plus side I have lost more weight even with the eating. I am now down 11 lbs and I have 19 lbs to go before the end of the year. I am feeling a lot more confident and my wrist bones are showing for the first time in a very long time. But as I come closer and closer to my goal I have come to the realization that I will probably have to have a tummy tuck. I was really hoping to avoid it but the reality ...   read more

Day 8   18 y  
Bitter, bitter, bitter...
I am such a bitter person, I was just reading Marion’s post on the fasting forum and it made me so jealous. Now I love Marion, I really only wish her success, she is one of the most inspiring cheerleaders on the board and is always around with a kind word and encouragement. But she is thin(I know she does not think she is) and she lost over 20 lb in 10 days water fasting. I am here plugging along on day 8 and had absolutely no weight loss today and I am the overweight one with lots to lose. I refused to let it get me too down and I forced myself to the gym today and worked out for two hour ...   read more

Day 7   18 y  
Day 7 Weigh In
I have been so busy here - things will return to normal tomorrow. I have been doing okay, really tired though, and have been sleeping a lot more then normal for me. Anyway I am lasting so far but the weight loss is so slow and my workouts are suffering. I have lost another 1.5 lbs so I am down a total of 7 lbs in 7 days - I know that is great but I was hoping for a lot more because I know the weight loss will slow now for the next two weeks. Hope everyone is having much health and happiness - I’ll check in tomorrow.   visit the page

Day 5   18 y  
Day 5 Weigh IN
I have no time here - so busy, so tired. My weigh in this morning was a dissapointment. No loss, my weight is exactly the same. See you on Day 6   visit the page

Day 4 WEIGH IN   18 y  
Feeling good but 16 more days seems like a really long time!
Okay first off sorry about not logging in this morning. I had the day from hell - my dog is sick and I was up all night having to keep take her outside. I had no time to log until now. Plus side I was so busy I did not think about eating. Although I did cheat - 2 cups of coffee with a splash of cream. I could not stay awake at work and needed something to get me going. The coffee was delicious - smelled, tasted so good. I really enjoyed it I will not tell a lie. I worked a 12 hours today, came home cleaned up dog sh*t and ran to gym before it closed. I only got a one hour workout in but I ...   read more

Day Three   18 y  
Finishing up Day Three
Well the day is almost over. I made it to the gym and felt great workout cardio wise. I did 30 mins on treadmill jogging and 20 mins on bike (standing the whole time, in other words I never rested on the seat). Weights on the other hand were another story. Half way through my lifting I thought I would pass out. But I just rested extra between sets and got it all done. I will be going to bed early tonight since I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I am drinking a quart of water right now with organic lemon juice added to it. It taste so good - how pathetic is that? I will be up early for ...   read more

Day 3 - WEIGH IN   18 y  
My results are MEH - but I'll take any loss at this point.
I am down another 1.5 lbs. For a total of 3 lbs. I am not going to lie though I feel like crap. I am tired and headachey but I know if I just make it through today and tomorrow it will be smooth sailing. I woke up last night at 2 am and started going through my cabinets - I was only half awake - but I’m pretty sure I did not eat anything. Man I must be really hungry to go searching for food in the middle of the night because I like my sleep. Today was back to work and it was welcomed - busy, busy, busy all day. Tuesday wil be even better since I have to work five am to five pm and will com ...   read more

Day TWO - Weigh In   18 y  
Happy dance, but only a small one.
So I weighed myself this morning and I am down 1.5 lbs. I was expecting a lot more but I am not sure why. I went away for Thanksgiving to a very bad place - my sisters house! I love my family and had a great time with them but the amount of food we connsume when we are together is sickening. Anyhoo you name it and I ate it and I think my body went into complete shock. When I came home friday night I weighed myself and from Wednesday morning to friday night I gained 11.5 lbs. HOLY WHAT THE! Needless to say I feaked. I drank some smooth move tea and went to bed and worked out a few times on ...   read more

Day Two - Wow am I hungry!   18 y  
I have a feeling this is going to be a rough one - hold on tight.
Or am I just bored? I will not tell many people that I am fasting, I hate the reaction I get from people -”oh that is so bad for you” as they are dunking a donut in their cream and sugar filled starbucks carmel machiatto. But I did tell my brother and his comment was wont’t you be bored? What do you do if you are not eating or preparing to eat? He was right, I am bored. For instance this morning, Sunday I would normally go food shopping for the week but instead I am sitting here trying to think of other things to do. Food is such a big part of our lives and is a time consuming activity. I ...   read more

day one   18 y  
Weight loss journey
It is Day one of my journey. I had a rough Thanksgiving but started anew today. I am finishing up Day one of my water fast, a fast I hope last for the next 21 days. The purpose of this fast is to lose about 30 lbs before the new year and finish a weight loss journey that has taken me a little over a year. I was 320 lbs over a year ago and have since lost 130 lbs through healthy eating and exercise. I have seriously plauteaued and I hope through fasting I will lose this last 30 lbs. I am hungry right now, but bed is calling me and I will resist my urges. I have nothing unhealthy to eat in ...   read more


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